The Room - [It's Time You Enter]


To explain what the room is first I need to explain to you, the gnosis I received on the actuality of our reality.

However ‘The Room’ is probably my top five most powerful and successful methods of magick.

The Inner Existence.

The individual is the all, condensed into a singular manifestation in physical flesh
Think of the all, the source of all spiritual and physical creation as a sun.

Think of the individual as a ray of light from the source. Not only is the individuality the microcosmic incarnation of the macrocosm.

Not only do we exist in the universe, it exists within us. Look deep within you’ll find that inside us is a duplicate of our external reality.

This why I do not believe the world’s we travel to in soul travel are mere places of the self, nor external realms, dimensions, world’s or location.

It is instead both.

If the adept truly understands his/her limitless we are part of everything, we are the singularity from the infinite and eternal.

However the eternal and all of existence is within our being, accessible by teaching and looking within.

How many shamans, adepts, magicians, spiritualists etc have said look within.
Do not seek to know how the world works, seek to know thyself. If done to the fullest degree one will fully know thyself and everything else.

So what does this have to do with the room, well I’ll explain. If one can affect the creation and universe within, it will change the universe around you.

There goes that famous saying.
" You cannot change anything, until you change yourself ".

The room is a place that is within the individual inner universe.
It is sort of like a central control centre.

What Is The Room Like.

It looks a sort of like this.


The room is eternal, no end and no beginning the chair is completely black, made of unknown material.

In the room it has no life, no meaning, emptiness.
I questioned the demons on this room, they however call it Enu’Aven.

Why Enter The Room.

It can be used for spell work, with simple yet great results.

For example this room of nothingness, it reacts to what ever your imagination can create.
Let’s say for example, you want money, you simply change the room gold.

Create dollars, pounds, yen, diamonds, gold bars, cheques all forms of currency and treasure surrounding you.

Harness you intent of allowing this internal shift to become a external shift.
Once the room had reached a critical mass of built up desire, will, intent, energy and power.

You now shift that internal creation in the room, push it out into this world.
Come back from the room, rouse the energy from your inner self through your crown chakra.

Inhale gathering all that internal suppressed desire, intent, will, power, energy, lusting for results exhale and push a huge cosmic beacon into the cosmos.

Feel the universe twist and twirl, moving, changing, rearranging creation for the creation you have externalised from within.

A simple conjuration, incantation or even statement of desire can be given afterwards to seal and bind your will into the world.

How To Enter The Room.

First is to observe the totality of existence within yourself with this mediation.

Meditation Tutorial.

Sit down anywhere, eyes closed body relaxed.
With your breath and visualisation expand your aura infinetly.

Beyond the earth, beyond this solar system, beyond the milkway galaxy, beyond cosmos, beyond this physical realm, rushing faster than the speeds of light through all realms.

Until you can no longer expand, till you feel like you are everywhere, once done inhale sharply and feel your aura retract and come back in.

Once the aura comes back in feel it enter your core, with your eyes closed see the darkness in your mind.

You are now inside yourself, with intention just visualise the stars, the empty space, planets, supernovas, asteroids, cosmic clouds, other solar systems and countless galaxies.

Go beyond that see the particles vibrate in all existence, see the atoms which are a part of this world held tightly together.

Go beyond the physical realm, see the various spirit realms, celestials heavens, hells, astral world’s etc.

Experience everything, now just see all that vast expansion of existence within disintegrate like a sugar cube.

Even the darkness of existence melts away until all that’s left is white walls, then your surroundings become The Room.

Sit in the black chair, it centres you as the operator of all and nothingness.
Now you’re here, you can create what you want just with thought.

You can use this for baneful Magick even, creating energetic double of the individual you’re trying to harm.

To get a better connection to your target.
You can use it for meeting your guides as they exist within you already, remember this is the place of limitless potential.

Do not mistake for imaginative, it doesn’t take away it’s power. For in Magick nothing is real, unless us the prime observers say it is.

Benefits Of The Room.

  1. You can invoke a spirits energy, enter the room and they’ll be sat there with you and you can engage in internal communication.

  2. Energy manipulation learn how to create energy constructs and experiment with everything you can.

  3. Use the walls as scrying devices, for accessing the room is accessing the all, there by tapping into a expanded field of consciousness perfect for divination.

  4. Create servitors here, rouse them from the inner world through your crown chakra into a vessel before you in the external world.

  5. Use the room to be filled with your intention, will, power, energy, programming, desire and use it to structure you goal.

The benefits go on and on, remember create the change within. Then push it into this world, allow the shockwave of magick to rearrange all of existence to manifest your desire.

This is my gift to you all.

Do it, it’s more than a mere internal imaginative world, when you analyse it and break it down you’ll appreciate this method a lot.

I use it all the time, sometimes on its own, sometimes I combine it with actual rituals to heighten chances of success.

I’m glad to share this with all you, it can be a powerful tool for our Magick tool box.




Thank you.


Your welcome


Nice post. Reminds me of the space I was given by lucifuge to use for rituals I performed in the astral. Changed systems since but I certainly attest to its usefulness, especially for astral projection and telekinesis work


Your post reminds me of 2 things a combination of both.

First: your astral home,matrix, or “happy place” you go to when working within limited space privacy etc.

Second:The Merkaba meditation: basically a prism within another prism spinning faster then the speed of light and expanding upon all existence


Really what I see with this is a different take on Akasha as Bardon presents with very similar use though you may also want to look into his interpretation if you have not seen it yet. He does give a few particular uses that are not quite apparent at the beginning.


Reminds me of the “Doctor Who” “TARDIS” Space-time machine and the concept of the Holodeck from “Star Trek: TNG”. Similar type concept.


Hmm… seems like I have been using a lesser form of this to do my work. Have had outstanding results. Will have to try this.

Let the research begin! :nerd_face:


Are there any further instructions (besides the one you gave) to be able to communicate internally with an entity within this room ??

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Amazing, I think this is one of the best ways to perform magick I have read in a long time.

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@C.Kendall Is it any problem for me to be pulled straight into “the room” when I am viewing the atoms ??
I did it twice, both times it happened, it even gives me a feeling of being lost when I’m in the room … I invoked Dantalion and he was waiting for me sitting in a black chair just like mine …


Great post. I make me think about the methode of loci. memory palaces, sort of mnemonic system.

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Will do in near future.

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You’re tearing me apart Lisa!

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Thank you for sharing this C.Kendall. Will definitely bookmark this and try it out in the near future.

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I just had a moment where reality looped for me twice while reading this. Browser didn’t reload, I scrolled past the image 3 times thinking “like the loading room in the Matrix” like life was on repeat

…Reading attentively now


@C.Kendall How can I increase the power of rituals performed in the room. What to use to increase the manifestation of an invocation?

The construct in the Matrix movies.

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