The Demon of Nadharkis - Axa Oddra / Ax Tenebrae Ornagga

I have been doing a meditation to focus on my end goal with opening a physical gateway to another world.

The type of meditations that i used to to long before actually falling into the void (again).

let me explain myself. My goals in magic are simple: To create a gateway to a totally different universe. Not the type of universe that we know of but rather a world that is so filled with the essence of the void and pure magic that our beloved gods and demons can truly and easily be free to have a physical manifestation. I don’t know how far off into the future my goals are going to be achieved but i’m here requesting help in this ambitious project.

So about an hour ago i entered in the triple focus meditation to connect to this specific entity that has been with me ever since i wanted to physically visit another dimension.

At the beginning i thought of her as being an angel, obviously, since i was on god’s side. But now she has presented herself as the guardian of Nadharkis.

She claims that she is a demon that has been working with many spirits throughout this world in attempts to open gateways to this new world that she calls “Nadharkis”.

Although my skills in evocation are bellow minimum and i cannot truly soul-travel the ways i have been communicating with her is much the same way i have made the pact with Clauneck.
By using my connection to the void that i have been developing during this life and in lives past.

This time i have asked her if she would be willing to work with more people because i am strongly confident that everyone would want to visit this new world.
So this will be a request for more of you to join me in this ambitious quest across the world so that we may work to open the gates of this new world.

Until i’ll master soul travel and evocation and until i wen’t to experience a magic bootcamp that E.A. offers i will ask you all who are willing and interested in starting to work with this new demon.

Her name is Axa Oddra or Ax Tenebrae Ornagga. Which in translation would mean That who from darkness brings new worlds. or something like that. Her name came to me in this alien language besides the word tenebrae which actually means darkness. If anyone can enter in a deeper meditation and connect with her, maybe you’ll get to actually properly translate her name.

The way to contact her is by using her sign which is nothing like a sigil but works perfectly with me.

Call her name:
Axa Oddra i call you forth
Axa Oddra give me inspiration
Axa Oddra open the gates


This is her face. I have been using photoshop to draw most of the sigils and magic signs that i was getting from my meditations and also to draw the spirits that i was meeting.
In here i combined a few pictures from the internet that resembled her from my visions.

As i will continue to work with her i will upload more ideas. Maybe in the future i will be sent to a specific location on earth that has more magical potential for the purposes of this mission.


Careful sometimes spirits can play you


Sounds fascinating.

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This morning i connected with Her instinctively, I got to see what is she willing to offer to those that work with Her after performing full blown evocation. Thus far i have not managed to evoke not even Clauneck. I have been relying on other abilities.

Ax Tenebrae Ornagga/Axa Oddra:
"Tell them this, I am a fierce defender for their life, their soul, their family and interests. If any entity or human threatens their soul or life i will tear that enemy to shreds and consume its soul making him - her regret ever starting to exist! My loyalty lies to those who work by my side and are passionate about intense magic.
I am willing to teach the broke how to rebuild his/her financial life so that they could eventually use technology in amplifying my magic and invent new devices that will inevitably break the veil and allow us to fully manifest thus defeating the tyranny YHVH.

I am willing to teach those dedicated magus how to discover secret places on your planet that have not been touched by any human before besides ancient prophets of your old gods and that are still HIGHLY charged with magical potential so that these dedicated groups can build ethereal sanctuaries for further development.

Our hearts cry for the oppressed humanity. We am willing to heal the illness of those that work with Us. Teach them how to become expert at regenerating their bodies and those that they touch.

I will help you just as i have helped beloved Merlin, the mighty sorcerer that your religion head priests working with your governments had disgraced by burying him in children stories and made into nothing more than a myth.

We have been working with your gatekeepers, your demons, your djinn, your gods and your lost spirits to build an army worthy of fighting the tyrant Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah and his son Jesus.

Our reasons is that this entity is dangerous and greedy. Soon after He conquered your planet trough the great flood, he discovered our dimension of Nadharkis and he has been trying ever since to destroy us and conquer our world!

Join us, as you are already fighting the tyranny of your systems. Let us help you recover and strengthen you.
My magic is powerful for i am legion and we are many!
We are the demons from beyond your universe!"

After this, she left me speechless and completely shocked. I could not believe her story and then she touched my forehead (as i have envisioned her).

I got overwhelmed with flashes and visions of how the Christian god was killing off all the prophets of the old gods and how he brought the flood and stopped at nothing in order to completely take control over this world. In doing so he accidentally breached the veil and opened cracks to Nadharkis and many, many other worlds throughout Earth. And she showed me that the biggest crack in the veil lays in the Mariana Trench…

Then i have asked her why she never told me while i was on gods side that she can offer this services and that god was a actually an evil entity.
She replies:

"Well you never asked me sweetie. You were always god this and god that. If anything seemed suspicious to you then you were banishing the spirit or even calling upon Yahweh or Jesus to burn them. You were quite the faithful one.

