The Keys of Ocat: A Necromantic Journey


Ocat (Oh-kot)

This will not be your normal necromancy journal. If you’re interested in baneful workings, how to work with the dead in specifics, how to communicate with the dead or any of that, I recommend you 1- hit the search bar in the top right corner of the screen, and two seek out an entity associated with such works. I highly recommend Baron Samedi, he is the one who taught me how to call armies of the dead to me and how to task them, like everyone else does demons and angels- for my benefit. I honestly rarely do baneful work, October 31st was the last time, prior to that I had one working at the end of July for someone else, and before that we are talking around January of last year.

I am just way to self centered, to expend the energy it takes to do baneful workings, I’d prefer to just cut assholes out of my life and burn the bridges- so that I can work on my goals- unless there’s no other way, I’m simply not doing baneful works. I’ve garnered results every time I’ve bothered, but I’m fcking lazy. So once again, if that’s what you are after, this journal is not for you. Also as a side note, I no longer do rituals for others, so please don’t spam my inbox with requests or please contact so and so, or please do this or that. I either won’t answer because I think begging for shit is rude, or I’ll tell you I’m too busy and can’t do it. (It’s true, I am too busy- so go ahead and earn yourself a mute, won’t bother me and I warned ya…)

I also can’t make pictures with my mind, it’s called aphantasia- and no I don’t even get after images, so anything I see I know I saw. It’s rarely vivid and clear like everyone else’s journals, but… spirits of the dead have in the past looked to me as if they were physically here, physically audible- so I’m not sure what we can expect in this department. Maybe nothing when it comes to the entities, but maybe something. Time will tell.

Now that we know what this journal is not, lets talk about what it is.

Okay, that’s a little more like it. I know I’ve mentioned all over, that I’ve been able to see the spirits of the dead, from the time I was a small child. Pretty much as long as I can remember. I also have this nasty uncanny ability to pick up when someone is near death, regardless of if it’s health or accident related several days, to several weeks prior to their death. In fact, I’ve learned you don’t tell people to say their last good byes, thinking it’s the right thing to do, for a few reasons. 1. They never believe you. 2. They freak the fck out when that person dies a few days later. I’ve learned that some things are best left unsaid, and rare is the occasion I break my own rule now-a-days.

So what could I possibly be doing, if I can already communicate with the dead, and I have no interest in using them for baneful workings? Oh just everything else guys. You see, I spent most of my life fearing the death- like nearly, if not as much terrified of them, as I was shadow creatures and people. We already know I’ve spent the better half of the last year working on my fears and while I think I’ve got a handle on this one (I mean I did tell a dead spirit to FCK OFF, my first night in this apartment on 7/3/20) But the truth is I still fear to an extent. I don’t fear when I call them to me to make a bargain, I fear when I wake up and one is standing over me watching me sleep. I don’t fear death, but I do fear dying in a painful way, and suffering through it.

OH yeah. There’s that whole soul retrieval gig I’ve been doing for the living. I don’t know if I’ve said, but I’ve asked Samedi a dozen times about the next step. How do I help the dead that are stuck with my ability to heal. How do I help them become whole and cross over? Well, the bastard keeps ignoring me. Or rather, he did. I recently posted (or will since I’m writing these journals during my break for the forum) about how Samedi, Loki, Kalfu, Lilith and my ubi approached me for the next step in my path. I mean if you look at those names, it’s guaranteed to be a shit show right? So guaranteed, that I had to take a few days to think about it, maybe I’m good right where I am and I’m just bitching for shits and giggles, cuz well I have a VaJayJay, so what can you expect?

But I did figure out what I wanted, (Nope not telling, that’s my business.) and I did accept- and I had no idea what I was accepting or what we were going to be working on or anything. Spirits have this uncanny way of being clear you need to make a decision, while being totally cryptic assholes and not alluding to what any of the project is going to be. Just something, something about it’s worth your time, hurry up and get on board before the train passes you by. No guarantees on which if any of us will be leading the way, we’re just here to broker the deal yo.

So I was really surprised to find myself purchasing several necromancy books. I wasn’t really surprised that I already used most of the techniques, I mean hell I’ve got yin eyes (clairvoyance and seeing the dead are no, not the same thing- I didn’t know that either till last year, don’t sweat it)- I’ve read every damned topic in the necromancy category on Balg, including the ones that are not worth the time to open. I didn’t learn a damned thing last August when I did that, but I was hoping to. You see my communication is not 100%. Not when I have a specific target. I get about 75% accuracy with specific targets (using name alone or a picture of a living relative), and honestly I expect better than that. I should be able to pull the shade of the individual, even if they have long moved on, but currently… Nope, the ones that have moved on allude me still.

And, I want to know how to help them. Also, I’ve still only managed to not freak out once when I woke up with one standing over me- I haven’t had it happen since, but goodness knows one will eventually make it through my warding and I’ll have to deal with that yet again, and well. Why not deal with that head on and just get it out of the way? So shadow working is (no surprise) part of this adventure. I imagine I’ll take the time to write up some of the experiences I remember from the years past, and add them to my Pathworking My current Past Life journal - Pathworking My Current Past Life (Shadow Work), as I move through this. If I’m lucky, I’ll recall more of them than I currently do as we go. If not, eh well I can recall a few, though perhaps only one or two in enough detail to be worth writing about. I’ve created a new folder for this within that journal on my pc, but for sake of it’s more specific content than that journal, I am separating it on Balg. I know I don’t share even 1/4th of what I do with my friends, let alone the forum, but this one I’m really looking forward to, and I definitely want to track my progress.

So, what can we expect in this journal? After all that rambling… ah well.

“While invoking other Daemonic forces of death you are calling them through a filter. By opening the gate of Ocat, you are removing the filter, allowing the raw energy of divine source to imbue your ritual work.”

Connolly, S… Keys of Ocat: A Grimoire of Daemonolatry Nygromancye (p. 72). DB Publishing. Kindle Edition. - : keys of ocat

I’ve purchased and read Honoring Death, The Nuctermeron Gates, Necromantic Sacraments, Keys of Ocot, The Abyssal Angels Infernal Colopatiron Redux, as well as a physical copy of the Keys of Death, as the digital copy I purchased is lack luster and missing some of the keys which I am promised will be in my full colored physical version, scheduled to arrive at my door on Tuesday. All of these are by S. Connolly. I’ve also purchased and read The Necromancy, Path of the Descended Masters by C. Kendall. I’m not sure anything from this last book however, will appear here, I won’t swear that it won’t but I would not personally bank on it- I’m too pleased with the other resources at the moment, but we’ll see where I am lead as we go.

You see, I’m not a demonalator or religious by any means, in any way shape or form… but she caught me when she was talking about her struggles and her fears, growing up as a necromancy. I can relate to Connolly, and other than the fact her work has a clear religious take on it, everything jives. So while I will likely be slightly amending some of it, the bulk of it I can work exactly like it is. (For example I will not be using the ZD symbol.) I have a huge box of herbs coming on Tuesday from Amazon, cuz well they have this cool Choose your prime delivery day to save boxes, and if you pay attention, there’s certain dollar amounts that equate to $1 or $2 digital credits. I was able to purchase most of the books I wanted, just from my digital credits on Amazon, because most of my food comes from Amazon and I game that system like it’s going out of style. I’ll make one order 5 orders if that’s how many rewards I can get, and it doesn’t effect how many boxes come so- I like the system. I also like working with herbs and the hands on, and while most of the rootwork I do, the hands on is symbolic of the energy and intent you are using them for, I’m excited to get into it with the herbs. I’ve also been collecting Hecate trinkets, for no fcking reason other than they called to me. I’ve never worked with her, but sometimes things scream you’re name, so when I have digital credits… eh I can be a little loose in how I spend them, (A pendant and a scrying bowl, ordered on a random whim fairly recently) and it’s February, short month! Payday is just around the corner, already!

I’m also really excited about the gates and astral opportunities. I’ve learned how to project through a portal, but I keep wondering how to add more power, more energy to my workings, and low and behold. Connolly says open gates and thou shalt do so. Naturally I’ll be using Luna, as well as the banishing ritual I like from Ben Woodcroft, and I have a few other tricks up my sleeve, that I prefer to keep between me, myself and I- but I’ve never opened a gate in my home before. I would never have considered doing it a year ago even, so. I’m flipping excited about the new things. Oh and the merging with entities part. I’m a bit excited about that too. I’m not sure why since I’ve totally rejected invocation since I began walking my path, but hell. I merged with the shadow of someone very close to me a few months ago, or rather I allowed it and I’m not disappointed. I didn’t think it through at the time, I was projecting when it came up, but. Yeah I’m not disappointed in any way shape or form so. I’m looking forward to the gate openings and mediations to merge with the energy of entities and I BOUGHT A WAND.

Sorry. I generally think tools are not needed and all, and if the ground wasn’t covered in something like 8 inches of snow, plus piles from the plow trucks and all of that, I’d just go pick a stick, buy a dremmel and make one. I’ve not done a wand before, but I’ve done a staff and it was a lot of fun, so I can totes picture myself enjoying the wand creation process- even if it looks as shitty as my staff did, but alas. I’ll never find a stick out there unless I climb a tree, and guess what. I can’t see any trees around that have low enough branches to climb lmao. So I got on etsy and I ordered one. It’s clearly not solid wood, it’s got clear quartz crystals (ironically that is what Connolly recommends-but it’s complete coincidence) and some real shiny paint… but guess what? I love it and it’s not even here yet. It’s corny and I don’t even care, I already work with energy, so why not learn to draw it through and direct it with a wand. It can’t hurt me any and it wasn’t that expensive so, worst case scenario, it end sup as a ferret/cat toy or my son would probably think it was neat. I already have graveyard dirt, so no biggy there at that being an ingredient in most things, even if it was I’m familiar with how to get it, though the walk up the hill in the snow would not be fun. Thank goodness, I’m a hoarder with some things.

I’m really excited about the upcoming work. I don’t know if you were able to tell through all that rambling, (It’s called sarcasm, google it.) but I can’t wait till Tuesday when the bulk of my items will be here, and goodness knows most of my deliveries are kinda late in the evening but. I’ll probably spend the day, deciding exactly where I am starting, if I don’t obsess over it prior to that, some of the tinctures, oils and things take time to prepare, so I’ll have to go back over my books and make logical decisions and then I’m diving in. Head first cuz that’s what I do, so you better take a step back or I might splash on you, as I hope this will be a true necromantic journey and not just some fluff and buff surge down the path to more power, that I’ll come out the other side and I won’t even know how to use properly when I’m done. I’ve been waiting for quite literally months for the path to open up and now that it’s open, I intend to learn and grow and do- as much as possible while it’s in front of me.

Remember, I’m not doing this for the baneful skills, I could truly care less about combining necromancy and baneful workings at this point in my journey.

I also want to note, that I will try to remember to record the date at the top of each entry. I’m not going to be posting catch ups, to get it all to the current date- on purpose. I have several entries essentially ready to go, but I have a loose end, so for now I prefer to post each entry after the workings done, rather than as it’s done.


Congrats!!! Is one of the best modern necromancy books ever. Lots of people underestimate the works of S. Conolly but hey, they are full of genius and easy to follow



Well. The new Enochian book, Universal Magick, is already proving to be a slam dunk. I really expected no less, between my experience with Hargrove and Practical Djinn Magick and my experience with Damon Brand’s Success Magick, I was pretty sure this was a winner. But I’m still impressed. I’ve had the book since 2/3/21, so today’s the 11th. That’s all of 7 days, and we’ll skip to the long story short, because I’m letting myself go off on tangent, when you really just need to know that I did a ritual last night for the Power of Creation. Essentially it’s supposed to give you creative inspiration based on whatever your request statement is. My statement was, I knew exactly which magic to use for xxxxxx situation. It’s a very specific situation in my life, and last night I wasn’t really sure. Lots of things I could do, but which was really the ideal?

I’ve been sitting here this morning, (nope, haven’t slept) and I am knitting and listening to music. A name randomly popped in my head, or rather another situation, but I was not part of it. I’m just aware of it due to the impact it had on someone who is in my current situation. He’s long gone, several years now actually but isn’t that the path I just signed up for? You know the one with lots of dead guys. He was real important to this person in my life, like. Super important, and the person in my life is still upset about it, especially on 2/14- because it was so close to the day that this spirit died.

I’ve got several ideas, I mean there’s the obvious- Call him up and ask him to talk to the person in my life. (Like dreams are a real thing, ya know) Call him up and ask him to influence the person in my life etc… These method’s have worked well with me using dead I didn’t know. But not against this target. This target previously seemed unaffected by the dead.

But this is special dead, right? Right. I feel like, I need to hurry but I’m not there yet. I mean. Technically I’ve done it before, but not with 100% accuracy. I mean talk to specific dead, not tasked them. It’s not my dead either, it’s the other persons so. The price is probably higher than I’m used to. But still, I feel like. I’m on the brink of this new path, so I should wait right? I should get some experience, get a handle on how operating with one or more open gates, I should know the rituals and things better… and what’s my deal?

I’ve never put anything off, just because I wasn’t ready before. Hell, I usually run before I walk. That’s my instinct here. I did reread the Initiation for Necromancy for Demonolatry again a few hours ago. I’m actually drawn to it for some reason, I think because Connolly pretty much tells you that if you are a necromancy of any sort, with any senses at all, you will get a response from the entities you summon for it. (You are opening gates I guess…) I’ve got an entity in mind and well. Obviously I think this is my next route. I think I get visual impressions, audio and I can feel energy. It’s not 100% consistent by any means, but I get it with some spirits. I know I’ve seen the dead in the past and thought it was right here with me so. Obviously I think I know the answer, so. If I do the work, I should get a response of some sort.

But what if I’m wrong?

