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Day One…

Time I started one of these, to drop occasional passing observations, art, random bits of magick, and related things. :thinking:


Magickal Musings:

Some stuff I’ve done so far:


40-60BPM, perfect for relaxation, study, creating an atmosphere of calm…

More random stuff to come. :sparkling_heart:


Project: Your Magickal Script-Paper

I am an animist, which means that I believe all objects have a soul. Manufactured and natural objects also possess a soul connected to the purpose for which they were created.

Secondly, I have worked with Ahriman, posts covering that here and here - in that system, as well as some others, discarded or used objects, such as nail clippings and shed hair, are believed to have specific properties linked to magick.

Worn-out shoes, umbilical cords, used tealeaves, even urine, are all things in that same category, and all are used in magick.

I use shed hair to attune some of my magickal tools, because it is of my essence, it carries my vibration, and I use it to protect them and keep them in harmony with my Will.

Something else I use is envelopes which have arrived in the post. These are made of paper, which is used for a large number of magickal workings, and they have also become a blank slate which has served its purpose.

This week, try keeping in a file any envelopes that arrive to you in the post, and at the weekend, cut, or better yet, fold and then tear, the clear spaces of paper which have no writing on, and keep them in a box (or another envelope, ideally one that brought good news, or money).

You can use these dharmically-neutral pieces of paper for spellworking, A.O. Spare style sigils, magickal art and spirit seals, etc.

  • Don’t use envelopes from banking, insurance/welfare, or medical letters for curses or baneful work, only use junk mail that is not connected to your personal life for that

  • Link the paper to the cause: banking, insurance/welfare payments, and any other kind of incoming money is great for making Jupiter sigils, for example

  • If you receive some unexpected good news or money in future, keep the envelope for future special works to bring good luck and other blessings, to yourself and others. :sunny:


Who will the world belong to in 60 years’ time?

A question worth asking yourself, if your magick is scaled up beyond immediate survival needs.

There is such a thing as too comfortable.

And that thing mostly looks like this; a big black mirror of tech which will be obsolete in a decade or less, reflecting only the fading, dying, mortal self, but still - styled as an ultimate accomplishment at each stage of upgrade (expenditure), to trap those who are still able to do better:

Ooooh lighten up Eva-pants! :laughing:


On the upside, we have power, be it darklight, Divinity, whatever you want to call it - va-va-va-VOOM - within. :smiley:


Not many tunes stick in my head after just one listen, @Enlightener did this, and it is VERY cool! :+1:


@Lady_Eva It is sad but to most people, that desk with a computer on it is more of an altar then the one they use for ritual… But if we work together I still believe we can conquer even these “new gods” of tech.


I’m gonna keep this journal bookmarked-seems useful


This is making me reconsider certain things.

I work from 10 AM to 8 PM most days at a store that sells cell phones. Most days are slow so I spend a lot of time using streaming services on my laptop. I’m actually thinking of reconsidering the amount of time I put towards that, which could (at least on slow days) be used towards meditation.

This also falls in line with some other decisions I’ve been considering, namely switching to the Keto diet, and taking my showers at night before I go to bed instead of in the morning after waking up, as well as a few other decisions.

Thank you @Lady_Eva for bringing up this stuff.


Thanks, @Lady_Eva!

@Anziel_Merkaba, some witches do cybermagick; placing a sigil on the computer screen may help help infuse it w/ the energy of any planet displayed, and there are lots of subliminal videos online that may aid in meditation.


I think what she is trying to say is the times we just waste time on the pc.


True, but pcs may often be used for work, magick, job search, research, etc., not just entertainment.

One of the dangers of the internet (phone, tablet, PC all alike) is it masquerades as effective action, and by so doing, facilitates “waiting life out” - something perfectionists, especially, are prone to.

Just one more bit of knowledge and research, for some future date when…

Just one more life hack for sorting out that big problem area, or exciting new project…

Just one more shock horror bit of news, ratcheting up the tension about whatever in this world interests you, ahead of the soon-to-come denouement… etc.

But Life, as one of my favourite thinkers David Neagle says, is NOW.

