Merging the Chakras

If I am interpreting this correctly in his Kunda Yoga Video @KurtisJoseph talks about how the Chakras are isolated pieces of consciousness that need to be merged back into each other. As of per the moment I don’t yet have access to the actual Kunda Yoga exercises so what I tried to do was use @C.Kendall’s Structuring an Merging Exercise to try and invoke all of the Chakras into each other thus merging them. Essentially what I did was treat each Chakra as a Spirit and use that exercise to flood each of my Chakras with the energy of a particular Chakra before merging fully with it. I was basically trying to take each Chakra and merge it into all of the other ones. I performed the exercise once for each Chakra starting with the Muladhara and ending with the Sahasrara. I seem to be getting good results so far. As I merge with the Column at the end of the exercise I can feel my entire body being filled with energy so that all parts are equally filled. Whereas generally when I work with the Chakras and the Spinal Column to a lesser extent get filled with an amount of energy disproportionate to the rest of the body. Am I on the right track? Is this what @KurtisJoseph means when he talks about uniting the isolated pieces of consciousness represented by the Chakras?


I was curious how to do this too.

One thing I noticed is that he talks about blackening the chakras, in a way, “destroying” them and merging them.

Your way seems interesting.


This is what the process of kunda yoga is for, a method of awakening the totality of the kunda force or kundalini in a manner that you can actively and consciously control. By working with the individual rays of the black sun, the divs you awakens their power within self over time.


BALG had placed a limit on the size of the text for economy of production so no images were given to walk the practitioner through the Asanas mentioned. However you can enter the names of the Asanas in a Youtube search and get specific details. I think a few people out there put playlists together for Kunda Yoga actually. Lol! Not all of them would be accurate though. I saw a lot of traditional Kundalini yoga stuff defiling the cause.

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This is the one i used when i started

Kunda Yoga:


Yes. Those seem to be the correct asana’s

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