So, to send paranormal activity to someone you would...?

So my thoughts are maybe trying a black candle manafestation of desire and will spell, and hopefully your audiance is able to accommodate your intentions.

Another idea I have is try making a VooDoo doll of him might make it easier for the spirits our intuned with to be able to interact with him.

The oviouse seems the hardest just befriending someone spiritwise that is powerful enough to get your point across trade them some offerings exc for there service.

Can also hire someone to do it I’m sure there’s a few of on this site who have the connections and power to send a spirit of some sort to really scare him.

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Create a violent servitor out of my hatred (or your annoyance if you wish to wind it back a bit), bind it to an object and give said object to my target would likely be my own method. Preferably an object that they cannot resist taking in, as greed is a very useful trait.


Graveyard dirt always work best for paranormal activity.


I can’t interact with him or be anywhere near him.
No idea where he lives

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Ah, well that won’t work then lol. I will ponder more on it and see if I come up with anything else


I got a full name and a picture tho.
The spirits will know

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How is your soul travel? You could do it yourself. Soul travel to him and mess around his home space.

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My strength is in evocation and spirit communication, I’m not great at astral travel yet

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Y’all know of any demons heavily associated with paranormal phenomena?

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You can try this spell might be able to get somthing to go after him under Lucifers guidence or could even do the spell to make him go crazy and see what’s not actually there with the mind control. You saying you had a picture and full name reminded me o the spell.

I would call upon Disodoria, the Spirit of Madness, from Kingdoms of Flame. She doesn’t do phenomena, but will “whisper madness into the ears of men.”

Essentially, the target would be haunted until he either goes insane or kills himself.


I decided to make a sigil with the words of intent and the name of the person actually!
John Doe is haunted.


It isn’t pretty but I would prefer it look bad because its fitting for the energy i want to funnel into it.
I’m thinking instead of burning the sigil like I normally would, I might flush it, the least i can do is return the name to be with its kind :slight_smile:

What do you guys think about this?

The picture showed at first, but now it isn’t.
Oh well, we all know how well magical things and technology go together lol

You could ask the favor of some unseelie fae entities, no one scares the shit out of people as much as them lmao.


The fae…gawddddd

I would but like…what if they dont like me for some reason lmao.
And idk would they even be okay with someome summoning them and asking for stuff like that?
It sounds like it could be fairy problematic.

When evoking any entity they can choose to ignore or not and you can give an offering to make sure you are in their good graces if need be.


I’d probably do some divination on that first


I have done this a couple of different ways. Placing my consciousness in their head and looking through their eyes was cool. Amped up a energy flow and love vibe at the same time. Disappeared from my life quickly.

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Ok 2 methods. Create a visual ball of darkness full of hate vomand go to her house and stay there, it will cause pParanormal Activity. On his book ghosts of hell .create tis ritual. Now if u see him on work and he turn around see a black cross invenrted on his back. Tat will qaek his aura. If not goid in visualization, get a lemon. Put lard or oil on it. And boiled whit chanting curses to the lemon ad u enemy,

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Pm me please.