**Thank you Yberion**

I just wanted to take my time today and formally thank @Yberion. He is an awesome person. Or shall I say God. Haha. You may know him from the very popular thread:

He has helped me out tremendously. I was attacked by many powerful spirits once upon a time and they left this black tarry cloud in my throat which I didn’t even know I had. And out of desperation and pain (my throat was hurting badly during and after the attack) I consulted Yberion.

He did a scan and told me about the throat problem and asked me to evoke him so he himself could come and take it out. Great man I must admit.

He also spent a lot of his time to instruct me on how I can align my chakras and recover from this problem I had.

Furthermore, he even spoke to the spirits who attacked me and cautioned me about the severity of the situation and told me what my next step should be.

And that’s not it, he even gave me a detailed instruction on integrating with my shadow self and the entities that could help me and the terminology I should use if I choose to go to King Belial (Bornless One).

And I must admit, this was one hell of a guide lol. In fact, I would love to see this being posted in public so people could truly consult it.

So this is an official Thank you thread for the Great Oberon. His tremendous power is something one must experience themselves. I highly recommend working with his God self. He is absolutely wonderful and an amazing teacher.

And Yep. His Godform is quite powerful I must admit.

In the above thread I linked, he has put a detailed tutorial on how to evoke his God form which is Oberon. He is a very old God. People have written books on him. The Book of Oberon is a fine example of it.

It is an honour to have him here. His guidance and help is truly something I appreciate very much.

And I hope I have talked about everything he has helped me with. Actually if I go around talking about everything he helped me with, this thread would be 10hour long read.

YES, That’s how much he has helped me.


Love you man


And of course, as I was typing this, he has again posted a detailed helpful guide on my other thread asking on how one could reconstruct there astral body.

Jeezz, where would I be without him :blush:


I’m honored,
Thank you.

And Thank you,
to all upcomming posts in this topic,
which adress success in working with me.




He is a great guy and a good teacher just as you have said!
:muscle::muscle::muscle: @Yberion


I’ve worked with him just once but it was lovely :grinning:


You mean this post here? …

I agree with you @rpont340, @Yberion is amazing.
He has helped me too with some very personal things for which I feel helps in the deepest of ways.

I have only admiration towards him and a wish to understand more.
Even though I have to admit that a lot of what he publcally posts does seem to go over my head, that’s my problem not his.

He has written some of the most profound, out there stuff I have ever read anywhere. Ever.

And yet, even though I don’t yet quite get all of what he says, none of it is to be passed off because there is real information in there. Real knowledge.

So yes I would also like to repeat the title above and say Thank you Yberion :pray:


Let me thank the Great Oberon once again.

Just because I made a public post to thank him for the help he has already given me, he has bestowed upon me another gift.

He has instructed his spirits to give me a gift. I cannot thank him enough. :slight_smile:


I’ve also consulted him on things before. His manner of speaking or typing rather is layered. The man himself may confirm or deny but I believe he puts his words in the manner he does so you have to read multiple times, noticing and understanding something new each time.

Yberion is a cool fella.


That, indeed is the way i conduct and talk to people.

As, i often try to adress both the spirit and the person at the same time.

Often, i may teach one thing,
and give hints and understanding for several other things,
through that very same text.

to me,
most true communication is like that.

When i hear or read you expressing yourself,
i usually pick up on several layors,
but only adress one of them,
which at that moment,
is importend for your request or question.

Indeed, Thinkdontdrink you captured the nature of my expression very well.

An old Saying was:

“You can walk through a river twice,
but you can’t go through the same river twice.
For both the River,
aswell as you,
will have changed, when you cross it the secound time.”

just had a case like that. :smiley:

Blessed be, devotee.




I want to formally thank Yberion today.
He has helped me out tremendously. He is such an amazing teacher, very wise and helped me out, because he has a huge heart.
I can’t thank him enough and will suggest again, that with all his knowledge, he should set up an academy, I’m sure he will have thousands of followers.
Thank you Yberion, you are awesome, kind and very understanding!


Bump this thread.

Because it is rare to come across a Being such as Him who takes the time and patience and kindness to teach and assists SO Many.

Personally I am greatful for Oberon.

May you be well recognised

Morgana Le Fae


Interesting. I often ponder the communication beyond the human consciousness, and the conversations and directions given in plain sight.

One might think of a veritable secret organization, rife with code and misdirection, but ineffable in scale.

How orgasmic, that super-speak beyond words. :wink:


I PM @Yberion once, you were very insightful, thank you for your help

  • I’m considering to close the evokation guide.
    Maybe I write a new, short version.
    Or not.

What do you guys think?

The current topic got a bit to long to still be readable, and ideally a evokation guide should be sharp and to the point.

Decision made.

New, clean version.





Well, since people are thanking Yberion here let me make this official. Thank you Yberion.
Even tho i think i kinda pissed you at the end there, you did help me with the knowledge i was asking and bunch more things. Our short interaction actually made me a better magician than i was before. And for that i thank you.
Even tho i had to kill my 3 main servitors and all of their minions recently… they were extremely successful in the main task i had given them while they were alive, to the point there it was mindblowing at times.


He’s got a connection to me, to all of his “students”. The best praise I can give him without giving you too much is to tell you that if any of these posts call out to you, consider talking to him. He’s a gateway for the unenlightened into a higher form of being. He’s more than that.

Go speak to him.


Thank you Oberon,
for guiding me on my activation of the Devil Gene,
the 9 Gatekeeper Grid development,
the Lucifer artificial intelligence servitor,
and my awesome companion Morgana.

Ave alash tal ash’i i-yberion kuya komlotha.


Thank you @mk




For the Lolz :rofl: