Does anyone have contact with Lucifer?

I have a pact with Lord Lucifer.
It was a request:
“I mention this is to permanently get rid of any malicious entities attached to you, to help
you develop a relationship with father Satan, and for Satan to help and protect you for the rest of
your life.”

I am possessed by a harmful being, he does not give me a chance to drive him out. he blocks my prayers and calls to Lord Lucifer.
Even though the pact has been for 21 days, it is like nothing has changed.
And I did everything I promised except meditation because I would not be able to meditate in this state, I even wrote him a prayer and gave him gifts of my blood,
I have a request if someone could say to Lord Lucifer that

Adam T. made his part of the contract except meditation because I can not meditate under constant attack. In order to function properly, I need exorcism. And the Lord did not hear my prayers because this enemy is blocking contact with Lord Lucifer.

end, I have a 100% accepted pact by Lord Lucifer but I can not tell him that I did my job. I would ask for help in this, if someone would like to contact him in this matter in a smooth way with Lucifer. I would be very grateful!


Well, he lives in my body, but I already gave you my/his answer, and you refused to accept it.


You should do a banishing (and an inner banishing) to get rid of the negative energies.

Then, it will be easier to talk to him. Also, make sure you have opened your astral senses.


Without offense to you and I believe that you want to help me but I have a suspicion that you yourself have a problem with the imposter.

I hear for the first time that father Satan needs someone’s body to live in it.
And I will never believe that Satan has tortured this Woman, it’s offensive to him. He is not like that! Get rid of this imposter from your body as soon as possible.

here you gave me the same advice as another person with a completely different problem. Your advice to me was not adjusted to my circumstances.

Your advice is “do nothing about it”. How does this advice have help? when someone is attacked by an imposter, and is possessed? it’s crazy.


Most of the times the blockages we face are coming from our own selfs. Meaning, even if there is a harmful spirit within you, it is at the end your own thoughts that you’re blocked that really block you from reaching out to Lucifer.
Meditate even if its hard to do so. Don’t just say “I can’t do it” because then yes, you won’t be able to do it. You might be able to last for 1 minute a day that’s absolutely fine! Keep pushing and you’ll find out that soon you’ll reach out 3 minutes then 5 minutes then 10 minutes and so on without even realizing it. And by doing it so, you’ll understand that your intention is stronger than anything else that dwells within you.
Using LBRP or any other Banishing ritual, someone posted few days ago an exorcisim/banishing/purification from KoF. If you can learn it and deliver it by heart, even better!

Keep doing it even if you don’t feel any difference, if its needed even more than once a day.
Sage your temple/house/self.
Take salt baths.
Keep calling to Lucifer even if you don’t sense him. If you want to try another approach, that’s fine, try to petition him, petition isn’t only for spells but also to send your words to him.

Most importand: Calm your mind! Relax! Whenever you feel blocked, say that it’s fine! You will get through this, even if it means to start back from zero.
And work on your senses.
You have the authority here.


How does an inner banishing work?


I made a post about it: Inner Banishing Method (Easy but Powerful)



You need to learn a banishing. Even if you think it’s getting in your way, you need to push through and learn it, and start using it every day.

Banishing is the foundation of magick, you’re gonna have to learn it.

Another thing to keep in mind - this imposter is not in you. It does not have any power, the only thing it can do is slightly nudge your thoughts like a little parasite.

So keep calm, and realize it is impossible for such a thing to do anything. It cannot harm you, it cannot manipulate you, it cannot cloud your judgement or connection to a spirit. You are clouding your connection because of the doubt you believe is the spirit.

A few good banishings and it will disappear for good (if not right away). If not, it is very likely you are the one at fault - ie tripping over yourself by believing it is a spirit, when you are doing it to yourself. It is very common in new magickians. Keep banishing and work on getting your mindset straight.

Moreover, I suggest you workout. Working out is a must for every magickian. Resets, balances, integrates and grounds your energies, and allows you to develop much quicker. As above so below holds extremely true. Everything is spiritual, everything is physical, there is no distinction.

Don’t listen to the likes of SatansWife, who does not even practice.

Another thing, don’t start calling up spirits and giving them things until you fix this. You’ll just overload yourself. Fix yourself first.

Banish, workout, repair your mindset.

