Spirit Beads

Spirit Beads.

Mala’s, beaded necklaces, bracelets and so forth can be used as wearable gateways to an entity. Beaded mala’s are often used as a meditative focal point, once these beads are changed into what I call “spirit beads” they become spiritual focal points straight to the entity. Whispering into them while in your hand, through prayers as a direct tunnel into the spirit of the entity you want to hear you.

The beads can act as a vessel carrying the energy, power and essence of the entity with you at all times, which can be employed in evocation, invocation, prayers, meditations and so on.
They act as a beaded circuit of energy flowing a current/connection between you and the spirit. If you want to concoct such a thing here is how.

The Actual Beads.

They can be gemstones/crystalline beads that are associated with the spirit and/or the spirits element and planetary associations. If not then you can use regular beads you can use multiple colours which are also associated with the entity. If not use white beads for benevolent spirits of a light nature and use black beads for malevolent and/or demonic spirits.
Usually the recommended amount of beads are 108.


The process of fumigation is when incense that is attributed to an entities nature and or its associations is actually charged with the energy of the entity. The best route for this can be consecration awakening the dormant energies within the incense connected to that entity, literally making the incense a battery for the spirits power.
Burning the incense then is plugging in the battery releasing its power, unleashing it’s current. As the smoke rises, allow the smoke to fumigate/smother the beads entirely. The smoke itself will carry the energies and essence of the entity all over the beads, this done whilst either chanting a enn or vibrating the spirits name.

This is usually done for quite a long time, it requires true devotion but this is key in constructing such a thing. Anointing should be done by using a oil which has combined not only other oils and herbs associated with the spirit but also adding in a potent energy catalyst such as blood, semen, menses and so on.

The oil should be charged and consecrated, it should be steeped for a few hours, either in the light of the moon or the sun, depending on the spirit.
Both these steps are potent, yet if combined it creates a synergistic empowerment upon the beads before even consecrating them.

Sigillic Charging.

For this you can use a paper sigil yes, but for the best effect, you should actually create a permanent seal. In wood or tin, any other material which is aligned with the entities associations. Once done you can even fumigate the seal or even anoint it or both rather. It creates a much more tangible opening through the sigil as a gateway, think of the beads as a mobile phone. You’ll be placing it on a charging wireless docket, the better the charging dock, the more power it has the better the mobile will charge.

So creating a potent seal will give a potent charge and anchoring of the beads, so once the seal is ready and set up. Place it upon a altar facing the cardinal direction of the spirit, gazing into the seal opening it with your scrying vision. Once opened place the beads on its surface holding both hands over it, visualising the whole surface of the seal glow with energy. The energy colour should be visualised depending on the colour associated with the spirit of course or even the colour of its element.

As you do this simply state.

“I (your name) open the seal of (spirits name) I unleash the passage between this world and the next, (spirits name) rouse forth as a tangible essence. (Spirits name) rise up, (spirits name) rise up, imbue your light/darkness upon these beads before me”.

Leave the beads there and over both the beads and the seal with either black cloth or black velvet to contain the energies as they accumulate and gain a critical mass.

Consecrating The Spirits Beads.

Perform a invocation of the entity, facing the direction of the spirits cardinal direction. Close your eyes and as you breathe out deeply, push the entire spirit within you into the beads as a light/darkness.
Into each bead, every one of them, into the very rope/thread that hold them all together. Here’s a very great way of performing a potent invocation.

As you impart the entire energy, power and spirit of the entity into the spirit beads now state.

“I (your name) consecrate these beads, in the name of (spirits name) I charge these beads with your power. (Say their chant/enn), creature of (state the material of the beads) be the underlining tunnel and passage between I and (spirits name).
I impart into you my magick and power, (vibrate spirits name) I consecrate these beads and empower them”.

Now inhale deeply and as you exhale breathe over the beads and visualise a white light enter the beads, passing on the life force into the beads. Literally you are breathing a soul/life into a lifeless shell and then say.

“I (your name) give you life, I breathe into you soul, open your eyes, so you may see me, open your ears so you may hear me, open your mouth so you may talk to me, I give you life, I give you life”.

Now hold the beads in your both your hands in a prayer mudra, close your eyes and visualise the actual beads almost flowing with like a energetic fluid and feel it beat and pulsate. Flowing like with the blood of the spirit itself, through the thread/elastic/rope as the vein and the energy/essence acting as the circumventing blood. As you do this keep repeating either a enn or chant of the spirit, feeling and visualising the essence flowing in a circular momentum faster and faster. Gaining momentum and building in a surreal critical mass, until fully solidified and anchored.

This is it guys, this is something I’ve done for many years and it’s a amazing tool to have when working intimately with a spirit.




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