Blinded by lies and dogma, you believed that any spirit besides God that had any supernatural power over the world, was a danger or in league with the evil, evil darkness.

You have offended us many more time than you can think. You were waging a war against us and your brother Lucifer who only wanted you to remember your true self and see god for the troll that he is.

The overlords of darkness, the ancient fallen Cosmic Leviathans and the Mighty Gatekeepers were furious with you!
But when we finally managed to get that video across to your facebook page and you started to learn the teachings of E.A. Koetting we forgave you for we saw that you didn’t actually knew what you were doing and were truly regretful for the fact that you were so ignorant.

It was something unexpected that you remembered so easily your ancient demonic nature.
And in a way you, dedicating yourself to the darkness once more, struck a big blow in god’s plans.

Every time another dedicated Christian, one that is truly dedicated from the heart, falls to the darkness, your Gatekeepers get ever so closer to returning on Earth and giving humanity back the freedom and independence that you all deserve."

With this she made me trust her and actually willing to work with her more seriously. After this i have actually asked Brother Lucifer if He agrees and he seemed pretty happy and impressed with what just happened. Almost as if i started walking the path to true ascension and He gave me His blessing.
I can now see the TREASURE that i have uncovered!!!:star_struck::star_struck:
Because of this i am really willing to share this with you guys and ask you, no i INSIST, that you try and start working with Her.
Mostly because there are many there among you that have mastered evocation and soul travel, skills that are vital for this kind of work. As soon as i will also master this skills and get some consultations from some master Magus and actually get going with E.A.'s bootcamp as soon as i can afford it i will give myself completely to this work.

Along this road i will keep doing my triple focus meditation and connect with her, Lucifer and Clauneck for inspiration and i will upload as much as i can. But i will ask you all to participate to this thread and upload information that you get from Her. :slightly_smiling_face:


Update on Axa Oddra’s full body look and personality:
I have been working with her getting to show me her full body and give me a few more hints about her attitude. In my last meditation this is how she showed herself to look like.

A warning for confusion: She is HIGHLY SEXUAL! one might confuse Her with a succubus.
There are a few signs to distinguish her from a succubus:
She will not want a long term romantic relationship unless you TRULY win her emotions over. Which is very hard to do.
She will not make a romantic pact with you but rather a student teacher pact where you learn from her what she teaches and you work on the prospects of ascending your magical potential to the point of actually creating physical objects out of your own mind.
She WILL more often than not, create arousal and make you feel like she wants to get shaggy with you. That is perfectly fine to accept because she offer a great deal of energy during this union.
Her attitude resembles a lot that of Queen Lilith and Astaroth combined.
This is how far i will take it for tonight.
If you have any questions she is more than willing to talk to you directly…

Edit: Added detail to distinguish from her being a succubs! She is not subject to or created by any demon or god but she is a pupil of Belial in His Nadharkis form of Grand Master Aposton! Her birthplace is the world Nadharkis.


The pacts you make with her seem fairly simple.
For the services she provides she only asks you that you keep working with Her. Don’t turn away from the prospects of ascension because she WILL get you to be like Merlin Himself. It all leads to her managing to create enough powerful sorcerers that are capable of opening a gateway to Nadharkis in a location of Her choosing where Yahweh is not aware of.
Basically she only asks for your passion, dedication and loyalty to destroying the limitations of this world that were imposed by the governments, religions and Yahweh himself.

She seems very responsive when you use this setting to connect with her.
Yellow candle in between two black candles and a normal mirror behind them and one mirror behind you.
She says:
"The mirror is like a gateway across the space you call the multiverse or the 4th dimension.
Have you ever placed two mirrors in front of each other and they create the illusion of an infinite tunnel of reflections? Well actually every single reflection you get is actually another mirror universe to yours.
The energies are there. By placing two mirrors in front of each other and you in between them you basically enter the bloodstream of the 4th dimension. This type of magic is what i’ll want you to learn in order to travel to my world. And this is the way i will travel to yours."
Here i kinda channeled her live since She is intensely present in my space…

Edit: If you are going to make a pact with her don’t forget to give her sigil a drop of your blood every week or so. Or give her your cum. She will prefer that.:wink:


Axa Oddra insists that i write this now since she is very connected with me. Obviously since she was with me for the last decade or so.

