Structuring and merging a being inside of you

Close your eyes,
Keep your spine straight,
Relax your body,
Focus on your breath.

Stay in this meditative state,
visualise your seven chakras,
Now visualise
the sigil of the spirit
you want to contact.

Visualise that sigil at your root chakra, then vibrate the name
Of that spirit three times
Feel that sigil open with
The essence of that being
Flood through that chakra.

Now feel that chakra flooded
With the power, energy and vibration of that spirit.

Now deeply inhale solidifying
That essence in that chakra
Then exhale and feel that
Energetic sigil move on to
The next chakra then
Once again vibrate the name of the spirt and solidify the essence
With your breath.

Continue this until it reaches
Your crown chakra once
The power, essence and energy
Of that spirit, surge through
All seven chakras.

Now visualise this stream
Of the essence of that spirit
Become a column
Inside your being.

With each inhalation
Feel that energy become
Solid, then with a exhalation.

Then visualise the Column
Become the body of that spirit
Focus on that body of that spirit
Within you, repeat
The spirits name,
or the enn of that entity
Or vibrate the name of the being.

Increasing the manifestation
Of the spirit inside of you.

This can be used for making a connection with a spirit deeper.

Or it can increase the power of invocation and it can also be used for possession.

The results of this is extremely powerful you’re structuring
The power, the energy and
Body, the Consciousness
Of the spirit inside of you.

This is a great exercise for any being and all types of magick.

Let me know you’re thoughts.

Yours sincerely

Conner Kendall.


HA I was actually wondering if the lucifer meditation can be done with any spirit. That’s cool bro, gonna try tonight, will post results then.


Gonna have to do something like this… I’ll probably create a spirit for the sole purpose of doing this actually… or just do it with my spirit familiars…


I WILL do this. I’m curious about the results…

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Bookmarked for later use tonight


Happy to help.

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K did this with Gremory and my divination and readings are spot on. Hail Gremory
I really got a soft spot for sweetheart demons :sparkling_heart:


Great to hear.

Combining this ritual and slightly editing it with a drink is quite powerful as well. If you do some of the exercises over a glass of water then drink it… :wink:


I have heard that… I know exactly what you are talking about. Good thinking! Thanks!


Is it weird that I am STILL not sure who I would want to do that with… Or even IF I would want to do this? I like me the way I am… Just sayin!! hehehe! I like my energies and my abilities, and I do not see the need to absorb and become anyone else. But that has ALWAYS been my nature. Stubborn as shit and strong as Hell!! :stuck_out_tongue: I mean really! Why would I want to go and change all this!! hehehehe! (holds hands out to the side with big ass grin) (I’m joking around and being a smart ass for those who are taking that comment like I am being serious and conceited.)


I’ve been experimenting with this and the dark staot litianies. Results have beem interesting.


I indeed felt the changes as I merged with a deity. We are now one. Seems quite useful, thank you. I may have my energy re read to see if anyone sees a difference.

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@C.Kendall what are the signs of success in this? Is it normal to feel very drowsy after performing this?

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Yes it’s very normal to feel drained, you are housing a being inside of you, it’s consciousness, it’s energy and power is vibrating inside of your body.

It’s pulling all your power and energy from your aura, your subtle bodies, soul and even your physical body.

Its altering your spiritual DNA even your astral matrix is being transmuated, into that being.

This is a intense invocation / possession, this is a draining a experience.


@C.Kendall Just tried it. Am in a state of invoking an entity right now. Awesome experience.

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Hey!.. @C.Kendall… I was feeling those symptoms as well. I never decided to post because, I wasn’t really sure exactly what was going on.

For a while I felt super conscious like almost possessed, like I am everything, connected. feeling a presence, hearing deep as voices in my head, headache, drained, I felt as if I would of kept my eyes closed I was going to see something lol…

Sensation in my 3rd eye. immediately fell to sleep
Catting the fuck out lol

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I just had an intense and beautiful moment! So I was merging with my deity and I followed the instructions you left here and I also decided to shapeshift directly afterwards into that deity. So I walk out of my room and listen to music (that’s a common theme with me) and I felt the pain of shapeshifting but this intense and warm vibration in my fingers and fingertips, fallowed by a physical light and this complete surge of power! The drowsiness took hold for a bit but not nearly as long as it used to. Thank you so much for sharing this! I think I’m at a whole new level yet and I’m not finished yet.


You’re welcome brother, i’ll post the next stage when everyone’s ready.


Wow I can see you doing this as a vision in my minds eye as I often do when people describe their rituals.

You are a beautiful soul zeela, know that you have made a spirit ally that can be useful for you to work with in your magic