Which demon to attract lover

I’ve read up on demons sitri, sallos, gremory, dantalion. I am not short of attention but most of the guys just want sex or I am not attracted to them. Which demon is good for bringing the right match that there is mutual attraction with and will be good in bed?

Maybe Duke Sallos or Dantalion

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If you look through the tutorials section, I made a post on love magic.

Well, yeah…

I read the post and my understanding was dantalion, gremory or sallos would be good demons to help find a lover.

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Those are common choices, but I’ve found them to be less effective than the spirits listed in the thread.
Sprits can work differently for men and women though. Bear that in mind

I did try sitri a few months ago and a friend started showing interest in me but I am not attracted to him. He was honest and told me he wants to only have sex and there will be no relationship. Belial is good for women to find a man?

Rather than looking for a relationship, you should be looking for someone you want to have sex with, and seeing how it goes from there
Belial will work, yes. You could also go with Lilith.
You start off to heavy ie. Looking for commitment straight away, you’ll put men off. The more competent among us will go along with what you’re saying, but you’re guaranteed we won’t stick around.

There’s a difference between wanting someone, loving someone, and liking someone.

Mutual attraction and good in bed are lust demons. Beleth, Asmodeus, Zepar, etc. That’s the want part.

Long-term affection are different. Sallos, Haniel, etc.

Getting along with someone is different again. Think Amon.

They’re not the same thing. You have to pick and choose.


I understand but I am not attracted to him physically. I would like to meet someone I have mutual attraction with even if its a casual relationship. I will read up on all the demons you both have written about. I have never read belial can help with this area of life but its interesting choice.

That post by @Norski is a very helpful one. There you would find which one is best for you.

Also regarding to love magick @Lady_Eva lately recommended more than once Hathor A very helpful Goddess for long-lasting love.

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Ok. In that case, i recommend Lotir and Saspu, both taken from EA Koetting’s Kingdoms Of Flame grimoire.

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