Unofficial Tutorials: Money and Wealth Collection

All in one place, shameless bump of our very own BALG, non exhaustive list of popular and helpful money tutorials. Also browse the Money category for more.

Top recommended Goetia and other entities:
Bime/Bune for quick money and business, Clauneck for Wealth, which includes not just cash but investments, being rich in resources and wealth preservation in hard times.

Holistic approach to all the magick worth doing to hit it from all sides.

For an overall primer on what’s possible and to get ideas, this is a must read:

BALG Online Money Grimoire

Add your working for people to follow here!

Asmoday for Small Business Success

Green Candle Money Spell

St Expedite. Includes info on working with altars.


Financial Problems? Get Money With Magick - Layered money/wealth spell

Who’s Used Money Magick when they Had no money?
Includes working with Mercury Dollius.

Success with the Trinka Five and how I did it

Nitika from NAP

For our very own Connor Kendal: Wealth Spell

Sustained layering, 5 spell “mix and match” set including Sugar (/Honey) Jar for attracting wealth.

Planetary magick with Jupiter 4th Pentacle: