Yurting or seasonal nomadic impulse - anyone heard of this?

I’m doing it again and it makes me sooo restless and miserable.

Every Spring and Autumn, this urge takes me. I am massively unhappy in my own skin, with where I am - it doesn’t matter where I am I just want to be anywhere else, all the time, like an itch that can’t be scratched. I want to literally set fire to my life, burn everything, pick up sticks and start walking with my back to the flames, with no idea where I want to go as long as I’m going.

Traveling helps a little if I cross time zones and I try to plan some travel around these times. But it’s season dependent and timing varies so that can backfire. It’ll last 2 weeks to a month and then fade off. I’m traveling a lot for work this year and it’s not helping - a 1 1/2 hr flight, same timezone isn’t far enough.

My mother does this too, and she was the one who called it “yurting” after the portable tents used by Mongolian nomads called yurts; the name just stuck. She blamed it on the Romany blood in our family. The feeling is as if it’s not really natural to stay when the weather gets too cold, or too hot and I should be moving on, following the herds to friendlier climes. It’s every year, twice a year, since I was a young teen. The current cold snap here in NJ just magnified it for me tenfold and I’m quite beside myself.

So, yeah, it started a month ago and I’m getting nauseous and anxious with it now. I’m going to get in touch with Buer who’s helped me recently with the hidden sources of another of my thoroughly wonky emotions :slight_smile: but any ideas, pointers or info would be appreciated!

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I seriously hope the following can help you find release on your yurting.

As you mentioned, nomadic tribal sensations of desiring to travel along with the weather change, are stored more in the subconcious, or genetic programming, than in a really accessable, mentally available spot.

Genetic re-programming, however is accessable to you through your magick, and there should be nothing holding you back, from cleaning it out of your system.

My recommendation:

You know how when you feed from a human, you’ve got to cleanse the Energy by filtering out the unwanted junk?

That’s the base concept i want you to have on mind with this.

My suggestion:

With going into your genetic make up,
hold the focus on finding the yurting feelings,
and what anchors them inside of you.

Once you find it,
try to syphon it through your filters,
and cleanse out the pain and the urges to move away.

once the Material is filtered,
fill it with gratitude for the well built home you have where you are,
and with feeling save, secure, and compassionate about the beautiful relaxation you’re able to get there during the other 2 seasons, winter and summer, when you do feel well where you are.

Once you’ve projected those positive programs into it,
close the DNA access and let it sink in.

It might produce some sensations of being sick,
when your body is adjusting and implementing the changes.

After the Sickness feelings,
you should be good and not have to worry about it coming up again.

Best of success,
and feeling well within you for the future.

Blessed be.

Or, Maybe this helps: