Best demon for sex, and, do I need to make a pact?


Hey. I had a question. Can you maybe explain here or make a new thread:
Who’s the best Demon or any spirit really to make a pact with and to make any girl want you and/or become the best at sex? And how should I make this pact?

If it’s possible can you share an experience of you’ve made such a pact?

I’m very new to this part of the world and honestly I came here to learn much different pacts than this but I’m really intrigued now! I’m good at sex and good when it comes to find partners but how do I go from good to “the best”?:grin:

Also thank you for your thread, thought the story was pretty interesting!


Well there was a post about Demons who are interested in these kind of stuffs. You can check this out, and make your own decision (it is always important) based on these:

Original post

If it’s possible can you share an experience of you’ve made such a pact?

I’ve didn’t made pacts before, and I don’t think that I’ll do it in the near future. I can’t see the reason why I should making them.

I’m good at sex and good when it comes to find partners but how do I go from good to “the best”?

Practicing, practicing is the essence of growing. :muscle:t2::mushroom:
I’ve having sex with Demons almost daily (since 2 years now), and I still hungry for becoming better. Things has changed now, because I can do it with stronger Deities (and from now, only with Them).

Good luck for your goals,
and much blessing. :dizzy:


This thread explains why:


Friendly reminder that personal experiences and ways of working differ, so sharing what worked for you, and why, is more helpful. :+1:

Mod hat off, I shared my experiences with pacts in this topic:


Thanks for the information!

Tbh Asmodai sounded the most interesting for what I wanted. Although I looked him up after in BALG and I heard stories about him being aggressive and etc.

You mentioned Belial as well. Can he help a males to attract females as well?

And lastly you mentioned you practice with demons. I’ve read some of your stories but like who can, a straight male, ask to help me? I hear Lilith is a very tough one and I’m a beginner. And I’ve heard if you summon succubuses, you have to be in a serious relationship which I don’t see myself doing. Any suggestions?

Thank you for the pact information. I had a question tho. How do you know what you should offer in a pact? If anything?

Because sometimes the pacts we ask for may be too big and would be understandable if the demons/spirits would need something in return? How do we know what’s reasonable to ask? Should we just trust in the higher powers that they are capable of anything (in their fields) or is there a line? What would they like as offering in a pact?

Also I’ve heard some people say you shouldn’t make a pact twice if you haven’t yet received any results cause they could contradict each other. Is that true?

THIS is why IMO making pacts with spirits you don’t know and have barely worked with is a bad idea. I realise not everyone agrees and that some people have a magician make the pact for them as the start of a long relationship.

But my own personal approach is to see if you and the spirit synch, share common agendas or preferences by interacting and talking, working on a few small projects, then commit to something temporary, and if that goes well, consider something longer term afterwards.

I treat pacts like business transactions and would not tie myself into a 5-year business contract with someone I didn’t know and had no basis of experience upon which to evaluate how far I trusted them, or whether we worked well together.

I get good results this way and the spirit is usually interested in deepening the relationship (I am not discussing sexual interactions here by the way) so there’s positive motivation on both sides to make things work.

Not everyone uese this approach though, and they obviously also get results, so take my input as one facet of how things can be done, not the way that they MUST be done. :+1:

People are not alike, and neither are our experiences with any given spiritual being.


I just hope for you you’re not only real in wanting big fat sex but especially real in working with Demons :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t just use them as a tools or whatever and threat them with LOVE, not just respect and promises of pacts etc


The only demon you really need is your own. All demons are aspects of your consciousness. Generally speaking, I don’t recommend making pacts or deals with demons. That’s like you restricting you on your own terms.

In the normal occult sense, you could consider working with Gremory, Sitri, Asmodeus and Zepar. There are tons of other forms for these ideas


lol tbh I didn’t find this website because I wanted to learn how to harness any special powers or learn more about the hidden secrets. I don’t think I will either, unless a spirit makes me interested in it. I’ve created a topic for why I’m here looking for help. But this topic caught my eye too and I wanted to learn more.

I am 100% sure that I’ll treat the spirits with respect. Tbh again, I’ve always seen myself being nice and friendly with demons if I work with one. With respect but like friends, if that makes sense? I don’t see them as tools, but I do see them being able to help me out a lot with life.
But all that is easy said than done when I have yet to see a spirit/demon. Idk what they’re like or how they feel. I don’t think I’ll worship them as Gods but I know I will absolutely have respect for spirits who have so much experience and wisdom, that have also existed for such a long time.

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I don’t see myself making a pact with demons for sexual favours (just yet). Unless it’s more in depth or I’m asking for more, I think normal requests from them is definitely better. I’ve read some threads and almost nobody has.
Another thread that I’ve made is what I’m really trying to make a pact for, if possible.

Thank you for your suggestions.
He mentioned Sitri is a wildcard and fucks with you. It sounds interesting and I might wanna try it later but not as my first spirit(?)
Gremori seems to be more of a live thing with deep conversations. That’s something I need to be ready for. Also I’m not down with the cheating thing really.
Zepar is more of one night stands apparently and I think I need more of friends with benefits(?)
Asmodai seems like the best option. Also need more info about Belial in this matter.

Have you worked with any of these spirits yourself?

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I think I saw that “Sitri fucked me over” thread and I replied saying that only we, through the structure of our individual self-concept ( :slight_smile: all we consent to as true :slight_smile: ), can do that. I’ve received immediate responses when tuning into the perception linked to Sitri, without performing any ritual whatsoever: it was interesting but I didn’t persist because I have wider interests.

You seem to have a more specific understanding of these “spirits” of your consciousness. I haven’t worked with any of them in the textbook manner but I have connected with their essence using certain meditations and I do see some shifts in my perspective. Be aware, consciousness is the only reality and authentic shifts, leveraged by potent tools like rituals, can create dramatic cause-effect patterns that change your experience. Ultimately, it is your consciousness that is the only power–literally–in your experience.

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Did you have any relationships before that with Sitri? Or was that the first time?
And how effective was it?

Can you explain what you mean by this sentence? My English isn’t the best.

And this one too?:sweat_smile: sorry. Did you more or less mean that I should be careful because big changes in my reality can make me/my consciousness to go mad?!

Do you want long term relationships or do you want to learn about sex magick ?

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I think just Sex Magick for now.
Like I explained: how to go from good to the best.

Then listen to the gangsters above :point_up:
There are also many books about this topic.

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Yeah I’m saying I’ll take their advices. Sitri and Asmodai sound the most infesting atm but I’ve aslo been interested in Belial as well for awhile and am wondering if he helps with these matters too or not.

Just dont forget sitri is little tricky :smiley:


LOL so I’ve heard. But I feel like at some point I wanna experience being fucked with by a spirit into weird situations. It’ll make funny stories.

Have you done anything like this with any of those demons/spirits?

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Nah man,I am beginner like you,I am not interested in sex magick too much to be honest.