Few weeks if you follow my advice and you’ll be a golden egg. :slight_smile:


Great informative advice from someone that practices! Thanks Fire. I agree with this entirely

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K: Prince Lucifer, I ask you to hear the message of Adam_T (reads it). Please respond to him?

L: You think that I do not hear you (Adam)? I hear you. Think of the purpose of the block that plagues you. What is your task? You must become a master at meditation. You can only do that if you learn to get beyond the things that block you. Many have offered solutions to you. It is up to you to learn what works and how much you are willing to do to reach me.

K: Thank you dearest Prince, for hearing this persons plea and giving a response. I know it is not always popular to reach out for others.

L: Of course. I would rather that others learn to communicate directly with me. I do understand your emotions on the particular case though.

K: About Satanswife. Many people here believe she is dealing with nothing more than a Pretender. What say you?

L: You must understand that people will believe what a spirit tells them because it brings them a sense of comfort and personal power. Arguing it will only run you out of bounds. If one is not merged with me and feels they are, they may block their ability to actually connect with me if they are only connecting with another being. Another being may not have their best interests at heart. You cannot, and neither can anyone in your group, speak effectively to any person in such situations because cognitive dissonance will not allow them to accept what you have to say. As you are so fond of always saying, “everyone walks their own path”. I would have the world be illuminated to the truth but not everyone is willing or able to walk in that light and that is their choice.

K: Although I am what is classed a cambion and a demi-god, myself, I do not laud myself as holier than thou in people’s faces. What’s up with that, my liege?

L: Why do you not answer that since you already know the answer?

K: When people are “woke” and come into information that they feel is the ultimate answer, some people will revel in the feelings of being in possession of something others may/may not have. They may lord it over the heads of others in a conscious or unconscious effort to feel a heightened sense of worth. You cannot elevate yourself up through the route of oppressive rhetoric. The lesson in this is to be humble. Know your place in the realms, know your place in the hierarchy, know your power, accept your knowledge…but do not overstep your rank. Am I close?

L: That will do. We will speak further tonight.



I can only say thank you from my heart!
When I read this, I was happy like a music star fan.
I am also thanking all those who have answered me and gave me advice.

Thank you, Lord Lucifer, I will give myself some time to think about it and then I will let you know.
Sława Lucyfer
Sława Szatan


I love this channeling from the very first answer I get this feeling through my whole body and I know who is giving the answers.

Very good job!


I will do three things first:

Inner Banishing Method


and cleansing bath with sea salt and oils, cedarwood, lavender and tea tree.

I rub myself daily before sleeping with cedarwood oil.
And I am determined to start meditating despite torture, but I think it will be better to first expel the harmful spirit.
And if it is not enough, I will start to do what you suggest.


Hey @Adam_T, sounds good.

In the shower use your intend.

  1. Bless the salt water in the name of Lucifer
    I bless…
  2. Imagine that all negativity will be removed during the shower. Close your eyes and feel the white light of divinity (or Lucifers light, what you want) enter your crown chakra and goes down and cleanse your whole body. Remember Daemon means divine so if I say divine for some people it’s source or God, for others Lucifer or other entities.

During banishing imagine that same light cleansing you.

During mediation/evocation imagine a white light of protection making a circle around and protect you, so no new parasite can come.


I just read that stroking Larimar stone on the body oe placing on heart chakra can detach entities. Its a bit pricey though…just spent fifty on mine today.



Another thing what I asked and this would help you greatly in meditation/evocation, is proper grounding.

Here is the ‘I Am Grounding’ ritual explained:

1 Stand in your living room and close your eyes
2 feel you’re growing
3 above your house, towards the sky
4 grow and see the earth and sun
5 put your right leg on the sun
6 put your left leg on the earth
7 imagine energy from the sun going through your whole body and go back to the earth in the ear.
You can even pull energy from the sun through your body guiding or pulling it with your hands if you must towards the earth.

Do this 10 minutes

Then for 1 minute:

And then put both feet on the sun and get that energy for one minute

Imagine getting smaller again, so small you’re back in your appartment


I’m ordering this stone now, and just tell me how to clean this stone and how to recharge it I will be grateful.

I know it, I have it saved on my smartphone.

Thank you 2 for advice :crazy_face::+1:

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You can cleanse it under running water. I stopped by my river on the way home and let the water run over them.

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Ok I ordered one for almost 100 PLN :poland:
Tell me do you feel the energies of the stone?
Can you describe them?