Reprogramming the subconscious

What is the best way to ‘push’ something into the subconscious? I spend quite a bit of time working through fears and a whole lot of other shit, But all this effort doesn’t seem to be affecting my subconscious mind in any perceivable way. When I ‘resolve’ an issue, I often find that it doesn’t change how I respond to relevant situations. I still feel angry/sad/whatever and fall back into ‘old’ behavior patterns, which take a lot of conscious effort to break out of. Needles to say, this is very exhausting.

Clearly, something is wrong here. I don’t think the work I do on a conscious level is ‘seeping in’ to the subconscious. Is there anything I can do to aid in this process in addition to listening to subliminals?


I have much the same issue. I have an aversion to conflict so I avoid it as much as possible but in order to change a certain part of my life I will have to consciously override those subconscious thought patterns and consciously cause conflict in my life. I hate it and if I dream of a certain situation the subconscious part of my brain avoids the conflict in the dream but I am aware of that already and that I have to override that so if an entity is communicating through my dreams I just wonder what effect this will have. You know, if they give me the situation I am seeking to have happen in a dream to see what I will do if they do the work to put me in the situation, they’re seeing what my subconscious mind will instinctively tell me to do, which is avoid the conflict, but it doesn’t take into account I realise this and will consciously override that subconscious. So will they just look at the subconscious and go “fuck it, he won’t do what’s needed so we won’t do it cause it will be a waste of our time”.


Ask the help of your “higher self” if we can name it like that!^^
Pay attention to your nightmares, they can be horrible, but they are often your mind telling you that something is wrong.
Pay attention to you body, if it is lacking any vitamins or food that could be help you to take real situations in like smoothly, by raising your mood and making you more resistant to stress!
You already saw you are in a “loop” where whatever you do, nothing changes…
Concentrate in the changes you wants to bring in your life, and ask a Lord Demon or a God, a entity you feel safe to work with, to help you to break those patterns!
Always banish the patterns you wish to destroy with rituals, the subconscious mind understands rituals pretty much, and it take in consideration every single step of it!

In the real world, try to put it in practice, to train your subconscious in how it would behave and work at your will!
You are the one who control your subconscious mind, it is all you, it is a wild place plenty of shadows from the past, and you are the only one who can make light over it!


Lucid dreaming should work, It has allowed me to have a conversation with my subconscious in a forthright manner.


These things take time. Act as if you already are who you want to be, then you’ll become it. All things come true with practice.


The easiest and fastest way to reprogram the subconscious is through repetition of whatever new concept you want to imprint. Being in a light trance state facilitates this, and that is why hypnosis works to change behavior, as well as brainwashing (sleep deprivation, and physical pain coupled with the repetition of ideas is the classic method).

In self help and therapy circles the imprinting of affirmations is usually recommended prior to sleep and upon awakening for the same reason, to take advantage of the hypnogogic state.


Invocation is very powerful, but you should definitely research the spirits you’d like to learn the qualities you desire from, because they’ll be with you for life.

As for subliminals, I really recommend looking carefully from what company you get them, and avoid the YouTube subliminals. Those are crap.

The best subliminals will definitely cost money, but the changes you can experience with them will be on absolutely absurd levels.

Of course, the company you get them from will need to be good.


Make you desire into a short mantra.
Repeat and feel the mantra often.
Say or think the mantra when you orgasm.
Ask a demon to help you become better at programming yourself.
Think about you goal and make damn sure there is no doubt.
Any part of you that is holding you back? Create another mantra for this and do the same steps.
Make certain the mantra is positive/affirmative. Keep all negative language out of it. Don’t use: Don’t, Not, should, might, may, wish …


Are you listening to your subliminals in a trance state? They work better then, almost as well as hypnotic programming. When in trance you are creating a bridge between your subconscious and your conscious, so it may burn it in there better.

Combining imagery or symbolism associated with your subliminals could help as well. The subconscious speaks in the language of imagery.


Best tools I know, use them myself all the time:

  1. Try Afformations (affirming statements about a desired goal, phrased as questions), these can work better if your conscious thoughts are blocking you.

Here’s info on how Afformations work and why they get your intellect seeking answers instead of throwing up objections, described by the creator of the concept: Afformations ~ by Noah St.John.

  1. Book (you knew there’d be one) - Getting your subconscious on your side.

Tl;dr is imagine the things you want to happen as joyful daydreams with emotion and complete conviction, and do it often - your subconscious can’t tell the difference between a thing strongly imagined with emotion, and a real event. Worth buying for the explanations and in-depth examples.

And connected to the above, Creating an inner sanctuary - make this fun, it’s not a goal-directed thing.

  1. Clear your conscious mind of nagging doubts - From “problem” to ACTION & How to prioritise & manage your life like a boss.

These all help me, and may help you. :+1:


Hypnosis is the quickest and easiest.

Have given up the ciggies, can relax a lot more etc

2 sites I use are and

Sit back, relax and get rid of all the mental junk without breaking into a sweat…


Finally got done reading everything. Afformations seem interesting and, from what I’ve observed, don’t trigger the “I can’t” reflex. As for the rest, it’s a matter of summoning up the will to live a more disciplined life. That is something I struggle with.

I did create an inner sanctuary of sorts a few years ago when I was going through a rough time. But it got to the point where I would spend all day trying to escape from reality instead of fixing it. That said, I’m willing to give it another go.

I’ll go get started on the book. It has a very science fiction-y title.


Come to think of it, I have been waking up in at around
the witching hour feeling…unsettled? I usually have weird dreams after I drift back to sleep. Will keep an eye on that


The golden apple

Small steps, use the Eisenhower Matrix and if you do everything in you had in the “Urgent & Important” quadrant, you’ve won at life that day, if you can start working on even one thing a week from the “Important, Not Urgent” list, then you’re ahead of probably 80% of the rest of the world.

Remember to never look at any problem as a whole, just look at what’s next in getting it fixed, what one single step or action you can take, keep the daydreaming about how you want things to be for other times, because if you focus on the enormous differences between where you are and where you want to be, you may just feel defeated and never make that first step.

These tools are there because these things don’t come naturally, so you’re not behind, you’re just learning ways to make your life work out the way you want, and if one day or a period of time slips away just take a deep breath and join back in from where you are, feeling guilt is like adding some 5lbs weights to your belt when you’re already struggling up a hill. :wink:


How often do you recommend?