The name of the infinite white space?

Sometimes during meditation I get quick visions. A couple weeks ago, I found myself randomly in a place that reminded me of that Looney Tunes episode called ‘Duck Amuck’. A bright, sterile white place as far as you could see. I briefly saw some black, mist-like shadows and came under the impression they were being obliterated. The place was a void of some sort and felt like empty death. I immediately snapped back to my room.

This is the closest representation I could make of what I saw. Does anyone know if this place has a name?

My clairaudience skills are pretty crappy or I’d try asking someone like King Paimon. Sometimes, I’ll hear voices I can’t make out what’s being said. Lately, it’s just the sound of a single drop of water falling every 3 to 4 seconds.

Thanks for your time.


The only reference I have to something similar is the “field of manifestation.” C. Kendall made a post about what he called The Room, but I’ve seen similar stuff in a few different books. It’s basically a blank page on which to visualise your desires to manifest them into reality. I’m not sure if that fits what you saw though.


I dont know if this helps but I’ve seen brief flashes of a pure white light right before I fall asleep, sometimes I can force it to happen. It starts small then suddenly engulfs my whole vision. I’ve never been able to keep it stable and just experience the whiteness, I either just snap back awake or fall asleep. I’ve just used it to try to force myself asleep.

You could try to imagine a small dim light in the corner or your vision, dont focus on it directly but imagine what it feels like physically to look at a bright light. thats how I usually get it to expand, takes like thirty minutes of trying, if it happens at all.

It might be related to your death like feeling, when I fail to fall asleep doing this I get the sensation of what feels like a white cube filling up my mouth and stretching forever within the finite space of my mouth. Then my perception gets forced to the size of a pin head and I feel the overwhelming feeling of just pure vastness inside this tiny white cube. this sounds like the reverse of what happens to you, like instead of being in that white void, you engulf IT. like trying to hold on mentos and soda in your mouth.

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I didn’t consider it being linked to the white flashes. They’re painfully bright and reminiscent of being blinded by some asshole’s high beams when driving through the mountains in the dead of night. They happen randomly and are painfully jarring. Sometimes there’s a humanoid silhouette with or without wings reaching out within that light, but I can’t make out any features. @Shaun_N

You get someone actually in that light and all I get is a cube put in my mouth!

I used to be horrified by the cube feeling, until I faced it with the intention of just experiencing it. Not conquering it or removing it… just accepting it as a thing that happens and let it happen, I still dont like the feeling but its interesting to be in that space, the feeling of infinite expansion inward. BTW, the cube feeling is a pure black void, no feeling of movement, no freedom. just true restriction except inward.

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I’m not too familiar with this cube concept you’re discussing. I did Adam Thoth’s void meditation and it’s super comfortable there. Being nurtured and cradled. It took a while for me to realize why it seemed so familiar. The void felt exactly like the feminine voice that spoke and comforted me when I was extremely depressed on psilocybin mushrooms. I suspect it’s the same being. Mother.

well the cube thing is just the sensation I felt when it first happened when I was a kid.
It felt like I had a giant Styrofoam cube in my mouth, stretching my jaw open.
I only felt the infinite regression inwards after I accepted the cube feeling and stopped fearing it.

Afterwards the cube just started to feel more like my teeth were huge and melding into each other, then the sudden regression inwards while my actual perception shrank. Like watching yourself get further and further away.

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I became a single point in a vast black nothingness, while looking at that point from a distance.
I could feel the vastness concentrated in my mouth.

Like I was trying to eat an ever expanding point whole my body kept shrinking.
really hard for me to put it into words.

but yeah, try to make those flashes happen and dont focus on them. Its like they are very shy and only happen when they think you cant see them

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I’ve had those weird perception distortions. Not concentrated like that, but reality seems to be off.

You ever read or seen the movie adaptation of Flatworld? Your story reminds me of when they go into the 1-dimensional line universe.

Thank you for your advice.

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