• S O L I T A R Y E C L E C T I C •
• D A R K L I G H T W O R K E R •
• D R E A M E R •

I like to HEAL people, places, and things.

My tools are PENDULUMS and STONES.

Don’t be mistaken, I’m no bubblegum do-gooder.

ORACLE and TAROT are my chosen forms of DIVINATION.

I prefer to work with both DARK and LIGHT.

S Y S T E M S of M A G I C K:
• Psalm Magick
• Hoodoo
• Mind Magick

W O R K I N G O N:
• Divine evocation/invocation
• Finding alternatives to raising/maintaining energy.
• Heightening my sensitivity to energy.
• Making contact with the shadow that hovers around me.
• My fascination with Samael.

I’m somewhat going through a confusing time. A group of my peers and I recently lost our mentor.
Her ran off when a group of women exposed him.
He was found out to be a fraud and plagiarist…so now, I’m stuck sorting which teachings were real from which were stolen from reliable sources and which were just google fodder.
He was a true snake…
The kind that he told us all to be aware of.