Difference between Rosier and Sallos

It seems that these two are very similar in what they do. Even their enns are basically the same. What is their energy like, what differences?

@Norski did a field report of his experiences with various goetic demons. Rosier isn’t there, but Sallos is, so this may be a good place to start.

Ok I guess I should clarify better, I found so much more information on Sallos (everywhere not just this forum) compared to Rosier. I gather that they’re both demons who are focused on bringing pure romantic love or self-love, also sex but romantic love seems to be more their specialty. The only difference between them that I’ve found other than the fact Rosier is not in the Ars Goetia, is that Rosier seems to be more shy, but I’ve heard from some that Sallos can be elusive too. So really I’m asking for differences in how these two work or if there’s any differences in their specialties.

Also this very comprehensive article from Demons and Demonolatry but it focuses more on the “self-love” part. I know that’s not the only thing Rosier is known for

Sallos do answer fast, is good guy if he likes you mostly days or months,rosier is slow,depends you idea of man or wowen he/she, rosier,rosier is more like fall in love,sallos more like fast friends and done

Try with Sallos he is easier for beginner to contact.
Although i already tried and failed multiple petitions no results whatsoever.

My personal experience with Rosier ( I cannot speak on Sallos so much) is that He works through changing your own self concept of yourself, which makes you more magnetic and attractive to those around you. He completely reshaped the way I saw myself.

If you know anything about Law of Assumption, our predominant subconscious assumptions are essentially what dictates which reality we exist in. Anyways, I noticed he powerfully rebuilt new assumptions for me on a deep subconscious level. A lot of people neglect this part of influencing others especially when it comes to love. What we believe to be true will manifest. If we believe we are always abandoned, we are always cheated on, we are always someone’s last option, etc. those assumptions will manifest!

He revealed to me my limiting beliefs, sat with me while I cried and heal. We worked on so much together and believe me it affected those around me and how they saw me! It was beautiful and I am still SO moved by Him. It had life changing effects on me beyond my comprehension.

He is VERY powerful and I will never forget him telling me “I have a sweet surprise for you” after performing a spell on an ex who was being cold. I invoked him during the spell and asked that he help remove anything left in me that would inhibit results.

I went to sleep and didn’t expect much. The next morning I woke up to this man sending me a video SMELLING and caressing my sweater I had left at his house awhile ago saying “it smells like you, I love it so much lol.” This is very unlike him too.

It isn’t rainbows working with him, he will reveal dark aspects of you. He is like doing intense shadow work. However I believe sometimes this is the most effective thing to do, especially if you aren’t seeing movement from other things. Sometimes our thoughts, our perception, our assumptions, are our greatest enemy In magick.

Blessings & eternal gratitude to Rosier :sparkling_heart:


Any guidance on how to contact Rosier and what is your method of reaching out to him?

Honestly I did nothing elaborate. I would listen to a recording of his enn on YouTube while gazing at his sigil. He took a liking to me so it was quite easy to have more and more experiences with him after my first encounter, sometimes just using thought and will alone.