Help to silence someone

My best friends girlfriend is constantly badmouthing me to him and causing unnecessary trouble. Could someone please help me with an easy but effective spell I can cast to silence her.

The people here are awesome and should be able to help find something for you I read befor a way to do something similar to this but can’t remember where, I was also just reading about how you can programm your own aura to effect other people and how they feel about you once there in your precense not sure if that would help cause I don’t know how much time you physically spend near them.

We used to live together . Havent seen them for a few months, but somehow everytime I contact him, he is very distant. He moved in with her in December. Since then she makes an issue about it being family time, or some other shit every time i phone or want to stop by. This is a friendship of over 20 years she is messing with.

Long time friendship, have you tried talking to him and saying what’s wrong why don’t you want to interact with me anymore? I’d suggest calling ahead to make plans with him for in the future sorry she’s trying to kick you out of his life.

Yes that is what she is doing . Always got something on when I want to pop in. Even if planned in advance. Even a phonecall is a problem it seems. Problem is she manipulates him and he falls for it. So this is my only option.

Try making plans where he goes to hang out with you maybe, sorry she’s being such a bitch. Reminder for anyone whos reading this we still need a spell for this man. Do you think an attraction spell to make her like you could work?

Maybe, although I must say I will find it very difficult to like her back😁 But worth a try

If you do a good enough job on the attraction spell I’m sure she will be pleasent enough to hang around with, good luck with your attraction spell if you use the websites search function I’m sure plenty will pop up.

Was just checking the other threads and see one that looked like it would help.

Also look for ‘freezer’ spell, and ‘binding’ spells, to stop the person speaking against you.

A few versions have been talked about here and they should come up in the search with those keywords.

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Thanks. Appreciated

So I have opted for the freezer binding spell. Any idea how long it takes to work and how long it lasts? I do apologise if I ask too many questions, trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. Thanks for the help.

If you don’t mind I’d like a update to hear back about your result and when you realized it has worked!

So what I have done: freezer spell for her with lemon juice, vinegar and chillies.
For my buddy and me honey, cinnamon and sugar.
And for good measure I made a sour pickle jar for her with urine, catshit , chillies, vinegar and lemon juice which i have just sealed. Overkill maybe? Going to bury it in the graveyard tomorrow. Would have liked to do the binding spell as suggested by Vaynord, but due to SA still being under lockdown the red string is an issue Lets see. Will gladly keep you posted. Once again appreciate everyones help and input.


Try praying to an Archangel .

I think those are some good choices. I need to look through my journal I found I might have something wrote in it that can be assistance.

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