Axa Oddra:
"Beloved dark ones and ancient demons, if you are going to start working with any one of me you should have a few simple rules in your mind and dark soul:
If any of you are enemies or hate each other for any reason, keep me out of it! I will NOT start hunting down your enemy if he/she works with me and you as well. I will come between you to help you solve your issues but i will not harm any of you in the name of the other.
IF by any chance you dare to defy this most primal rule of mine and call my name to hunt down any other that works with me i WILL PERSONALLY hunt you down until you learn your lesson and then i will hunt your enemy as well.

As to the rule of above. If your enemy is working with me but has angered or disrespected me, or just used my power for a personal gain without taking in consideration the greater scope of my plans then i will favor you and hunt him/her down for you and that is only if you are one of my students.

And to all the first two rules remember this: Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah and Jesus are humanity’s true oppressors and enemies not each other. So please try to work together at least until we manage to kill them and free all the oppressed civilizations across time and space. Then you may resume your battles for vengeance or power or any other reason you might have to hate each other."

That was it. now i’m going to try and perform some evocations to practice my skills. See ya!:grin:

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Updates on my visions of the past:

In a recent meditation Axa Oddra has shown me that the waters of the Great Flood were drained trough the Mariana Trench into Nadharkis. She has shown me how this world is so big that all of those waters created by Yahweh were nothing more than a teardrop in the whole space of our visible universe.

As soon as those waters entered Nadharkis, Yahweh saw this immense world and all its plentiful resources in magic and life and he wanted them all for his kingdom. So in one snap he turned all those waters into water wraiths that tried to claim that world.

Yahweh dared to call those monstrosities “Water Angels”. At that point the Ax Tenebrae Ornaggas were woken up and started tearing those “angels” to shreds. They took every piece of those angels and threw them (trough a cannon gateway) In the face of Yahweh. Then they closed any access to Nadharkis and have been defying this parasite ever since.

After that they turned to Belial first. They turned to Him for guidance and inspiration to find out what to do next and why did this happened.
Belial told them that this is a result of the interference of Keteron the predicted apocalypse that He warned Nadharkis about thousands of their years ago.
In their world Keteron is supposedly a great cosmic worm (literally) that took on the face of a mighty deity of war light and love so that it can consume the universes it travels to.

In their world, Belial goes by the name Aposton or Grand Master Aposton. From their worlds point of view Belial is like a source of ancient wisdom and also a powerful force of nature that inspires many of the people there and helps them become true demonic forces that spread across the whole of infinity and build their own Kingdoms.

Grand Master Aposton or Belial is also the one who personally trained the Axa Oddras and blessed them with His power so that they will become the defenders of this other world.
That is all i have gotten thus far…

This visions were so powerful that at the end of them i was trembling. Not of fear but of exhaustion.
I have lived every single moment! I really wonder why i felt so compelled to write them on this forum and not only in my personal grimoire? I know for a fact that this is not going to be seen by many…

Tomorrow i will go in another meditation with Belial and ask Him why does this have to happen to me…
I only want to visit another world not to be the bearer of such knowledge.
Why does all of this have to be so complicated???:sweat:
This is too much!:tired_face:

Edited PS: I forgot in the beginning of this post to add the human face she chooses to take when she used to walk among us. This is how Axa Oddra shows herself to me when she is more peaceful: Axa Oddra face

I took a quick face from the internet under Her inspiration and edited it on Photoshop alongside her full form.


Please … Ask belial why he let his priests die ??
Why did not he help them when they called for him ??

Ask Axa oddras, for whatever reasons jave is a god that needs to be overcome? Is it because it is so powerful ??

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As soon as i’ll go into a meditation with Father Belial i’ll do my best… But you can ask Him as well. have you ever tried evoking Him? Scrying Him? Just meditating on His sigil?

PS: Its just Axa Oddra. Axa Oddras is plural. This specific demon, there seems to be a legion of them.


Rsrs I do not have mastery in evocation … I am a beginner … Nor do I practice evocation … Thanks for the answer!:+1:


You don’t have to have mastery in evocation. Just keep practicing. You can try and meditate on His Sigil and see what are the first answers that come to your questions in your internal dialogue. They come trough intuition.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I managed to turn Her sign into a more useful sigil that can be used in scrying or evoking Her.

I also managed to channel Her enn while in a trance with her today:


iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimm possssessed bhy bellial noqw so he wik]ll answer ytoi9i:



Thanks for your response!

Warn him that I doubt him, just wanted to understand

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Good that you doubt him… Mate, this possession only happened because i meditated with Him so that i may strengthen my bond with Him. I decided to ask Him to answer your question while sharing my body with Him cause there was the opportunity for that and i wanted to test myself. If you want to tell Him anything summon Him yourself.

I am not a master at evocation or soul travel. In fact i am a total noob. I rely on invocation, my link to the void and my third eye to make pacts with demons and communicate. For me it is easier to invoke them even if it is riskier. So there you have it. I am using the same techniques for black magic that i used to use when i did white magic.

