A quick and easy mind control spell taught to me by Lucifer


Would red tape work like electrical or duct tape?


Hi there how do you open the pentagram? Do I not circle it?


How do you open a pentagram?



Could you post a picture of the back of the photo before you wrap it in red string? i’m confused about the open pentagram and how it should cover all the words!


You gaze at it like a sigil is how I took that.


Just a heads up, that the OP Musta_Krackish hasn’t been on the forum for over two years and so is unlikely to respond to your question.


Thanks total newbie and partial dumbass (me!)


Haha no not dumbass. If youbwere a dumbass you might be indoctrinated


Anyone else have success with this?


Man, what a simple magick… I’ll try it on someone to do some multiple purpose, I’ll post my progrest after it


I used this. I used red duct tape and it was successful. I can’t say anymore, but this spell has been getting a lot of traction here, I think it’s one for the books of shadow.


what do you mean by open the pentagram ?


When you gaze into a pentagram and it’s 3rd dimension reveals itself.


How do you draw your Inverted Pentagram, i mean, with or without circle…


Wouldn’t u like to no


I think i try both of em, see what going on next


thank you !


How much time until this worked? And can it be used to say “control in mind and body to conform to my will”?


What does the person who posted the spell mean by “open” the pentagram?


This is the technique: