Spirits for wealth and abundance

I’m just wondering what people’s favourite spirits are to work with for attracting wealth and abundance…

Has anyone worked with Claunek? Would love to hear your experiences, if you care to share…


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My husband has had good results with King Paimon, but they get along. Brune is also good.

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I’ve met Paimon before, might look into buns a bit more… thank you for your response!

What’s it like working with Odin? I think he’d be awesome to have on ones side!

Bune, King Paimon, Freyr, Freyja, Gullveig/Heidr, Ran (Norse Sea Goddess), Hekate, Jupiter, Laxshmi, Morrigan, Aìne, Goddess Anu, Danu, Claunek, Belial, Ganesha, Lucifer and many more.


Belial got me a good job, two times, but he likes hard work

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Here good ones that I used.

  • suhn’tal’ock : a nether lord who existed long time ago even from the infernal empire, who specialises on wealth abundance and prestige.

  • azazel : everyone knows what him, he can bring an endless amount wealth wealth that will flow into you.

  • lucifer : he can aslo bring massive amounts of money and wealth.


I’m extremely new to all of this, but Bune really came through for me! I would absolutely recommend working with Dutchess Bune.


@itsnathanm7 thank you for that detailed list! Some of them are familiar, others are not and I will look into them. Appreciated! :pray:

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@Gopal and @Xag_darklight do you guys have any guidance on where I can read up on Belial and sun’tal’ock? I’m curious to to know more about these guys… Belial sounds like he has the same moral principles as King Paimon

@SupernautSteve thank you! I actually just worked with Bune this morning, so shall see how that goes

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I worked with Belial using the method on the demonolatry books by S.S. Conolly , is for long therm goals and yes he has a moral code, monstly just work hard, be responsible, no drugs and you will get great wealth


Good luck with Bune, I’m certain you will not be disappointed with her!

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@SupernautSteve would you say there’s a feminine looking spirit here? I got a couple of images… I also found a fly in one of the candles which was not there when I lit it, and being winter here, I’m thinking there’s only one place it came from!


Bune. She is so wonderful.

Yes she is.

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After reading the lesser key of Solomon’s drescription on Bune, I wasn’t really expecting an effeminate looking spirit lol

My threads with a lot of info.


@Purple this is so awesome!

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Wow, that’s really cool @QueenProserpina… looks like you had a visitor for sure! Suffice to say you’re on the right track.

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