You shall NOT surely Die! Devil Gene Satanic Coding - the next step

Returning the physical Immortality / Longevity,
of the second tree of Eden.

That’s a project i work on,
ever since i asked to find Dao.

And we had some interesting success there.

But i also had to watch one of my participants,
to have basically no success at all,
in her endeavor.

the spirit part has definitely shown some great work here.

And some of my early testings,
using Tragant Root Powder,
to increase the efficiency and capacity of the Gene we’ve developed,
look promising.

there’s more precision,
better knowledge,
and better understanding,
to be had,
for the results, i seek to harvest.

I could probably need some of your help again,
for the modifications, i’m working on,
i know you’ve proven trustworthy.

And there’s few who can actually handle that stuff,
as far as i’ve seen, when looking at how few have picked it up,
and actually worked with it themselves,
since the release.

I mean,
there would be enough mages around here,
who’ve also ignited their Kunda,
trained some Energy work,
and learned to access Energy.

I assumed more to jump on board,
and start testing,
but i guess my formulations and wording was limiting the pool further,
then the base requirements of working with it.

There was another topic,
in which i had Tragant Root identified along some other potential tools.

Can’t find it right now.

So, yeah.

the project is pretty simple:

Making that advancement,
which clearly is available and working,
in the scientific community,
accessible and usable to use through magick.

i’d like it to be accessible in a form,
which isn’t bound and regulated by the medical complex,
which kind of likes to charge 600+ bucks for stuff like that.

I’d like it to be reasonably available to those,
aware and initiated into that knowledge.





Dear Chester Bennington.

I’ve seen how you’ve been reaped by that chaos Witch.
I’ve promised you,
within my heart,
to take action about it.

And now,
it is time.

I prepared your vessle today.

So you may rise again,
and walk back onto this earth,
in the name of yberion,
i call you back to live!

I’ve prepared a guide for your descend back into the flesh!
So you may be reborn in my name,
and under my guidiance,
fruit into a new life!

Be blessed my child.

For you have proven yourself worthy,
both in conviction, as well as devotion.

Blessed by thy,
oh Chester Benningtion,
to come forth again,
and rise as a reborn.

Blessed by thy,
in the name of yberion.

Yberio Agbar,
Vid vitae vitajé.

So mote it be.

wassa. wassa. wassa.




I awoke thy.
So thy may be granted,
what could not be gained in your last life.

This world is being shaped,
right now!
for thine had not been ignored.

Now whisper,
my words,
as i tought you.

iash kuya vatujé.
vid vitae kayulom.



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the physical state.

The tribute has been paid.



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I evoke my brother Shemyaza!

Iquash Vek kella chal zatu ral vakor nav pilikor shemyaza.


Oh… My brother… Do I ever have a contribution and post to share with you(when you get this be patient and wait for me to message and contact you). because I may likely still be in trance/gnosis… Briefly I’ll just say that the Gatekeeper / chakra system, or rather my newly designed energy.different /energetic response system will be included in my posts… Hang tight I WILL CONTACT YOU ASAP… K… I have spent the last 6 hours preparing and organizing for the last two rites within my shaitan ic initiation which apparently is the most potent and important aspect which the power of Jahanumm is granted to you if you are found worthy by the jahanmaic counsel… Omg and this initiation is almost specific to natural born witches or… Simple terms they can be very prejudice towards completly human souls… So it is possible that someone without magic lineage may not receive the blessing even if perfect performing of the initiative… Kk chat soon I promise!!!


The third is that passages way in the physical body

Upper body 666,666

Central bidy/ chest 333333

Lower 999,999

this is gold!"



stretching out to heaven and earth

upper incarnate, lower incarnate, centre hold ohm


Upper ist

Chest and solis

Lower parts of the mid dan tien and lower dantien

Was told by Gatekeepers that after building a structure like this wed have to eventually destroy it


Because true transformation is painful.

The dissolution of chakric grids is essential for making space for the newer system.
The Devil Gene was a brilliant breakthrough… Another step.
The alterations that expanded from that - as shown from Bel Zebulon - expand the opening of the diamond spheres top and bottom.
If @Yberion and @Rory_Mclellan will recall wgen your inner system was pulled and stretched.
Like opening up a square and pulling angles.
This then also being part of the dissolution of the old grids latches.
As I see it opening up all the windows.
Add into this the Time Folding sigil
Abd assyme that is also what the bodies systems looked like.

My reasons…

You must destroy what exists to create advances.

So this grid as a format:

Is achievable.

But iI have a sense that you need the manipulation of time.
As Satanis gave me another sigil towards this it may ne worth exploring.
Since so far
Time Space Frequency sound waves (which is carried by vibration - air or water.
Blood and Fire.
Are of course in synchronisity
Linked by the mirror in portals and dimentional gateways… Wgich is how you are creating these alterations and its how thet are actually execute.
And is why we feel its effects immediately.

That sigil


Okay. From soul travel in. My portal. Finally getting to write down the recordings.

The grid

Place an Eye in the exact Center

Then an Eye at the Top
And at the bottom.

Thats it.!


@Lady_Eva requesting Topic Close.

This working got absolete with the release of the 9 Gatekeeper Chakra grid.






Appolyon, carry it to oblyvion.




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in the end,
i used the incarnation spirit for a non-human spirit.



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