Would Dantalion be a good demon to invoke for making someone become obsessed with you? I know he has the power to change minds and i’ve heard he works with love, so is this something i should ask him?

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From my viewpoint, “obsession” isn’t really a “love” what people usually think, but a kind of desire.

A BALG member already made a perfect post about Demons who can help you in this case, read about Them and choose wisely.

And do not forget! You have chance to get some unpleasant lessons, because sometimes what you want is really just a problem to you, inside you more precisely, what you have to overcome, and the solution is not to get an exact person even when you think you want/need him.


Been introducing myself to Dantalion over the course of the last month. What ive noticed since asking him for some guidence and power and whatnot, i can read people like a book, i dont have to look at someone to feel their aura. But just glancing at someone one i can tell their mood, have a basic idea of what their like ect. Ive been able to pull some thoughts out of peoples heads too. So far hes been really helpful in showing me how to read people and interact with them. Very necessary for my job. Ive been wearing a copper bracelet for him since copper is his metal.

Also when i mowed the lawn the other day, the backyard under my bedroom window was full of dandelions which werent really growing anywhere else. Did not see this as a coincidence at all.


As far as obsession goes tho, maybe give asmodias a try. Dantelion seems more or a helps you tune into peoples emotions and thought. Just my experience tho, i do wonder tho, i know he specializes in bending the minds of others based on what ive read.

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Remarkably accurate description of him. I’ve noticed all of this as well

Damn cool guy


I’d look no further than Orias.

He’ll press a thought into someone’s head relentlessly until it’s resolved.

Tactfully too. Like a notification on your phone that shows up every damn time you look at it


@Norski thats goid to hear. Cool to read this right now, im just getting ready to do a more formal evocation of him to both thank him and to ask to stregnthen my senses to the thoughts and perceptions of others more. How long have you worked with Dantalion?

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I got the same signs. When I was connecting with him I saw dandelions almost everywhere in form of pictures, ads, real dandelions etc. One place I often cross near my house was full of dandelions growing on both sides, almost like in form of pathway, although there were not many of them in the area. Looked very magical.

He usually deals with thoughts/mental state of others and communication, including empathy sensitivity but he also works very good with every thing related to mind and inner alchemy. - So, there’s a chance you might like to work on your own subconscious and make yourself more receptive, also prepare mental state to stay focused when you start to receive more intense emotions and thoughts of other people.


Coming up on two years now. He was the first Goetic spirit I’d ever heard of and had reached out and helped me with NLP long before I started practicing. Cool as hell dude

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