Ebhuhel offer: Help to avoid reincarnation traps

This is an invitation to those ISBEs aka sovereign higher beings who:
a) Are incarnate as human
b) Believe in such a thing as the reincarnation traps, and
c) Wish not to be forced by such traps into reincarnating on Earth again.

Ebuhuel is an “angelic” level sovereign ascended. The best method to communicate with him is to use the pathworking set by Jareth Tempest in his book “Angels of Omnipotence”.

If you are drawn t do it, you are invited to make contact while you are still human and request this assistance.
Then, during your death transition, whether you find yourself facing a “tunnel of light” (which may lead straight to a trap) or find yourself in a dark place where there’s nothing, or regardless of what entities come up to you, you can use this pathworking to connect to Ebuhuel, and he will know you and come to help you get past the traps to continue your spiritual evolution in the universe.

Pathworking: I can’t find my book right now to transcribe it but this is what I do, it’s probably shifted from the book:

  • Visualise a green gem in a silver setting.
  • Focus on the gem and only the gem.
  • Go into and through the gem.
  • On the other side of the gem you will find yourself in green clouds. (My UPG is that these are above a * beautiful coastal land above an exoplanet).
  • Look for a glint of light in the distance and move towards it. You are flying in the astral at this point.
  • As you get to the light, call the name “Ebuhuel, Ebuhuel, Ebuhuel”.
  • Allow the vision to unfold as it will from there. Ebuhuel will come and speak to you.

From here:
Tell him Tannaar’iel’s current human incarnation related to you his offer to help with the reincarnation traps and that you don’t feel you want to incarnate on Earth any more.
Listen to his thoughts and have that conversation! :smiley:


I tried this. He appeared to me as a head with wings surrounding it. His “voice” was booming and echoed. He agreed to help and at the moment of my death to call to him. I asked him if he had anything else to tell me and he recommended I continue down my magical path. I use the word ‘he’ because Ebuhuel took the form of a masculine face but I don’t think Ebuhuel can really be described in such terms.


How can you trust his offer? Given the Archons also appear as angels.


That’s why you use a Pathworking, it’s a way to call a specific spirit, so if you go through the Pathworking, you will be connected with the spirit you want to call.


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How can you trust anyone at that rate? However in my case I have a certain history with archons and removing them from my life, and given how different they feel I don’t experience the Angels of Omnipotence as the same species, or having even related functions and alignments.

You have to make your own choice. I would advise that you first work with the book Angels of Omnipotence, and make your own mind up based on your personal experience rather than fear and speculation.


Have you ever watched the movie - “Eternals”? This sort of reminds me of that.

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If there is a conspiracy about archons trying to keep us trapped here how could it be so simple to escape it like this? I don’t get it like wouldn’t it be nearly impossible to escape all of the reincarnation traps?

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I’m still exploring that myself so I’m not sure, and I have a feeling the way I’d characterize them in my own understanding is slightly different. I do see patchiness in the constructs coverage myself.

These seem operate in a way that’s more psychological and while they also have entities enticing/enforcing usage, the anecdotes imply this isn’t uniformly applied. Meaning you can sneak through. Or if you’re not on a list you can deny them and not have the archons or whatever you want to call them show up.

I have heard this concept also characterised as an “embargo” that also limits communication. That links the network with the concerto of the “viel” and would make my position that the view is only about skill kind of unfair. You can still develop skill to get about with your legs tied together but it’s not your fault then if you don’t walk but only hop and that requires greater effort.

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Can you tell more about your beliefs? You a Gnostic?

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I don’t subscribe to any particular group’s beliefs. I feel that limits you and none of them have the full “truth” as it might exist for me, or the best way to explain it. Everybody has something useful to input and some less useful or sometimes bullshit. So you can’t just pick one and go all in.

I’m not a fan of Gnosticism, it’s too nihilistic and shortsighted, with a perpetual victim mindset I can’t tolerate; I don’t agree with their worldview at all. The universe is not filled with “demons” trying to get you to “sin”. Imo. I don’t believe in the concept of “sin” at all either. Or in the “Demiurge” concept. Just, none of that works for me. I think someone Gnostic sayings and ideas are cool and work for me, but I can’t remember any right now. :slight_smile:

So I use a foundation that’s a combination of astrophysics and qigong which pulls from taoist philosophy, added to my own experiences. At the heart of all is the Tao, which is pure potential, unmanifest, similar to Aether I guess.

The unmanifest Tao manifested the tao which can be named (a name is a manifestation, as soon as you create an idea of what the Tao is, you manifested a though so it’s not the tao). The Tao cannot be named or understood, it’s not a thinking being, a person, a cloud, you can’t enter it, it’s not a void or an abyss or even god, though tao I do use as a stand in for god as The All or Source. The manifest tao created the two, yin and yang, not so much a fixed duality but qualities that related to each other and cannot exists without each other, and all things come from there. So all “gods” and sprits and matter and stars etc are manifestations that came out of the tao also.