Lucifer's school of hard knocks

So I know that Lucifer likes to put you through some bad shit sometimes to help you grow as a person. I have come to trust him and King Paimon, and know that even if experiences are unpleasant, they are for learning and personal growth.

But I just went through another serious blow and I’m wondering what it possibly could have meant. Because of “evidence” which is pretty much just interpretation gleaned from screenshots of an account on a social media site I no longer have, that are over a decade old, I’ve been deemed a danger to children. Not that any of this could affect me offline, because my reputation with friends and community leaders is stellar. Nevertheless, I have sworn off all social media but facebook and I will be doing so for the foreseeable future.

I know the answer to this is probably just “ask him,” but I am currently depressed and still reeling from these awful developments.

He keeps saying that there are “plans” for me… some type of greatness is coming and they will be able to guide me to it.

So what should be the takeaway?




The plans have not been revealed yet so you will just have to wait.

I wish I could say more.

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Kinda going through the same thing. It’s rough but we just have to keep on keeping on.


You should trust Lucifer in these kinds of things. It’s hard to get it right away, because tough spots pull us down. But I guess you need to lose some things in order to gain something else, maybe something even greater.

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Try this. I will be putting out more healing threads for Luciferians. I know he can be LOT to handle.

Hey, folks, I want to provide an update.

Lucifer sent me a message. He says he’s sorry he had to do it this way, but he wanted to help me fight my addiction to social media. I’m an over-sharer, especially since my mental health and trauma issues make it hard for me to talk to people in real life. I was putting too much stock into strangers on the internet being my friends and confidants and not enough on my friends in real life. (The assholes behind all this will insist I have no friends, but truth is I have many close ones from the church I go to. Unitarian Universalist, basically a bunch of secular humanists and pagans under one roof, friendly and accepting bunch.)

So Lucifer took it upon himself to make sure I use as little social media as possible. And it’s been helping me. I’m focusing on my witchcraft, learning herbalism, and learning how to make a nonprofit. I’m also getting ready to make and add more listings to my Etsy shop. So basically, without being online so much, I’ve had a huge burst of creativity and productivity.

I feel like this is the most motivated I’ve been since I stopped working at the end of 2017 and I’m really grateful for the chance he gave me. So despite the initial pain of it, Lucifer really came through in a big way for me.


That’s lovely to hear @SapphireWitch666 :blush:

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