Best Demon for making a woman like me?

I wonder how different demons like Sitri, Gremori, Zepar, Beleth, Asmodeus, etc… are when it comes lo love-lust-passion spells.

Whether you are looking for a serious relationship, or just sex or whatever…which one do you think gives better results and is more willing to work with us? I’m so confused I’ve chosen Sitri to work with I’ve a crush on a girl I like and I just want to like me I don’t care if we end up in love or not…it’s just passion at the moment and I’m obsessed with getting her and she’s in a relationship.

Apparently there are many demons that have the power of making someone like you in a romantic or sexual way but I don’t know what demon is more willing to help/work with me…I’ve read some demons are grumpy and stubborn while others are very easy to communicate with.

Give Astaroth a try, he delivers! At least he did for me.


@Norski made a pretty good post about this. I’ll link it below