Lucifer and the Hidden Demons book

This book was released a few weeks ago and I was wondering if anyone else has read it/been working with it? I think it’s excellent and uses a different way of connecting with demons other than the usual sigil method. Its a grimoire that uses pathworking as a way to connect with the demons instead. I’ve done a few rituals and am already seeing results. It seems to simple yo work but I find I connect to the demons very easily. If the link isn’t allowed please remove.


I am reading it now, I haven’t used the rituals yet, they are demons from Abermelin.


Thanks I haven’t seen this one yet. Is this good as a kindle book, or does it have a lot of sigils making more of a need for paperback?


"A demon wants to fulfill its destiny by helping you obtain what you desire. " - LOL


There are no sigils in this book.


If you have the Kindle app you can download it from Amazon for about $8

Anyone care to comment about the book’s approach if no sigils are involved?

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As I said, the book does not use sigils but instead a pathworking method involving visualising certain images, which enables you to be in the location where the demon resides. I admit I was kinda sceptical about the approach at first as it’s not a method I ever used before. But let me say that it works. And often, in other books I have trouble visualising some things, particularly if complicated. With This, I found it very easy to visualise the images and, it’s hard to explain but it doesn’t feel like that is all you are doing. After you finish the ritual, it really does feel like you have travelled somewhere to meet the demon.

It’s funny- I’d been wanting to work with Lucifer for quite a while now but always felt apprehensive in using some of the more complicated books out there as I’m not an expert. Then this came along and I feel I can connect really strongly but safely.


Thanks for the reply, looks interesting.

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I just bought it as well. There is a bit of reading at the beginning. As mentioned before, it uses pathwork to contact the Demons. The way it works though is that first you must summon Lucifer then work your way down from Lucifer’s path, to one of the Demonic Dukes, then work your way down to the specific demon that you are going to ask help with. And then you simply thank them in reverse order although skipping the middleman and thanking the demon that you requested help from and Lucifer himself. I’m not sure if that makes any sense?


I got this one last week. What I like about it is I feel more involved/connected with the process. And it isn’t a big scene with the candles, oils, and incense which I like. Really too soon for me to say anything about the results.


Just got it in 2 days ago and the technique really resonates with me. I’ll be honest that sometimes rituals create more of a distraction than a magickal environment for me, but with Rose’s technique I can really focus on connecting with the spirit.

The pathworking lets me connect to the demon in a way that feels most “magickal” to me. It’s more than imagery — it’s as though you’ve stepped into liminal places to find who you’re looking for. It gives me the same feeling when I look at artwork by Peter Mohrbacher. Good stuff :ok_hand:


I’m going to combine it with other methods of evocation.


I was thinking the same thing. The power flow while doing the pathwork is very strong. I felt the energy rush within a minute of starting with Lucifer. I think combining the pathwork itself as a meditation can definitely work.


How many books or lessens start with Lucifer? It seems there are a few so this pathworking seems like the right way to go. Again, my first I saw results was Lucifer. So maybe my stumbling is I’m going a bit all over and not working a path. In life when I work the field or go off into the woods I tend to follow then makes paths. I widen, clean, clear, and make sure the footing is good. Perhaps the spiritual is the same. I have to admit I kept wondering exactly what pathworking meant. I usually thought along the line of element paths and connecting like deities. Astrology and numerology confuse the heck out of me and I don’t understand the spiritual alchemy.

Another book I’ll put on my list but I may move it more towards the top since I like paths.


So I got a digital copy and am perusing it. They an interesting bit on Lucifer’s sigil and the Chinese version as well. The path from Kong’s down to the bottom will have to be mapped per individual.

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Anyone had more experiences with the book?

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Yes. I did the ritual with Diopes to request money for a specific purpose. I was applying for a grant to do with a work project. I was told I may get maybe half the money but not all. I specified I needed at least e.g. $1500. I did the ritual a couple of weeks before I sent my application off and in the end ended up getting slightly more than I asked for! So it worked very well. Thanks Lucifer and Diopes! A few of my other rituals I’m still waiting for results but they are more complicated situations…
Also I posted in the members success thread that Lucifer and Dulid from the book helped heal my cat. That one is prob the most amazing result I’ve had from the book so far.


How are folks getting on with this? Tried my first ritual last night so it’s too early for my own feedback really.

I did feel the ritual flew by, it’s hard to have confidence in a process that takes 5 minutes but lets wait and see!


Gonna try this tonight or tomorrow

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