Another success with Lucifer and the hidden demons

Another party and another good time after utilizing the book. Every time I use it I always doubt myself. The visualizations do not make me feel closer to the demon nor do I feel like I’m using any magick. And yet somehow they work. I’m baffled…


which demon did you use? :slight_smile:

Beelzebub and sagirez


how long did it take for results?

It took an hour to get to the event and I left right after the rituals.


I almost forgot about this book. It’s strange, when I use it I get powerful connection with the Demon after the ritual, I don’t feel anything in the ritual. They remain around doing all kinds of crazy paranormal activity for long time. But when it comes to results… none!

Glad it works well with you. From my research about it, it seems like it works perfectly well for some people, others get absolutely nothing from it.

If you find it effective, keep using it. It’s very practical :metal:


I get results but feel nothing


That’s perfect, really. I suggest using it as the main grimoire for all your work :+1:


I prefer to feel. I’m using for quick fixes while I practice meditations


Nice work!

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Same here, great, fast results. Similar to above response too I also get wild activity, but usually in my sleep. Ive had symptoms of evocation of Lucifer in the house for hours after, and Shatan lead to a startling dream where I may or not have enfed up channeling. This level of their energy in my home though was only after I requested to learn more about them from them. Ive worked with others in book, gotten results, and not had any indication that their energy stayed with me beyond the request being handled.


I think this book is amazing. I firstly summoned Asmodi today. After a while i went out and took a known route outside home, where i realized that at the edge of the road, there was a red coloured stream like blood…The source didn’t seem to be visible to me… Ever happened something similar to you?

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Been using it for almost a year now, once Calamosi showed up in a lucid dream telling me to call her and showing me the way she could help me, when I did ir went to a full vivid evocation, I had never experienced such powerful Magick


Which book are you using?

It says in the title.

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I’ve always wondered if the pathworkings in Lucifer and The Hidden Demons are the same as Balg’s pathworkings.

@davethebarbarian sometimes I’m not sure if it’s just our subconscious (meaning we believe it worked) or if just by imagining those images and the demon itself, we actually accessed them…

This book is very powerful for me. This is my first book working with demons and I felt Lucifer’s energy was so powerful in it I sat with it for a while! Something big happened right when this was happening which left my relative confused for the last two days, lol. Lucifer is so cool!

I also felt the different demons energies, and saw Ariton in my mind’s eye, which did not even scare me. I had not really wanted to see anything but Ariton came up to me and looked so cool and cute :slight_smile: I can still remember the demons eyes and the blueish appearance a bit.

I did a ritual for a problem that has been affecting me for years, and I began to feel effects from it after three hours. Lots of coincidences happening too, showing me signs. I am still feeling the changes I asked for, to be working on me. I am impressed with this book!


what results did u get

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