I could do it tonight, or rather when I get up after an afternoon nap. There is a space within the ritual to consecrate and dedicate tools… but it’s just a line that says add this ritual here if desired. It’s a stand a lone ritual, that you can shove into the initiation ritual. It’s not really even needed in my opinion, it’s not like I haven’t consecrated tools before but… I figured why not give it a whirl. Most of my tools won’t be here till Tuesday. I’m not sure on the wand since it was via Etsy and not Amazon but. Most won’t be here till Tuesday.

Does it matter? Other than I feel like I’m rushing? I only feel that way, because I’m afraid nothing will happen, and I’ll feel rejected. I can do the other ritual on Tuesday if I still want to use it. My kids will be here this weekend, and I know from what my son says, it seems he’s already sensitive to the dead. He’s described things to me I remember from my childhood. But, he’s going to be in this space eventually anyways. I just need to be sure my banishing, cleansing, shielding and warding are good. That’s really all I can do, because both are kids are here every other weekend so. The only thing not starting tonight would do, is delay how long till have to be tighter on my hygiene. It’s also not like I’ve not been working with random dead spirits as it suites me. Hell I called them less than a month ago for something, made a payment, went to bed and woke up to results. So I can dismiss that worry too.

So I think I got nothing. No reason not to carry out my first operation tonight, this evening, early tomorrow morning or whatever it is when I wake up after going to sleep for a bit. The fourteenth is Sunday, so I need to work out if I would want to contact the spirit before, or if it would be okay if it was later on the 14th, after my kids leave. If I did it ahead Friday is only two days, so that’s probably close enough. I’m clearly over thinking things and I am sure the answer will come, if I’d just give them a chance and stop thinking

Before you even start on the details should have come with the Enochian, let me remind you how I worded it. I knew exactly which magic to use for the situation. I didn’t say nothing about knowing how to execute it, just about knowing which to use. Sure I could probably recast and try for more, but I might just get all muddle up answers and honestly, if I can’t figure out execution with a little logical thinking, all on my mind well then. I didn’t deserve to know which type of magic either.

I was wondering how Lilith, Loki and my ubi fit into this equation. I haven’t dug real deep but, I couldn’t just piece the puzzle together, I felt like I was missing something. Now I know. If this is the answer, then they helped me on the situation- which is something they agreed to do. Kinda funny how this magic shit puts itself together.

Damned. I love it when this shit gets real all of a sudden.


Honestly, I think she gets missed or glanced over for a few reasons. One is the clear religious take on things she has- so many people hate religion or are just escaping it and ten other silly reasons why it’s too difficult to just ignore the religious parts and get to the meat.

But also, she doesn’t give step by step instructions. Most of the beginners want what they want, they want it yesterday and oh it makes them so frustrated that it doesn’t work that way. A lot them feel overwhelmed by even considering making a ritual up on their own, I mean we see it on here all the time.

Connolly gives you more than enough to go on, but for the most part she leaves it pretty loose too. Like my first ritual (in this) the other day, I pulled shit from literally four books. I was comparing notes, and while I used parts of what she had already together, I took out the religious aspects and I had to figure out what my opening and closing were all on my own so to speak, and exactly how I was calling my entities once the gate was open and you know. Just details that are hard for beginners.

I think that’s why Gom is so popular tbh. When you start out you long for someone to hold your hand, but once you’ve moved on and you’re doing this without following step by step instructions, you don’t really need Connolly’s works anymore- you should mostly have it.

I picked her books though, because she does a great job of explaining how to open and close gates, wasn’t in it for the baneful aspects at all, similar background with spirits of the dead and because I’d never heard of Ocot. I looked around the forum, and I found mentions of the book, but no one that’s talking about how they worked through it or what they did with their journey.

(Well she describes it well in visualization at least- I can’t see but I can work with that)


2/11/21 Initiation ritual prep.

One thing is certain. I need to make notes and prepare for an initiation ritual. I was trying to decide when, as I’m afraid I’ll over sleep and find my day tomorrow is short, prior to the arrival of my children. I’m also not set on when I should call upon the dead spirit yet. But I know, that I will know by the time I need to know. I had the notion well what about noon, or 3pm. I just happen to like 12’s and 3’s and if I can’t work after dark, well why not noon as a substitute, it’s not like I hold hard to any set time- I’ll do a ritual whenever it needs done most days. I’m just trying to be sure I at least try most of it, so I can gauge if any it makes any significant difference.

I pulled up the planetary calculator, because I’m a bit lazy and can’t recall the formula offhand to calculate it out, other than it takes into account sunrise. (I think, idk it’s been forever since I did it by hand, and then I was looking in a book at how to do it.) I was looking for the hours of Saturn. The hours of change and control. Turns out today, for my location, the hours of Saturn are from 12:22pm-1:13pm. 6:43 pm-7:50 pm, then we roll around to 2:37 am-3:44pm. I used a nearby city since my rural community never makes the list for anything-including not existing when I order things online sometimes, even with the zip code.

