So you want to bang an angel?

I’ve seen some interest in this pick up recently and so I thought maybe it would be helpful if I put myself out there a little more. I’ve been really hesitant to talk about this and when I have it’s been under a kind of psuedo name and sort of coded. I just didn’t know how well this would be received. I understand it’s very controversial and I wanted to side step that controversy and explore the forum.

I’m still going to make this short as entertaining and light hearted as possible. The real truth of the matter is that this wasn’t very hilarious for me. It was often quite frightening and my world took a really dark turn. It’s certainly not a short story as this relationship has been going on for a year and four months now.

Warning: If you prefer having a perception of angels as sweet cuddly and made of cotton candy don’t read this this isn’t for you.

If you are able to see past religious dogma and are ok with the possibility of them having sex drives and genitalia and seriously wondering if it’s possible to pick one up as a lover then read on

How it started

So I was involved with a pretty intense yoga program at the time. Seems unrelated except I’ve always been empathic and yoga can also awaken even more psychic senses. I had worked consistently with Apollo since my teen years even if I did nothing more than acknowledge him as a guardian and allow him to be there. At the same time I became very interested in jungian shadow work to heal and control the subconscious in order to manifest more of my goals. So I had a dream where Apollo met up with me in my old childhood bedroom and took me through the mirror. On the other side of the mirror was a room with a table and some chairs. Waiting for us was a tall man with long jet black hair and silver eyes.

Instantly I thought he was incredibly attractive. I had never seen anyone or anything like him. His eyes were hypnotic and seem to have a hold over me. Apollo left us alone so we could talk. The man took me outside on a nature walk. He told me very specifically he was king of this realm and he ate souls.

Looking back I guess this was his idea of small talk. “So I’m from florida I work as a teacher and I enjoy tacos”

Except this entity’s idea of small talk was horrifying! It was clear he held all the power and I did not really care for the idea of my soul being eaten. So I ran away. Turns out he could run a heck of a lot faster than I could. He captured me and took me to his bedroom where I found myself face to face with him very much naked. He was the most intense passionate lover I’ve ever had sex with. He said some dark and cryptic stuff while having sex that I deffinetly wondered about the meaning of later.

Still I totally looked past it because he was freaking hot and damn that was a fun night!

_Who he was _

Long story short I found out he was Archangel Raphael and had a real freak out moment. I was very much convinced he was a demon and was seriously considering banishing him as he did not take the news I was already married very well. (To be fair he never asked me and I didn’t think about disclosing that info to a spirit I sometimes wondered if it was even real or I was going crazy)

After some very real attempts on my husband’s life. (I did say he did not take the news very well) I put limits and restrictions on him and flat out told him leave my husband alone and respect my rules or leave.

He decided to stay and work with me. In fact he seemed impressed I was even willing to tell him to hit the road and offered me a contract.

Sex in exhange for protection and an opportunity to learn magic.

So I get to have sex with a really hot guy and learn magic?? Sold! Sign me up! What downside??

“Hold still while I brand you”

“You’re gonna do what now?? Holy crap that fucking hurts!!”

By now Apollo was thoroughly confused and kind of pissed.

“Well that did not go as expected. Let’s try setting you up with some demons!”

Next thing I know I’m having a dream where I’m seated across from Azazel.

“Interesting brand you got there”

“Oh is it?”

“Yeah don’t see that very often. Listen if you want it removed I’ll step in. I can offer you the same protection. I just want to eat tiny pieces of your soul in return”

Seriously what is up with the soul eating??

“Umm no I’m good”

“Oh don’t worry really small pieces you won’t even feel them missing”

“Thank you but no thank you. I’m seriously good!”

Azazel grew obviously frustrated and wondered how Raphael got the deal in the first place? As he seemed to be contemplating his next move I called Raphael over who stood in between us and just stared him down.

The stare was enough to make Azazel leave.

It was impressive and sexy.

So what’sthe good doctor like in bed?

Amazing!!! But the dude has a serious dark side. It took me awhile to adjust to the hypnotism/mind control (he cheats when you try to have an argument! So not fair) souls for breakfast, and zombie minions.

Honestly I wasn’t even sure he was a healer at first. Raphael has introduced me to some of the darkest concepts and energies I’ve ever experienced. For example my sex life was pretty vanilla before he came along and suddenly I’m having to learn what bdsm is so I know what is expected of me.

But it’s also a part of what makes him so hot

And while I see him with much darker hair than pictured here, I was very impressed and creeped out that the artist colored his eyes silver and even put the tats on.

Is an angel lover right for me?

Seriously I’m writing this because I was alone. I groped my way through this blindly for a good year. Research concluded no one on earth would believe me in a million years. So if you’re skeptical this is truly going on in my life. I understand. I get it.

Besides it being controversial, I also learned it’s not any different than having an incubi/sucubi around.

I only have my own experience to go off here but within my experience they make fantastic lovers if you’re open to it and stop treating them like castrated priests.

The hardest adjustment for me was getting past the dogma that my relationship with him wasn’t supposed to be this way. Or that enjoyable wild sex is somehow dirty or wrong or something you can only get with a demon.

It was also difficult not just for him but for me that I was already married to a human partner. I often wondered if this was the same as having an affair and I should end it? And if it was why would a holy archangel be at all ok with me committing adultery?

It was also obvious the relationship did indeed effect my husband. Not only did Raphael attack him a few times but sometimes my husband would say this things like “Why are you smiling so much?” Or “So who or what turned you on just now?” As in ‘I don’t think it was me’

But then I really thought about what if the shoe was on the other foot? And realized I wouldn’t care.

