Witchcraft book recommendations

Anybody know any books in which someone spoke to Lucifer or demons and wrote about how they contacted them. I’ve been at this for a while and had some success with spells but I want to really have a conversation with Lucifer… I wanna learn if there’s anybody that wrote a book with a lot of success.

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If you want to make a pact with lucifuge rofacle then ceremonial magick by rider waite 1911
Or the dark lodge version of grand Grimoire

There is an invocation of lucifer to make sure his brother lucifuge comes and agree to the magician (karcist)

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This takes a lot of work
There are 2 ways
One is to torment him disturb his sleep or peace

Second is to invoke him with respect

The second one takes time
You need senses to be opened

While the first one you cannot do that home
To disturb his peace you need to burn rod along with reciting grand clavicle of solomon
You will hear cries sound which will make you afraid

Also make sure that I have read lot of books starting from goetia, lemegeton to testament of solomon to modern books like gallery of magick

So gallery of magick I dont like but you can give try. I seen people to praise gom book…
But it didn’t worked for me

I have invoke haures and glasya labolas both of them came to my dream
By drawing sigils of dr rudd and s connoly without circles

Also the sigils from goetia by mathers doesn’t mantch the sloane

So get as many books as you can and study them

Which books work for you
Will be different

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Even if someone had spoken to Lucifer, it doesn’t mean their message would have meaning for you. Likely some bland, generic “wisdom” that’s common in books from mediums. Books about becoming a medium may help open you up to communication, but you’ll want to be cautious, as you’re doing something similar to a blind evocation when doing them.

You could also look into books about opening g clairvoyance. It will take work, but if you don’t put the work in, you won’t get the results you’re actually wanting as time goes on.

I really like Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, there are a few threads about it, too, for further reading: