Questions about inner alchemy, alchemy in general

I evoke the mighty @Yberion to help me out here!

I need to work on inner alchemy. Transmuting beliefs, transmuting energies etc. I need to know a few things, first.

What triggers alchemy? How does it work in it’s basics?

What separates writing something down on a piece of paper or charging water with intent with more grand, complex rituals?

What actually puts power behind these workings?

Thank you.


Yberion is the best around here on this topic, I’d like to see his answer too
Have my eyes on you


The Practicioner / Operator.


Al’Khem’y, the old egyptian science from which modern science derived,
generally describes changes between phases.

In regular Alchemy, different stages of “aging” of a material are looked upon.

So let’s take a look at those stages:


In it’s most undefined state,
the Planets each correspond to one phase.


Their interaction,
is then defined more,
into the shape of concepts:


and alchemist usually is viewed as someone who can induce the change between states,
either through physical alteration of a substance,
or in this case,
through mental aplication of emotional power.

Forget the word ritual here for a moment please.

This is more science than ritual.

but that’s not why i don’t like you to have that viewpoint.

The key aspect here,
is that you work with your psyche,
your mental body,
your emotions.


Energy in motion,
is the short explenation some have seen from me before.

But more correctly,
it would be:

Eternity - Moth - terra - Eaon.

If you just write those 4 Words on a Hexacube and open it into the Astral Vision ,
you quickly notice that a normal emotion carries shitloads of negative “death-like” dark energy in it.

There’s a reason why it becomes such obvious, when viewed through that lense.

Generally, Emotions are Energies, currents that go through the world,
through everything that lives in it.

The Hunter and the prey, both have altered emotional stages,
when a predator takes down another animal for feeding purpose.

Now here’s the catch:

Both the eaten and the eater, emotionally agree upon the outcome of the hunt.

The one being eaten,
and the one eating,
agree on some level,
for the interaction to be possible.

All of that,
happens on layers of existance barely recognized by the normal mind of the creatures involved.

“Drop mind. For where we live, mind can’t go, Belial said.”

There’s lots of truth to that statement.

in your practice,
you’ve altered those “invisible” details of your life,
and the lives of others countless times.

But in Alchemy,
you’re not simply asking for a spirit to do those changes for you.

You, yourself take an object or creature,
and enchant / manipulate it,
to change it’s etheric structure.

Let’s view the Elements from a more modern perspective here:



Element Luft






isn’t as crucial as precision in Alchemy,
if you really aim for honest success.

Just like in Baking a Cake,
a bit to much Liquid or Flour,
can change the whole product,
and applying the wrong ingredients to the recipe,
will get you an undigestable result.

forgett about power for a minute.

Because Power is exactly what we Control,
change and Alterate, with Black alchemy or Internal Alchemy.

What you look at instead,
is a big web of Clusters of Energy.

There’s the Emotion in you,
about person x, let’s say your boss, behaving in z way.

To change person x’s z,
you have to understand what motivates,
drives him to behave like that.

you have to understand his emotion,
behind acting the way he does.

for a boss,
let’s say his objective is to maximize company profit.

For yourself, let’s say your objective is to preserve as much of your Magickal and Vital Energies while working, as you can. “being idle, during work” is the assumed goal here.

you can perfectly keep idle in your job,
when person x’s z is constantly triggered and occupies his mind,
because it makes him blind for everything else that’s going on.

So your boss will leave you alone more,
when he’s busy himself,
by working on maximizing the companies profit.

Just like your boss built you a weasel wheel to run in,
you build one for your boss.

You build a cycle for him,
in which he’s constantly running between different buttons.

Those could be:

I get more costumers - i need more material - i have more material, but i can’t process it because the machienes aren’t working properly - machienes get fixed, but while they’re being fixed, costumers decline their order. - the machines work again, the products are made, but the sells don’t go out of the garage.

Boss get’s overwhelmed and tries to get more sold,
but the extra costumers he had seeked first,
now already bought from a different company and find his offer annoying.

Such a loop,
can keep him busy for month and years,
with little to no interfeerence with your personal sector of the company.

At the same time,
by keeping him busy,
your own sector got relaxed and you maximized the energy you can preserve during work.

I could write a similar example for other instances,
but the key was to convey basic mechanisms here.

Now for real, inner alchemy,
you want to look at your normal emotions.

What emotional cycles do already exist in your life.

Write them down,
and find out the correct order.

Which emotion leads to what.

You build your own Alteration wheel here.

once you have the Alteration wheel,
you start your experiments.

You try to change an emotion directly into it’s opposite.

Look at what disctincts the two emotions from each other,
and introduce or remove the exact element that’s isolated for that change.

try to jump steps,
like this:

1 - 3 - 5 - 7
leaving out: 2, 4 , 6

So in this case,
on an emotional chart,
it could look like:

Sympathy - no bonding - that’s a skipped step - afliction - skipped step - relation, exchange - being in love.

That, quickly and therrowly teaches you, that those emotions aren’t in a vacoume.

You’re interacting emotionally with others,
and when jumping / leaving out steps,
you become unpredictable for others.

At the same time,
you increase the risk of creating a completely different outcome.

The other person might feel it as:

Sympathy - confusion - affliction - desintegration - love - loss - sadness.


A simple Love connection,
just turned into a baneful working / outcome,
due to minor alterations,
the other can’t even point down to what exactly happened.

Emotions are Energetic Anchors,
and grids flowing through creation.

Change one knot,
and others around it will change accordingly with it.

Let’s sum this up a bit more clearly:


You identify the emotions you’re regularely expieriencing / familiar with.

You write them down into a chart for yourself.

You order their structure,
based on how they normally come in your everyday life.

You associate the most primal of those emotions.

You train transmuting emotions directly.

You train transmuting emotions in others,
indirectly, through your own emotional states.

you start understanding, and learning by yourself,
to create emotions directly,
without having to use a base Energy for it,
out of your own energy.

  • Creation from nothingness, actual causing of effect.

once you can create emotions inside of you and others at will,
the topic will feel obsolete.

But to get there,
the processes described should help you.

Some of the imagery i included,
will be helpful and guiding along the way,
since the principles are anchored in those.

Alchemists Tables are basically cheat-sheets,
which have exactly those clear short lists on it:

If i transmute water with fire, i get air (steam).

If i transmute earth with fire, i get Rock / ashes → Metal.

if i then transmute those with each other, Steam and metal,
i either get electicity, if used for generation, or i simply create poison. (rust).

For reference,
if you want you can either draw on these studies:

or on:

  • But don’t expect any book to be as clear and in depth as the describtions already given here.

They’re usually less practical, and more theoretical. :wink:

Recommended Gods for learning Alchemy:

Thoth / Bastet ~ generally the Egyptian pantheon.

Greek Pantheon ~ Hermes, Aristoteles, Plato, Apollo. (Helios).

Infernal: Belial, Lucifer, Azazel.

Neutral Magick: Hecate, (Hircine), Pan.

Celestial (RHP) Metatron, Michael, Uriel, Zadkiel.

But i’m no expert there, the Celestial might be wrong.

My personal Celestial would look different anyway,
and instead work for example with Sophia, Sidartr Gautama, etc.

Direct Teachers of Alchemy: Thoth, Hermes, Nicolas Flemming, Merlin, Lady Morgan la fey from the Lake. (that name is deliberately such detailed, it’s not the same “Lady Morrighan” you might know from other scriptures.), and, i suppose, techniqually me aswell.^^



Last time i started a Topic going into the specifics and details on the following,
it got deleted and i’ve been forced to keep quiet by another practicioner,
because he considered my statements false and intensely seeked to keep me from expanding on it.

So, thanks to that, i will not go into detail or explain anything about the following video.

There’s no need to have that crap going on again.

instead, i’d like to kindly point to these topics.

Which to a degree derive from this question:

I originally called and trained a nether to help in that evenue and guide my legions on alchemy,
but the current state of Sev’iilion is a bit unclear,
so if you want to work with one of my Advisors, i suggest you to stick to Severion,
the original Leader of my Alchemy Legions.

Enjoy, @Maxwell and @Anassa



Since i used up my maximum amount of following posts,
i’ve got to include it here;

a Note on the training method i suggested;

Transmuting the Death and Birth Energies with each other,
is what i originally crafted my Success Imbuement from.

The birth and death side had to be exchanged for this,
later i noticed that this imbuement is actually underestimated when just calling it “success” imbuement,
since it actually allows you Necromancy and rebirth techniques aswell.

I guess in a different time period, it would have simply been called rebirth imbuement.

The key here,
was to usurp the birth energy into the death energy,
and change them out with each other.

So, in my Energetic grid, Death is behind me and birth before me.

does that mean my body can’t die?

Well, i wouldn’t go as far as suggesting to try it out.

But i do know that it’s been tested and it’s working. ^^

Lapitem = Birth
Vijita = Death

Transformed form:


Just to give you some background from my own expierience for that process.

You’ll feel the Energy shift in your body,
as if you’ve plugged out an Energy sphere,
and placed it on the other side,
when you perform a similar action on your exploration.

that once you’ve altered your energetic grid to such degree,
normal chi-gong and TCM teachings can be completely false for your specific body grid.

That’s partially why i sometimes have to switch back and forth between viewpoints,
when explaining these things.

The normal human, the homo deus grid (which is currently being developed),
and the variations some practicioners might have from personal transmutations,
give a certain degree of variety to the possible permutations.

what heals one person,
could kill another.

I personally gained that imbuement roughly 5-8 years ago,
pretty early in my studies and ascend.

I kind of overlooked it’s actual potency due to that,
even tho i know exactly that i use it when vampiric feeding with the intent to kill.^^

Just feel like i have to note these down,
to prevent any “but this isn’t how it’s written in the books” debate.

As i said,
i had enough of those already.

Nei Dan - Inner alchemy.




Thank you. I’m going to try to comprehend this soon enough

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How does one arrange an emotional wheel?

I know you’ve integrated a lot of knowledge from many different sources, so it’s hard to sort of portray it to someone who is unaware,but can you speak about it in very down-to-earth action terms?


I learned about these energies from belial or at least their existance, these life and death energies, but I don’t understand their significance

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Uhm, i just wrote you the best i could.

I’ll need some time to mentally adjust.

But yes, i may condense it down even more.

The point is,
you’re asking something,
that very little content is reliable and findable for my own reseurch on.

Honestly, my first philosopher stone was a trial and error experiment.

But alas,
you asked my help,
i shall give it.

Btw. you said “i evoke” - do you work with my spirit in ritual?

I highly suggest you call me in spirit form,
so i can fill in gaps and get your level of understanding much better.

Thanks in advance.




Remember when they said air plus void equals space?

I’m better at understanding spirits now, but I’m not so sure who to work with. I might work with you


For some reason lilith seemed like a good idea last night.

also, in my dream I had a dream that some Spirit reached out to me that referred to me as my mother and gave me this weird grimore I could even READ.I actually don’t know if that was a real dream or fake a dream anymore, but I remember I was trying to hide it from dream people. This is confusing


You know in hindsight that was probably actually a spirit

But my intuition is sort of telling me both

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since you asked me to teach,
i’d actually prefer to be a guide to you. a teacher.

for restricted amount.

I don’t really take on students currently.

But i know you from the forum,
and i figure that’s the best stance to start working on your understanding and application of these things.

My suggestion:

Place a candle on my sigil and absorb it’s light into your third eye for a week.

After that, let me know how things go.

Unless you’re comfortable with evoking and invocation of my spirit.

for first hand expierience.

Your choice. :wink:




Well, I meant your spirit. I didn’t think you would actually take me as a physical student. Which is totally fine.

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Also, I’m probably going to do that with an electric candle because I can’t actually use candles. Which is funny

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not really.

An electrical candle doesn’t work.

It’s not emitting energy like a portal.

Can’t you use incense by any chance??


I never viewed fire as a portal. I guess I just don’t understand it. Anyways, I can’t burn anything, and there’s no way to get past that.

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use a water bowl then.
ideally with a drop of blood in it.

For ease on the mechanisms,
please look into the hermetic principles.




Enjoyed this and the rest of the written work below.
Thank you for scaring the fuck out of my vessel. :wink::grin:

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Gas, - air
Liquid, - water
Solid. - earth

The three base stages of matter.

followed by plasma,
which is fire.

Dark, Cosmos, Void
Light, Sun, Fire
neutral - Gaya . Earth


Soul Fire

I got no other words off of it.

So, this is a chart. Tell me, can you give me a quick hint to give me the right direction?

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