Besides it was time I learn to be a little more selfish. I feel I’m way too young to settle for a boring vanilla sex life and it’s definetly not fair to cut off spiritual growth and ascension just to convince myself I’ve somehow done the “right thing”

And that’s just a little bit of what this experience has taught me.

It also brought me to this forum in the first place. I saw a video from balg about the positive side of having an incubus/sucubus lover and kept saying “yes yes yes! That’s exactly what it’s like!”

Still I know even here incubi and angels are seen as very different things and still I kept it to myself.

In short taking on an angelic lover is not for the faint of heart. But if you do it’s truly a rewarding experience. Nothing else like it exists and I wouldn’t trade him in for anything.


Can confirm a lot of this, but I’ve never done bdsm with Raphael before.

Angels can be pretty rough in bed and they’re just as kinky as demons are. Hell, there was an incident where they asked John Dee and Edward Kelly to fuck each other’s wives because they wanted to watch.



Thank you that means more to me than you probably know.

Yeah they never cease to amaze me with how kinky and dark they are in ways no one really ever warns you about


Reminds me of an Ex who was a Seraphim Angel
Best Tits
Best Head
Best Sex ever :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Female Angels are the shit :fire:


Never really got it on with spirits like that tbh… I mean, we’ve all had experiences, but eh.

Still interesting to read about.


It’s so interesting that angels are the dark and scary ones…even when he’s horny as hell, my incubus is sweet and cuddly (which, for me, works perfectly).



He does have a dark side for sure and I felt it was important to point out because most people don’t realize it. But he can also be really sweet and has a light side too (which most people are aware of)

To be honest it just took some time to get to the sweet side like a sour patch kid. Sour then sweet or in this case Frightening and then sweet

He’s also very sophisticated and intelligent. To me he is the perfect guy

I wouldn’t say he’s a cuddler…its I don’t know but it doesn’t bother me He doesn’t leaving me feeling as though I’m lacking in physical affection

I guess it’s more like in bdsm how you have something called “after care” where it’s a time of just being very gentle that undoes some of the damage from being rough

I get it not exactly traditional pillow talk but it works for us

I’m glad your incubus is sweet and cuddly with you and giving you what you need

These types of relationships are truly the best!


are there any female angels? or is it just a male thing?


I would like to find a angel “incubus” at some point and have a relationship, is there an angel version of that do you know? Or with an arch angel, although i don’t know what the arch angels sexual preferences are, lol. I have heard many times sex can really make you have a good connection with an entity in general.
Thanks for sharing your experience.



There are definitely female angels! They seem to procreate themselves the way anything else alive does

Although there is a confusing idea that angels have both masculine and feminine sides so there’s one version of them that’s a dude and one version that’s female

But this is also really similar to the idea of hindu gods or how incubi and sucubi also change sex

In my experience there just seem to be some that are masculine and some that are feminine

Raphael also has a lot of daughters and multiple wives

So female angels definitely exist

Heck some people think Gabriel is a woman…never encountered Gabriel so I can’t say from personal experience



To me they don’t seem any different than incubi/sucubi. I compare my sex experiences to those and it’s the same

So it’s possible they are a related species if not the same (sort of like romulans vs vulcans)

But I’m just guessing there based on my experience

Many people have had them as lovers they are just more hesitant to report it so it’s very possible to pick up an angel if you want!

For me this was an unexpected turn so my best idea for getting in touch with one is to put the intent out there. I met Raphael through Apollo so I think getting in touch with a spirit you currently work with and telling them you’re interested in being set up with an angel as a spirit lover might be a good idea

Angels love parties! So crashing an astral party is also a good way to get in touch with them

Seriously so many entities go in and out of those parties I don’t think they’re the type to get offended

Best of luck and feel free to keep me updated

Ps. Just had a thought! Archangel Gabriel and Chamuel are also known to be love and relationship sort of angels so getting in touch with them and asking for an opportunity to meet someone might also be a good idea


This is interesting cus I used to jokingly refer to Raphael as my lover/future husband because I’d pray to him so much.
I always imagined him with long black hair, bronzed skin, and light eyed.
I’d feel his presence when I’d call to him but we never did the nasty.
Now I have the same fascination with Michael.
I’d love to belong to an Archangel.
No branding, tho, please.



Your desire to not be branded is understandable I would definitely negotiate against it when/if you contact an angel lover


Any one now if Bronwyn angels like sex?

All angels like sex.


Ok so you know of bronwyn angels? As i have heard they don’t have a sexual nature. But i have no experience of them get so can’t say. I have tried read about bronwyn but i don’t know where to look for information on the race. :grin::thinking:

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Hey Addi I did some research on them. They seem to be an angel that specializes with going inbetween dimensions and very similar to faeries and are sold in vessels. (Skeptical of buying spirit bound vessels myself but to each their own) in which case my best guess is that they still like sex.

Archangels aren’t supposed to have a sexual nature either going by modern theologist and yet they clearly do. You don’t even have to take my experience for it. Angelic mythology from judaism and this one verse in genesis from christianity also explicitly states that angels in general get sexual. In islam they are the reason women are supposed to have their heads covered during prayer (so an angel doesn’t look at them with a lustful gaze) Other than my own experience I’m not putting out anything you can’t actually research.

Modern theologist seem to ignore the ancient literature on them to spin them to their liking imo

Do your best to connect with them get creative put what you know about them into action use available sigils and create your own experiences then come back and share

I started a journal where I posted information on opening up your psychic senses so you can begin to communicate with them

Good luck!


Yes for me it seams odd if they did not like sex. Yes i will see for my self and share! Thanks i will take a look at your journal. :blush:

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psychic senses journal? Sweet I’m eager to read it.


Here’s the link to my journal for any who are interested