Timers help, and any time I find myself engaged in some online activity with no clear goal, I try to check if I’m waiting something out - and whether that something is within my direct personal control (magickal or otherwise), or, something for which I could be offline, and getting stuck into. :trophy:


There is INFINITE value in writing timelines of events in your life…

I recently wrote out a timeline about a personal interest, just a little hobby thing I’m into, and the insights this gave me about a seemingly-unrelated, and previously unexamined, set of beliefs & archetypes was priceless.

So I immediately took a leap of faith and have an action plan for this one area, just some personal stuff about my self-concept, which crosses over into magick, and more. :thinking:

Suggestions, based on what’s helped me:

  • timeline of your magick, dating to first supernatural/psychic/unexplained phenomena, if you started after early childhood. Might be best in a computer document, because you’ll keep remembering things and needing to backtrack and update the early parts :smiley:

  • and if you started IN childhood, a timeline is also useful, and maybe do another one asking, at any stage, what were your archetypes? how did early concepts of self, desire (for others, sexual and otherwise) and desire for your own adulthood influence your practice and goals today? is there any incongruence that may be holding you back?

  • timeline of a hobby or interest, outside magick, to see what else that may say about you. This one paid off bigly for me! :sparkling_heart:

  • timeline of how you handled real problems, what tools in your toolkit are you overly reliant upon, what methods worked, and (as valuable to know) which tools failed for you in the past. This may yield some surprising insights…

Random pretty picture? Maybe, Whoever planned this for us to enjoy understood time, growth, change, evolution, and balance. Maybe nothing is ever truly random?

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” :pray:


I hope it’s ok if I share a picture here, but this reminds me so much of a picture I made a few years ago, in a place like that:


Holy shit. I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for this. Lady Eva you are the most beautiful talented mage I’ve ever seen


“You are not alone”

Personal journal observation, upon integration of a past-life selfhood:

Past-life energies and influences, karma, dharma, expectation and desire, all things are cultural; they are NOT personal.

Any mistake you made in life, now or long turned to dust, examine the ways in which your society set you on track to make that mistake, and I am not talking about personal acts of petty weakness, I am talking about the larger deeds which may have scarred your life now, the bloodlines upon which your soul, a bird, alights across the centuries, your evolving self as it transitions through lives.

You have been born into an asylum, for generations, possibly even millenia, since the waters subsided.

Acting sane in the asylum was never an option; the extent to which you complied with its madness was often merely your attempt to better yourself using misremembered rules, in a rigged game. But you may have paid a high and lasting price, for raving with the best of your peers in any given form of madness.

Even the mythical ideal of “individuality” only exists relative to the people around you. Raised by another tribe in another era, your ethics, just like your wardrobe, would be adjusted to that setting, and you would not miss what you had never known.

Yet the choices made in that framework, as fleeting as fashions in clothing, can and often do affect us across time. Personal responsibility? This week’s fashion - contextual, and learned.

The magickal thinking of early childhood is the definition of rejecting this idea, of understanding self-as-axis, around which everything dances and upon which all things act, for nothing is broader than the shoulders of a thoughtful child, who bears every burden he encounters, and yet sees how easily family tides can sweep him away; we mature from this to some kind of balance, or in the case of our current iteration of madness, over-emphasis.

You are not alone: words everyone wants to hear in a crisis, and words no-one wants to hear when they believe they have finally excelled. Funny, that.

We have a lot of work to do, if the future is going to be any better than the past.

Be only tactically sane.

Suggested viewing: Adrift, 2018


The 21st Century:

I’m going to throw lit matches around lol :crazy_face:

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Shortly afterwards:

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“You find yourself drifting towards the new tab button, just to hit F, enter, and realize that you already checked Facebook like 45 seconds ago…” - Yeah, I do that and then this forum appears. :sweat_smile:


You know I don’t care to have a phone, in fact I think if you are involved in REAL life, and truly happy, why the hell would you continue checking your phone constantly? I only check it to see if I missed any calls or texts, and well sometimes the occasional playing around. I do not feel “attached” to my phone as some people are. I think its more of a mental condition when their mind cant shut up and race 100 miles an hour or more


Sun Tzu’s “The Art Of War” explained in terms of online piracy - if you only read one article this week, make it this one:


With a situation I am in at work right now; this is something I really needed to read.

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