My first thought was well. I’ll sit here and relax, take a shower, make a list, take a shower then do the ritual between 6:43pm and 7:50pm. Makes sense since it’s now after 9am. I have under 3 hours to make the 12:22pm time slot, so that’s really kinda pushing it preparation wise, even though it’s a relatively simple operation.

But wait. It’s 9:25, that means that 6:43 is… eight hours. Man I know I slept a really long time, after the last time and didn’t get up till 6 am yesterday after like 23 hours down but… I’ve been up 27 hours already. I mean, I often go 36 but if I have an agenda, I’m guaranteed to be tired and I’ve already considered going to nap a few times, other than I know the longer I wait, the later I’ll sleep into tomorrow and the better it will be on me having the kids this weekend, since I didn’t make it to bed last night at 1 am like I planned.

Well. I guess it’s time to get to work.

The xxxxx Operation.

  1. Initiation for Necromancy
  2. Summon xxxxx

Supplies to gather up from around the apartment:
-Obsidian crystals
-Labradorite crystal
-Tigers eye crystals
-Amethyst crystal (Well didn’t I sign up for a free trial in the mindful boxes? Maybe my first box I’ll luck out and either get something uber cool that I didn’t have, or it will replace one of the ones I chose for necromancy)
-Lapis Lazuli Pendulum
-Hecate Pendant
-Sea Shells (Specific ones)

-Pain my flat box black (it’s like the bottom of a twin pack of beer or something similar since I rarely drink beer)
-Grab the one candle I own atm (I actually ordered a 100 white tapers cuz it was cheap, but not here yet)

Okay, I think that’s it. Oh, make ritual notes on a small square of paper, so that I don’t have to use my phone. Really, it’s all starting to come together.

Here we go. Well, after another smoke. I need to like, anxiously think through it all for a minute.

Fck. It’s 10 am already and all I’ve done is paint my altar box black and clean up my mess. I didn’t even smoke yet, I realized that even though the chalk board paint dries quickly, there’s always that one spot ya know. That one that is somehow wet despite logical reason and you set something on it and make a big mess? Yeah I’m doing that today, so I painted my box, it was actually a jack Daniel’s bottom, and I don’t drink jack unless it’s with coke and I’m at bar so. I have no idea where it came from. I just know I tossed it on the top shelf of my closet months ago, thinking it would be perfect for… Something.

Well it actually is. Jack Daniel’s is a predominately black label with white lettering. So I painted the inside, cardboard colored part of the box first. That’s the part I knew would drive me crazy the most, cuz when I’m done with every operation, I intend to pack all of my shit up on it, cover it with dark cloth and put it in one of my three empty dresser drawers.

That’s right boys. Did you hear that? I not only have a VaJayJay and pierced nips, I have three empty dresser drawers. I have clothes, at least enough to make me happy and that if I wanted to dress up I could and well. I’m always home, I’ve moved 2600 miles twice in under two years, and I just started up a brand new household-Again. Clothing has not been top priority- first was furniture. Then it was Christmas and 5 month late birthday present for my son… Then I wanted new nip rings, and now look at this, now it’s necromancy fun. Clothing just isn’t top of my list when I have enough. (I only own 3 pairs of shoes too…)

So anyways if I remember, I will take a pictures of my tools. I’m always advocating that we don’t need many, if any tools for magic. Half the time I disregard if a ritual calls for a candle, but this time I can. I am not rich, but I have enough to do this- I do put in time and effort to earn the extra so…if that’s what I choose this time, I think it’s okay. It’s not because I had to, but because I could and wanted to. It’s also not like I ordered everything. I mean look at the list above, a lot of the items I’ve had or I’ve gotten over the last two years, some more recent than not. But also, I am making and creating and making this mine too- altar box for example, though I won’t use it exactly the same as an altar, I will use it as a focal point (mini table) and storage for my tools. I ordered herbs that I didn’t have, but most of them were kitchen herbs. I ordered the cheapest size that was not a powdered variety. If I can’t grow it, I don’t feel like it matters to much how or where it comes from, unless I could afford to purchase specially charged or something. But, aren’t I going to charge the herbs with my intent with each and every brew?

Oh right I am, so kitchen herbs it is. Plus then I can put them in the kitchen and it doesn’t take up space in an odd place in my apartment, that prying eyes might question. (Mostly the 12 and 14 year old teenagers). So yeah. I’ll try to remember to take pictures of my tools and things, because I think since I advocate that you don’t NEED expensive things, hopefully it will resonate with someone out there, that it truly is okay- use what you have or can get, when you feel it’s necessary or you want to have it.