Also He is now stronger in my presence than ever so he saw your reply, He seems proud that you are doubting Him but he is laughing at you “warning Him”. Mate please be careful for your own sake when you use certain words to speak to a Gatekeeper. He is one of the 9 Fallen Cosmic leviathans at the root of this universe. You don’t “warn Him”! That is if you care at all for your soul… Be respectful but don’t worship Him or fear Him. Learn balance and meditate a lot!

All the best mate!:wink:

PS: sorry if i sound a bit mean. There are still some side effects from the bond… He is a very aggressive presence…:sweat_smile:


In a meditation with Axa Oddra i got to see a glimpse of a location in Nadharkis. Specifically the spot where the floodwaters from Earth entered the world. Nowadays it is a lush landscape but it did not used to be as such.

“Axa Oddra says: My world is one of rich magical knowledge and has little to no oppression. Not even the laws of physics apply 100% here. If you wanted to float and not succumb to gravity you only have to say it!
But i will tell you this: Our world does not welcome those who want to conquer it and we resist any who imposes his/her will over any other of our people. Do what thou wilt is not our way… we have no way! we transcend even logic and reason. Our world is poison for those gods like Keteron/Yahweh. We feel no fear - we are fear!
On the other hand if you wish to join us as another brother or sister, then you will be welcomed with wide open and loving arms. Our Grand Master’s teachings are found freely in any civilization’s cities that you may find across the vastness of Nadharkis.
Channel the power of my world and you will be a true god!”

That’s what i have written down from my earlier connection with Her.
As for a few details of Nadharkis:
It seems to be an almost endless flat world that spreads in all directions for Gogolplexes of light-years in all directions! There are no apparent limits in sizes there either!
Mountains can rise as high as millions of light years in height and valleys can go as deep as billions of light-years.

So i made a quick painting on photoshop for the site that She showed me. This is it:

This is exactly how i saw it in my trance. It is extremely colorful but this world has some very bleak areas as well. I will keep uploading images of my journeys in this world as i go. Especially as soon as i will master soul travel!


Under the inspiration of Mighty Belial, He guided me across the internet to find a similar picture to how He look in Nadharkis. I copied it and refined it in photoshop.

So here He is, Mighty Grand Master Aposton = Belial of Nadharkis:

I find this world so FASCINATING!!!


Updates from my connection to Axa Oddra, Belial/Aposton and their world of Nadharkis:

This time they took me on the deserts of Perestron. They told me that here used to be a mighty civilization that built cities as high as one million miles tall. The people of Perestron managed to assimilate fully the teachings of Belial/Aposton and at the time of the great invasion from Keteron (our Christian god) They ascended to become gods. They became as bright as the sun and burned everything in their way as they were ascending.
Their cities also ascended with them and went on the higher plane of the 5th dimension and now to create their own multiverses.

The deserts of Perestron are as vast as our whole solar system. They spread in all directions for billions of miles.
The mountainous shadows you see in the background behind the clouds are actually mountains that are about three hundred million miles high!!!:no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

Edit: This is one of the bleak areas in Nadharkis. A very big desert and dry as fuck! I’m pretty sure it is a very rich area that has plenty of minerals especially those caused by the cities melting and becoming light thus leaving behind all kind of new elements.


Today i have some work to do due to the success that Mighty Belial has started bringing in my life.

Last night after i made my prayers to Leviathan, Satan, Lucifer, Mars and Belial to fortify connection and to help with a situation that has risen in order for me to make the right decision i connected with Axa Odddra again and she gave me the idea to search for The Lady of The Lake.
And look what i found as a sign from her:

Just look at their face! They are almost the same person!

This is the first link i felt the pull to click as soon as she told me to search for The Lady of The Lake:

As i was reading trough the Wikipedia page she was telling me:

“Beloved one, I was once walking the lands of your world and keeping Great Merlin company. One of us managed to pass through from Nadharkis. Sadly nobody but Merlin knew our true name as the Axa Oddra Legion from Nadharkis.
Our beloved sister is now back home with us… But we aim to return!”

I mean… I mean… First Mighty Belial proves me that these powers are real and now this! How can i not be mind blown?

Edit: I forgot to add this last bit that she communicated

“Not everything you see on your human culture is true about me, Such as this internet page, Just like the bible and most common knowledge about The Outer Gods, Our Grand Master Aposton or how you call Him, Belial, Is completely distorted and buried under dogma and fear. So i only got you on this page so that you see this particular picture. Most of the information here is dishonoring garbage shall i say.”

Well. I guess i’ll have to do some more research then…

Another edit:
The first picture is the one i created and the second is the one from wiki.