Having trouble activating the living imagination

I have been trying to soul travel for a month now. I still can’t do it.

I can’t activate my Living Imagination! :cry:

Is there any exercise I can do to achive it? I cant seem to hold the image of the room for long and most of the time my imagination of my surroundings seems more cartoonish.

I am using balg ebook btw…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Its not so much something that has an “activation”. More like a muscle that develops over time.


THIS is progress. Try not to over think it and run with it. You’ll be surprised.


Daydream as much as you can, daydream about kissing attractive people in the public eye or whom you know, that will keep your mind engaged.

And there are some exercises that may help here, top one is a walk-through for creating wards but applicable also to structuring for evocation and for soul travel:

2nd Link:

Creating an inner sanctuary

If your mind won’t let you focus, try this:

3 minute brain dump

And finally along those lines, if you have big problems pressing on your mind, try this method:

From “problem” to ACTION

More than you asked but sometimes clearing the mind before trying to create with it can help, I’m a devotee of the “Getting Things Done” system (“if you think it, ink it” - never carry lists and to-do’s in your mind, get them into a planning system) and I find it helps. :thumbsup:


“With images the magician creates” says a book’s piece; so, also, you may enter this mindset.

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I’ve never heard of this before, thanks! :thumbsup:


"By names and images, are all powers are awakened and re-awakened."
This hints at use of vibration, and god forms, with imagination as the key. Why each spirit has a name and a description of appearance and forms. I tend to think about what those forms are in symbolic terms and powers.


Brilliant method :thumbsup:

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