Financial Problems? Get Money With Magick - Layered money/wealth spell

Shout out to Bune, Halphas and Orias.

Everyone knows Bune, and all know she works real well.

Halphas is a little less known, but boy can he deliver. If you got a business that needs a boost, make sure to call on him. He can help grow it at a rapid pace.

Amazing spirit.

And of course, Orias. Can’t recommend him enough - all kinds of manipulation, he’s your guy.


Any idea about how I can call them?! :sweat_smile:

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Btw, Is it alright to use angels and demons together? I’ve heard that the energies can block each others out or is that not exactly true

Yes, you can. They just go about the work in different ways. An angel works from the top down by harnessing cosmic and Divine force, and demons work from the bottom up by using elemental and more physical forces.

They don’t usually interfere with one another when set upon the same goal because each one will go about the job as if the other wasn’t involved. EA cites the example in Evoking Eternity of evoking both the Goetic President Marbas and the Archangel Raphael at the same time to heal his daughter. I would assume the same would go for an angel of abundance and a demon of wealth.


I can vouch for this. I’ve done the angels of omnipotence working via wealth magick by damon brand and this was exactly my experience.

But I must add that it shouldn’t be seen as scary, or something to worry about. Because living a life dedicated to long term wealth building is going to involve risk, sacrifice, pain, and loss along the way. It’s par for the course. If you can’t handle what the angels of omnipotence are doing before you become wealthy, you probably won’t be able to handle some of the painful ass financial shit you’ll undoubtedly encounter in your path to wealth.


For anyone interested in working with the Angels of Omnipotence, I would highly recommend purchasing Wealth Magick by Damon Brand, the kindle version’s just $10. The sigil they use has a few more bits from the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses that make contact stronger, as well as the invocations (words of power) taken from the source material.

They describe the ritual itself in some more detail as well, with a few key things added in that make the magick exceptionally more powerful, namely the emotional transmutations that you perform before calling to the angels.

If you are interested in calling upon these mighty beings of infinite power, I would suggest working with them prior to other wealth workings, as they can set-up the really big picture of your life, which the other spirits will then work with. I’d also get some money flowing first with some other beings, partly because that’s more fun (and money magick is all about fun, pleasure, and freedom), but also because the effects of the Omnipotence Transformation, a 33-day working, may take some time to really get going.

You’ll likely notice the ritual taking effect relatively quickly, but remember that these angels are not working to bring you some extra cash. They work to ensure that you are walking a path that leads to wealth, and that can involve some rather large changes. Such changes may manifest as losing a job or other source of income.

Why the hell would you do wealth magick that makes you lose your job? Because your job sucks, and it will never lead you to the wealth that you deserve. Trust in the angels, and know that every apparent disaster brings you freedom, and that the angels will replace what they have taken away with something far, far greater.

Also, because I like you all, here’s a secret for calling upon angels (and also potentially Greek gods, just a hunch, but worth trying I think). After you sing their name, imagine a bolt of blue lightning striking you down from above, infusing you with angelic power, before it returns to the Heavens and the angels.

This technique is useful for any angelic invocation, and as you become more attuned to their energy you will actually feel this lightning rather physically. I sometimes imagine that I am standing atop a mountain or high cliff-face, looking up at a cloudy sky. I call upon the angel, and I see and hear the huge bolt of lightning strike me. I stumble before such magnificent power.


Hi Chris and @Ari , you may find this post I made helpful. I describe a very simple ritual for calling upon the demon King Paimon of the Goetia, and you can use the same method for any other Goetic demon (such as Belial, Bune, Bathin, Halphas, Orias that are mentioned in this thread).

There is one part that changes depending on what demon you are calling upon, the bit where you say “By the power of ___”. That is not required for the magick to work, but it will grant the demon extra angelic power. The names can all be found in Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield.

I believe that Koetting also has a video on his channel where he does a similar ritual with a Goetic demon, though without any angels. “Harnessing the power of spirit sigils,” maybe?

