Lucifer and the Hidden Demons Grimoire

I’ve been reading the book, Lucifer and The Hidden Demons: A Practical Grimoire from The Order of Unveiled Faces for a week now, has anyone had any success with it?


That book popped up in my Amazon recommended list for some reason. It was mentioned on here in another thread and, suddenly it was in my recommends. :man_shrugging:

Never read it nor worked from it.


I may have heard it before, but I haven’t read it yet.

It popped up earlier on Amazon for me when I was buying Fimo clay. I’m now in the middle of reading it and already there are a lot of powers that I have an use for, so looking forward to pathworking soon.


Just did my first pathworking and it worked in so far as I definitely felt Lucifer’s energy (talk about intense!). Amaymon was more subtle but he turned up. The whole thing from start to finish was very quick and easy. I won’t say what I requested, but I’m left knowing that what I requested shall be done. :slight_smile:

Go ahead and give this a whirl, it’s a really cool and fun way of working, and I like it a lot.


While I won’t say what I worked for, I can say I’ve had successes in what I’ve done with the book. I’m currently looking into using it with other methods. But I’ve had very nice results with it.


I like the meditations in it. Working with it gives a wonderful feeling. It feels good and about results i will say something later on.


I have read that book some months ago. I have used some of the pathworkings, but I never limited my rituals to the pathworkings alone. I was actually always wondering what are some pathworkings used by guys like EA Koetting, JS Garett and so on, if they are in any specific book someone could ever mention or something

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I can admit I always added Lucifer-Amaymon to the base pathworking lol

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I know I’m a bit late but I have the book and I’d say about 80% of the requests I make are fulfilled (I mainly use Lucifer and Belial). I’m still pretty new to magick so i can’t sense anything but sometimes I feel like they are in the room with me (placebo maybe?). I’m still not quite sure if you can use it solely for requests like an enn but so far it has worked for me as I use it that way. I hope this helps.


It has been hit and miss for me. My first magickal work using pathworking. The rituals that involved changes to myself personally, like removing subconscious blockages, etc, worked great.
Workings that needed to affect outside people or circumstances did not turn out at all.
I still like the grimoire and intend to keep trying different things. I think there is value in this book, and it is not so intimidating for beginners to try.


i bought the booked but i didn’t understand if i should read these pathworkings on i evoke? or just speak them out without ritual, candles, … etc?

You imagine them privately. I suggest you read the book again. Everything is very clear it’s actually extremely simple. The results are potent.


Yes I’ve read it and used multiple pathworkings. You got to be patient with it but yes it’s working for me


That grimoire is what got me started and led me to this place


interesting, i assume u mean the book itself not the VG?

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Yes, precisely!

What Man1 said. Reread the book until you understand the steps. You can try writing out the steps if that makes it easier to understand.

I have made a small post about my experience with Moreh, from the aforementioned grimoire. It definitely works.


any update?