Alright enough fcking around. 10 am and I’ve still got to decide how I will construct my ritual space, move all this shit to the bedroom so that the cat and the ferret don’t interrupt and decide if I’m doing this in the dark, or with a lamp- as the bedroom gets zero natural light… but the floor space is limited, so I might kill myself in the dark.

Yes I normally write like this in my journal, when things are flowing. Even when it’s just for me. The words just flow and I know it sounds like I’m talking to myself or something crazy, but I write it the way I think it. Almost like I’m talking to someone who doesn’t answer. See I can’t make pictures with my mind, so everything I think is primarily in words, sometimes with audio memory when I think of a specific memory of someone saying something but. Primarily in words, just like if I were reading a book to myself. Shame the book doesn’t have a spelling and grammar editor, but you know I work with what I got. The flip side of that coin is that with my personal journal, I go weeks at time, where all I do is copy and paste yesterday’s entry, change the date and add or subtract whatever todays minor ritual, for a minor need is. So when my thoughts are fluid and I’ve got a project, I try to record them, because most days there’s nothing to record other than for record keeping purposes and goals that I did my routines.

Shit. I gotta hurry, draw and color a tablet, or two. I have to construct this ritual after all, so I’m not 100% positive yet.


Well the tables are anusual. Are so different from the Dee tables.

So, in the table of opening there come 2 Gods of Necromancy:
Ocat Lede Lirach
Hahu Eser Siea
And king: Deras

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I’m still waiting on my print version of the Book of Keys, so I was working with what was available in the kindle version, without colors, and kinda winging it that day :slight_smile: I know there’s more information in that book, but until it’s here I’m having an awful lot of fun working with what I do have.


Awesome. The problem is that there are so different from the Dee tables that is hard to follow the cacodemons, angels of medicine, transformation and so on. Anyways it is so totally cool that you are interested in this and maybe more guys join the" hunt " :smiley:

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2/11/21 Initiation Ritual

Hmm. Well that was interesting. I ended up clearing the back side of my table to make my focal point for my altar box and tools and everything I need. The neighbor across the hall had the state police at his door again, so I was just like okay. Well the cat and ferret don’t usually bother me, so I’ll just ignore them if needed. I wish I had looked at what time I ended my ritual, but alas I did not. I do know that I started four minutes late. See these death keys are way harder to draw than I anticipated and I forgot somehow my version was not in color, so I wasn’t even sure they would work. I figured if I got to the step where you should either get a response in the form of phenomena, or end the ritual and wait for 72 hours to see if something occurs in your dreams, if I had to wait- I was totes going to blame that on my shitty hand drawing of the opening key. I’ve never struggled so hard to draw a sigil type thing, though to be fair- I tend to use my phone or lap top for most sigils.

I spent most of the time I was drawing it, wondering why the fck I chose this system and to go through long rituals. Then I showered and well, I had to think through what I was doing a minute, so I lingered in the hot water, causing me to start a few minutes after my self imposed deadline. I expected that and wasn’t really concerned, but I did take note of it. Since I have no intentions of giving a blow by blow, particularly since I’m creating my rituals from a combination of five, copyrighted works, I’m just going to give the highlights. My step by step notes were a front and back hand written page, but other to add in my experience, it won’t be that long, I promise!

I started by symbolically marking a gate on the floor in front of me. I was kinda in a pinch on what to do, and decided to go with incense sticks. I figured if it was symbolic, it didn’t much matter what I used, and those were in front of me. Then I opened the gate of Ocat per Connolly’s instructions in the Keys of Ocat.

This part was a little strange, and I have to get into some explanation for it to make sense. See, I can’t imagine visually-period. No after images, no minds eye, nothing but a black screen. But, when I do visual pathworkings, I can still imagine the scene. Touch, taste, smell, and audio are all things I can imagine. Sometimes, when I’m doing a visual pathworking, details will pop up that I don’t know and can’t know. A good example is Raziel’s cave, from Raziel’s path of power. I worked with that grimoire for 35 days and over those days, I found after the first week the scenes continually had new details. I couldn’t see them, but I knew what they were. I couldn’t see the cave drawings on the cave wall, but I knew they were suddenly there, and I knew the first one was a orangy, brown, cayenne color. It made me think of a horse, but it was standing on two legs. But I couldn’t see it at all.

You see. It seems that my brain has no trouble interpreting visuals, but my eyes are not able to perceive or interpret them. I can also see while projecting, and dreaming. I can recall the visual details later, but I can’t recall it in visual memory. If it doesn’t make sense, too bad- that’s how I operate and that’s about as good as I can explain, so I’ll get to the reason I’m explaining this.

While I was imagining opening the gate to Ocat, I knew the gate was gold metal. Like the typical type gate that you would see in some corny show, where someone dies and goes to heaven. It was like the Pearly gates or whatever it’s called. It really stood out to me, because when I’ve worked with the Loa, I imagine a chest high, black, wrought iron gate. This gate was much taller than I am in height. It was kinda up in the sky away from me and the sky was not like I would imagine space, or anything I’ve seen while projecting. It was a kinda purple-violet, blueish color that was not solid, or even and seem to expand a far as I could feel, (can’t see hahah!) in any direction.

That was strange, but the stranger part was, it opened. Then I got spooked. Like real spooked lol. I was torn between feeling spooked and thinking Yes! I’m getting somewhere. That was kinda short lived and I returned my focus to opening the gate- I kept reading about how important it is to spend adequate time doing so, so back I went to imagining this gate opening.

Then my toes started vibrating. Well that’s fcking strange, but okay. Energy ya know, back to opening this gate. Then I could have sworn, someone reached out and grabbed my left shoulder. Hmm really starting to wtf, but energy movement isn’t incredibly scary to me, I do have an ubi- so back to opening this gate. Something brushes my left hand. Why am I still trying to open this gate? I swear I got this. Oh yeah, Connolly says you need to spend a pretty long time on it, and I’m certain I’ve not exceeded that. So I worked at it till I was bored and then a few more minutes before moving on. Stuff starts to get funny here, cuz well. I’m human lmao.

Alright open gates and the next main thing is evoking Hecate. The only super noticable thing at this point, was even though I was looking straight ahead, I could have sworn my mid-thigh was glowing and swirling like pin wheel. Naturally I glanced down, nothings there. Moving along.

I then began the ritual for initiation for Necromancy. I get all the way to the part where you’re supposed to get a sign and I realize I didn’t give my offerings to Hecate. Should be enough they are there right? Nope maybe I should back up, no big deal it’s a just a few words. So I back up, go through that part and then I saw her. It was merely an impression, like I get with other spirits, but it was more vivid and lingered longer than most of them do. I was kinda in awe, they usually just flash in front of my eyes, leaving me baffled for what I saw and trying to put it into words before I can forget that half second blink of what I saw.

She was about halfway through the gate. I forgot to mention the gate opened away from me, like if I pushed it open. She was wearing a long silver colored silky gown. It stood out, it was elegant, it covered all the major body parts, but it was simple. Long dark hair, strong bone features and something in her hair. It wasn’t really like a crown, but it was like a real shiny, regal headband.

Cool. Wonder if she showed up to reject me. So I go back through the initiate ritual and get to the part where I need to wait for a sign, or rather I should pretty much know because I should get some type of phenomena. It took a moment longer than I liked, and I was thinking hmm. Maybe I should get a chair, this isn’t quite what I expected. Then a snowball hit my window. I mean, well it’s pretty cold out there, maybe the snows melting somehow though. I’m technically on the fourth floor, and though you can’t tell it from the front of the building, you sure can from my windows. I suppose Connolly did say you could expect a bang or something. Fine got it, moving along.

That almost wraps it up. Instead of doing an oath, I drafted an amended version that is better suited to be called a pact. Signed it with some blood yada yada, all good. Till I went to burn it. Just a normal sheet of notebook paper right? Well I’ve never lit a sheet of notebook paper in the bottom right corner and had it burn about 5 lines at a time from right to left, then go left to right, and back and forth like a damned type writer.

Wtf. That’s some strange shit right there. Then it just kept burning at the end, like flames on ash. I watched it for a bit, then finally I decide I’ve probably got more smoke going on in here than my lungs should be exposed to and well it is an apartment. So I’m using a small rectangular bread pan. Just was cheap and I’ve been doing burnt shit in it for months. I blow into this bread pan and wham. All that ash and flames and smoke blows right up in my face.

Glad to see the humor isn’t going to be missed during this branch in my path. So I wipe out my eyes, close the gate in my imagination and begin to draw the closing key.

Oh fck me really. I drew the key, and I did it- just like the pact burnt. I went all the way across on row, dropped down a space and came back the other direction, just like a type writer (backwards some lines). I realized it the third or fourth row in. I did the same thing when I drew the opening key, I just didn’t think anything about it at the time, it was rather natural to work back and forth across the tablet. Funny little coincidence for sure.

You would think I was done, nothing else hilarious could happen… except then it’s clean up time. My incense had burned through, my table needed wiped down and well just stuff to put away right. Well I pick up the cup I used for the ritual. I didn’t have wine, so in a pinch I used coffee. I didn’t have any cold pepsi’s so for what I had around it was my best alternative. Somewhere in all of that I dropped some blood in. Not much, but enough you could strangely see how it was all swirled into the coffee. I picked up the cup to take it to the sink and I just naturally went to take a last drink before I dumped it. I managed to realize what I was doing when it was lifted high enough I could see my blood, but talk about being a dufus today. Some rituals call for such actions, but the way I put this together following Connolly’s highlights from four different books, it was not meant to be part of my ritual!

I suppose, that pretty much wraps it up. I need some wind down time, then a nap and well. I guess we’ll see if this was a success, or just a royally, hilarious time- had by all.

Side note. It looks like my wand should be here sometime tomorrow or Saturday. I luckily chose a Pennsylvania vendor and well, I’m excited. I went back to save pictures from the listing and somehow didn’t realize they labeled it for necromancy. I was just browsing their shop, (amongst many) when this one leapt out at me. Granted my post office has this awful knack for loosing packages after they get into their hands, so we’ll see.


I purchased one of these, and ordered other crystals. I was going to order one from Mindful souls, I like the look of theirs better, but I still haven’t received my mystery box I ordered like three weeks ago, so I got this on Amazon prime.

Connolly recommends a shower and a glass of water before your rituals, to cleans and purify yourself and Kadmon recommends a bottle of water *charged with intent prior to divination and rituals. Kadmon’s method of charging is simply writing a word or phrase that relates to the subject on the bottle, or on a piece of tape and putting it on the bottle, and I’m interested in how I can better use my crystals, rather than mostly just decor around the apartment, so I thought this was a prime idea to check out.

I didn’t actually add this to my official journal, but it came today a long with most of my herbs and things, so I thought I’d throw it in here and make note of the addition to my practice, as I’m unlikely to record before rituals that I drank a bottle of water lol…

But if I notice any effects when I swap crystals or anything, I will try to remember to mention those.

Since I’m here already, I might as well go ahead and share the pictures I took of the herbs and things that came today. As you can see, most of them are kitchen herbs, or teas as that is the most economical method of purchase. I was totally not expecting such a big package of hibiscus flowers however…I also already have a lot of herbs that I will be using for these rituals, but I’m not going to go get them out of the cabinet :stuck_out_tongue:

I was really surprised at the odd size of Connolly’s book. It’s nice that it’s so big, my old eyes can see it easy, but I would have preferred hardback (I’d probably have been willing to pay for it too) and it’s pretty thin. There’s less additional information than I expected from the way she talks about the book and not as many extra keys than I expected as well. I’m not really disappointed, I just apparently didn’t realize what was and wasn’t going to be in there.

This next photo, is because I wanted to mention ritual baths/cleansing baths. I do those quite often, though usually with either only Himalayan salt, or just a cup of black coffee added to my bath. I discovered about a year ago, that it’s usually cheaper to by the salt from the kitchen area, and that if you buy the grinders- it actually dissolves in your water before you’re ready to get out. I did find a more powdered version in Washington, but I haven’t seen one locally.

I am mentioning this, because it’s a routine of mine already, so I’m unlikely to mention that yes I’m doing these as well during this adventure, unless something weird or funny happens in relation to them and this working.


Started reading and got some powerful energy that caused me some wierd emotions. You are definitely doing something real here! Great job as always. Nothing negative about the energy just something im nor ready to handle


Mighta been mine. I feel those a little differently and it tends to be pretty intense for me, and I have some interesting ones surrounding this work so, it could have easily bleed into the journals :slight_smile:

That makes me kinda sad though, it would have been cool if you followed along- you’re always so encouraging and it’s rather nice :slight_smile:


I’ll see if I can follow along then😁 maybe it was just a fluke or something. I’ll definitely at least pop in every week to give a bit of encouragement


I mean don’t make yourself sick or anything :slight_smile:


Nah I won’t lol. It wasn’t that bad just disconcerting. I’m used to sprinting away from things like that so I automatically pulled back but I trust you so I’ll stick around lol.


Well, it’s definitely different energies than working with any other current, but I’m not doing any baneful work, or no intentions of it, so there’s nothing dangerous so to speak.

But the point was it is different than probably anything else you’ve experienced- and new energy can give us all sorts of weird feels when get introduced to it. Small doses are best with new energies imop.


Just read the first post. And a couple things
1 75 percent is very good! That’s most of the time so don’t feel too bummed that you aren’t 100 percent yet.
2 hecate has been very active around the forum so its interesting to see her influence you as well
3 as for fears just remember that conquering fear is conquering your instincts and that is one of the hardest things to do so again, don’t feel bummed lol


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You always make me feel better lol.


:grin: that’s my one of my passions so I’m glad I’m good at it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It really doesn’t feel baneful or perverse. It seems is more on a transmutation kind of energy from death to life and also by working with the Kings from the Death tables it seems they bring death to certain aspects which don’t serve anymore and renewal and rebirth.