If anyone wants to post the enns of any of the demons mentioned, you could use those instead of calling upon angels if you prefer. Also, for Clauneck, there’s an invocation from Grimoirum Verum that helps make contact with him. It and a more complete sigil (also from that book) are in Wealth Magick as well, though you can probably find the invocation and sigil online.


This thread is definitely bookmarked!

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is there a reason you don’t recommenced Lucifuge rofocale?

If money rituals worked, then the people selling the rituals would not need to be selling the rituals for such high prices, nor for any price.


That’s not true.

When you have a product or a service people want, why wouldn’t you offer it? That is how wealth generation works, after all. You provide value, and people pay you for it.

A wealth ritual takes time and effort on the part of the magician, so it makes sense they would charge whatever they value their time at for it. People pay lawyers anywhere from $100 to $500/hr for a simple consultation so why can’t a magician charge that for a high capacity ritual?

I don’t understand why you think that if someone had a wealth ritual that works that they wouldn’t share it? It’s not like offering the ritual to others prevents it from working for the magician. If that was the case, then no one would ever publish a grimoire of any kind for fear of their rituals losing their potency.


Here’s my response to a thread @yeerbie started:

In a way, I totally agree with you. If the mage is truly skilled, has a good success rate and is going to perform an actual high capacity ritual or torrid spellwork, then yeah, the fee is justified. And it’s not true that a mage would never want to offer such a service if it worked! Some mages really want to help others while making a living.

That said, so many people were conned by scam artists (or simply dishonest witches), and to pay such high amounts of money ($700+)—when one is already short of money!—before any result with no actual guarantee…

Sure, lawyers charge a high fee, and they might still lose their case in court… It’s just that so many people have lost thousands upon thousands on magickal services (many of which are scams), that I wish more mages would agree to receive smaller partial payments, and then more money if results came to be.


Bump Because I’m going to use this


@Tattersail I know I’m HELLA late but I second @anon20147451’s notion on Nitika. I’ve used the Magickal Cashbook method of contacting this spirit 5 times already, each time with crazy results. s/he has always come through for me, and the ritual itself is incredibly easy to perform once you have your cashbook made.

Another technique that I use is from Sigils of Power and Transformation – I have two of the sigils taped to my computer monitor at work. Simply acknowledging the sigils on a daily basis and feeding a little bit of transmuted energy to the sigils has done quite a bit for me.


I did a pact with bune wow she is amazing I did a pact with for a whole year ,let’s see where do I start well when asked for 5 thousand dollars ,and ola e of my own it’s was already in the works ,since I do loan and deal with credit ,my friends calls me out of no where and tells me hey I got a guys that wants a loan another one popes and another one popes up so so far I’ve made three grand I’m in the prosses to get another loan and movie in I to my own apartment, you have to ask her from your heart and soul with dedication and love show her you care she love chocolate pudding and and oranges hail bune I love with all my heart she is so powerfull and sweat call on her she will bring lots off opportunity, I can5 complain she is also very fast come with respect hail bune love great goddess thank for being their for me and helping me when I needed you the most love duchess bune,give her blood on her sigil and blood on the wick and pray to her I dearly love she loves chocolate pudding by the way


How about reading biographies of truly wealth empire builders? One secret is they read a LOT and everyday and gaining knowledge in vast fields. They create free time to do this activity. Passive income…


I do that also neopolin hill is a grest book


Lol crazy this thread pops up right under mine about a working I did for the same thing with one of these spirits

Which of the sigils are you using from Adams book. And how do you feed them with your energy…would you explaining the process

So what is the protocol, or manner of approach in conjuring or communicating with Bune, Halphas and Orias? Clauneck? I feel as though I am having to research this information all alone, and have been told to NOT try to communicate, but why would that be?

I provided a similar question to the forum this last week, and nobody has contacted me in any form on what I need to do. I"m trying to build a relationship with BALG, and capture the funds necessary for formal consultation and rituals so I may begin my ascent.

Any comments would be helpful, regardless of the tenor of the message, I wil read everything sent to me on my “what’s-next-to-do” list.

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