A quick and easy mind control spell taught to me by Lucifer

So I’ve already had success with this little gem and the results happened in less than 24 hours.

What you’ll need
A picture of your target
A pen
A black marker
And some red string

The Working:
1.Write on the back of the back of the picture what you wish your target to do.
2.Use the black marker to draw an inverted pentagram that completely covers the words on the back of the picture.
3.Open the inverted pentagram visualizing the target doing what you wish them to do.
4.Completely wrap the picture in red string while stating out loud "N,you are bound to my will.You will (insert desire here)
5.Then simply place the picture where you or no one else will see it!

Lucifer also stated that this spell could be used for a variety or things.He didn’t specify other than that but use your imagination!

I used this spell on my ex as we were in disagreement about something that had to do with my daughter and she spoke to my daughter in a manner I didn’t approve of.

We didn’t speak after the incident.I cast the spell the same day and by the next day she texted me and was as polite as could be! She’s also listened to what I have to say about our daughter as well.

So use your imagination with this one and see what you can come up with!



What do you mean by " Completely wrap the picture in red string " ?

Do we need to cover It in a way that the picture gets hidden behind the thread ??


To answer your question adhi69,yes both the front and back of the photo needs to be completely hidden to where you can see none of the picture or back of the photo with the written intent or pentagram.

I like to use yarn since its thicker therefore you dont have to use as much.Which is also cost effective.



Could I use red ribbon to wrap it ?


it should work just as well.


Would this be able to work on two people if you had a picture with both of them in it or just one person?

thank you for this. I guess, I have to shop for some red yarn and try this out :slight_smile:

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Ooh thanks @Musta_Krackish! Sounds Good. I’m definitely going to try this…

Works using the name and date of birth of the person as link??


Probably. It should. Link is a link.


I am very sorry i’m going to try this as a lust variant.


I was thinking the exact same thing


We don’t have contact anymore because of a discussion. So maybe in steps. Change you’re mind about me and app me

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what did you write on the back of her pic that made her listen to you?

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This really worked!!! I used it on a stubborn family member who simply would not agree. After doing this, I waited a week and brought up the same topic and the individual obliged immediately.


What if you don’t have a picture, hair, personal item,date of birth, for your target? Can you just make a sigil and/or intent or something, write their full name, occupation, and place of business on the back, then wrap in red yarn? Is that enough of a a link?

Have you noticed any drawbacks to this so far? And can one use it if not working with the morning star directly?


Pixel Baphomet approves. :ok_hand:


How should I word this if I want to have sex with a certain woman?

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Thanks just what I needed. :joy: