The Devil Gene [Next Level Black Alchemy]


@Micah Genius!! Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.

@Yberioth Thanks for the youtube link. Have you tested any of the substances from the youtube video you shared?


Now, i’ll take this as the classical question,
“can you prove, what you’ve just proven, because i don’t belive you!”


Just to clarify things a little bit.

I know where you come from with that,
and i welcome your doubtfulness. hahaha. :slight_smile:

Now, I could simply answer:
Ask Satan. Ask Belial. Ask Shemyaza.
All of those know exactly where I stand with this.

I want to address your question by myself!

Back when alchemists chose to hide the value of copper,
by blinding people with giving it the lowest numerical value,
on currency, they made sure that in any incarnation,
they’d always be able to access it.

It’s a little similar here.
The Public isn’t supposed to understand the meaning,
hence that’s why it’s called “hidden knowledge.!”

And - quite frankly, as I write this,
I can feel your resistance tíghtening within you as you’ll read it. :wink:

So do me a favor,
and place your hand on the back of your neck,
pulling that dark draining essence,
of doubt and fear, out of your skull,
if you really want to understand.

If you chose you want to have an interesting experience,
place it into a bowl or glaß of water,
and drink it once you’re done with reading. xD

Amino Acids are making up the exact genetic coding of your physical body.
You wouldn’t exist in physical form, if they weren’t in place, doing exactly the job they do.
(which is, to be precise, constantly destroying - through Enzyms - and rebuilding - through Proteines - you.)

The DNA Structure, thereby, gives you Body the exact code, to define which type of matter is needed in which areal.
I distinguishes your various Organs, muscles even your Bone Marrow is based on Protein,
to be exact it mainly uses a special form of it, the Proteid - (different molecular makeup, more Metals and Minerals are used in there.) Same goes for your blood, which holds specific metals in its proteid structure, in order to be able, to carry the various Energy supplies to the areal where it’s needed.

Your DNA is existing in a constant merge of male and female, as one half was given by your mum (x chromosome), one by your Dad (y chromosome).

practically, your Body could function in various other states,
rather then just the classic 2 Gender system we currently know of,
and see in this world,
but that would also directly mean,
that it wasn’t the current life-form you’re inhabiting.

To be more precise, you would need a completely different way of nurturing yourself,
and sustaining yourself, then you currently use.

I might come back to that later, but for the moment, just leave it here.

Just know, that Oxygenium is your current main form of Energy ( we normally talk about this in it’s cover name “Chi”).

Now, what the Woman in the video calls correctly by it’s name,
the Thelomerase is exactly the Enzyme which is deconstructing the Proteines of the DNA.

Obviously, by pointing out what specfic resources hold access to more of it for your body,
she clearly opens your ability to actively choose and make use of these mechanisms.

Wehter i’ve worked with those tools?

Well, read my Friend Rory’s Article regarding that. :wink:

Look in the Video she even Explains, how Cancer cells have a defiance of “overhealing”,
due to being misaligned with the surrounding body parts, and accessing to much Thelomerase.

Now, as you notice,
she names specific food sources.

-Astragalus Root.

See this for referance:

-> In China it’s known for thousands of years, as one of the Plant’s which heals, and increases Chi.

As she explains, the ingredients of that Food source, activate the Thelomerase expression inside of the Body. - I would have explained it the exact SAME way, (partly while i lough while having to write this. :smiley: )

If you want to trust big Pharma (hence your local Doctor), rather then doing it the Way people done it for thousands of years…

Then get TA-65 (the chemical equivalent).

-however, don’t come crying to me, if they suddenly find some extra deseases they’d like to keep you perscribed for. :stuck_out_tongue: rofl

She goes on, with what compliments that major main tool (Astragalus Root):

-Vitamin B (a meat Vitamin, actually it’s called the B complex, because there are various sub-groups in it.)
B6, B12, and folly acid, she names out specifically. Again, you can get those through your doctor & Pharmacy - or - through understanding which Foods supply you with it natrually.

Vitamin D - I actually had a strong deficiancy there, due to magick and nightshift working.
Vitamin D is normally produced through Carotine processed forward by combination with Sunlight.
It’s actually part of the Animal version of photosynthesis (Sun-Gazers specialize in that areal.)

My Blood test results back then was 7, normal ranging 40-70, and everything below 10 being critical health risk. :wink:

I currently switch between 1’000 i.e. and 20’000 i.e. - which is considered to keep you filled for at least a week with it.^^

So, yes in fact i do take those things she talks about.
More clearly - if i wouldn’t i’d be in hospital or worse.^^

Reishi Mushroom - equally as Ginseng considered to be the foods of imortals in chinease medicine,
strengthens the liver and releases preasure and tension in your nervous system.

In other words, it reduces irritations, and reduces pain.

I don’t remember currently exactly where, but someone asked me if i know a magickal tool against modern allergy deseases - this would be one.

It actually assists with producing Vitamin D in the body, so i actually have to start using it,
now that i re-read it. :wink:

In Cancer Cells, it actually de-activates the Thelemerase disfunction (hence, in a way heals the cancer.).

  • Google it yourself, i’m not gonna look up every single study for you. :wink:

Tumeric - a Spice i’ve learned from various other sources to be extremely potent as a medicine.
-and tested myself successfully.

It reduces Inflamation deseases and thereby enhances the overall living phase of the healthy cells.

She points towards studies which imply it helping against Alzheimers Desease - again, feel free to google that yourself. :wink:

Now, feel free to go ahead and drink the Doubt and fear you wanted to clinge onto,
back into your body,
and watch how that’s getting you to feel.

Enjoy your puke. :blush:

:sunny: :sunny: :sunny:



The next Generation of Satanic Genetic Coding

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Rep rep the left hand path!


The dark gene … it is fact that’s for sure and it limitless… those who have it has a duty to carry out , it’s definitely not easy but worth very second ! Every piece to the puzzle is like a riddle


And we are solving it one by one :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:


I’d like to expand on my answer i wrote up there,
regarding “if i used that teachings i had given in video format”,
with another video! :smiling_imp:

Enjoy!!! :metal:t2:




@Yberioth Thank you for answering the question and the lesson. I Appreciate the time and effort you put into your answer.

Got a bit of reading to do, looking forward to it.


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