The White Space

Imagine a white space of pure nothingness. Try to feel the pure whiteness. Sit and breath thinking of this white space. Do this for several days. Take a few seconds each day to merely think of this white empty space.

Now, the first and only object is a white chair. Always start and end on this white chair.

You can do rituals here. Kill your haters in this white space. Feel yourself draining them.

Summon dragons. Play on alien worlds. Fuck super models. Get rich. Whatever you desire.

But remember that once you are done in it. You go back to the White chair and leave.


Great loading program technique.


I actually do use a space that’s sounds like this, but it’s pitch black. And no chair, (I’m a floor sitter) but you can ask any question, summon any entitiy, manifest planets to play with. I like it.


I do imagine these things but theres no special place for this its portal, whereve i go

@Purple @Mulberry
Give more explanation about evocation in these spaces … Please!
Can you make an invocation before ???

Is it necessary to be in a trance when entering this blank space?

I didn’t actually say ‘evoke’, I said ‘summon’.

Evocation is bringing an entity into physical manifestation in your physical temple. This is not a physical space so I don’t see that as being the right term.

It’s more like a place in the lower astral. It may be what some call ‘the crossroads’, but I don’t really use that concept so I can’t say.

So, go to the space, if it helps visualise a circle, or call the entity as you would normally, but as that presence come you should get spontaneous visions in your minds eye in this space, of what they look like. I usually see them walking out of the dark into the space near me, which is lit with no apparent light source but I ‘see’ them anyway.

Yes I think you are in some level of trance - i.e.a state of altered consciousness - to get there in the first place. As you close your eyes, forget your surroundings and focus your mind fully in a visualisation like this or any other kind, you are altering your consciousness. Keep concentrating and the deeper into trance you go the more real the place feels and the more into focus it comes.

Can you make an invocation before ???

If you like. Or during. I mean, it’s your ritual. I wold say try it both ways and see what you like. the best magik is personal - don’t use other people’s formulas, just get ideas, then play around with these things and work out what suits you.

We’re all different with different and complicated energy systems, so what works for some doesn’t always work for others, that’s normal. Hence you have to just try stuff and figure yourself out bit by bit.


No. That’s why I tell you to practice doing it several times a day.

If you practice this enough times you can do a ritual in this head space under five minutes, to one minute.

I know everyone is busy with jobs, hobbies and life stuff.

There is a good reason for that chair…


@Mulberry @Purple
Thank you!

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If anyone is familiar with the Amazon Prime show, “The Man in the High Castle” in the final season, the character, Juliana practices and teaches a similar Japanese Zen-type meditation. This allows her to physically “jump” (or transport) herself to a parallel universe (alternate reality).

The infamous “Matrix” movie trilogy uses the “White Space” concept as the “program loading” start of its virtual reality simulation as mentioned above.

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I forgot to give a shout-out to Mr. Kendall for inspiring this. If you want a longer, better, and more in-depth method check his out.

Yes I have been using this technique for a few years to great benefit. Except that I too use an empty, void, clear, black space rather than white.

I call it the “Blank Space” technique and it’s where I hold all trials and experiments in dream shaping and reality formation.

A variation of this “white space” is used to create servitors and thoughtforms in Damon Brand’s “Magical Servitors” book.

Do you suppose one could also actually create their servitors in this space?

Yes. Of course.

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