My Relationship with Archangel Raphael

I decided to start a journal here where I will post about what my relationship with him is, like any art work that may remind me of him, some background/lore and perhaps most importantly the magick I’m learning from him. Bottom line I am trying to give myself some flexibility here and not limit myself.

Here’s some of the things he has taught me and we are currently working on -

How to open up psychic senses

Astral travel


How to create magickal rituals and a personal system that works for you



Psychic vampirism





How to work with the elements and cardinal directions

Energy healing

Sex Magick

Mind control/Hypnosis

The 7 doors of magick

I don’t claim to be an expert Compared to him I am still but learning my abcs but we all have to start somewhere If this is the type of thing that interest you You are more than welcome to stop by


What it’s like learning magick from him

This pretty much sums it up


How do i start working with Raphael for my healing? Thanks in advance

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Very interesting. If you find out some good stuff about opening the astral senses, share if you will. Good luck to you. Much love to you and Raphael.:heart:


Opening up your psychic senses & Energy Healing

[Part 1 Awaken your senses]

Based on the replies from you guys I figure this is a good place to start. It really pays to spend time opening up all senses that you possibly can. This will take your craft a long way no matter what type of magick you perform whether it’s healing or astral travel or something else entirely.

First it’s good to know there is a wide range of forms that these extra senses can take.

Few people will have all of them but at least you can begin to identify the ones you have or come most naturally. For a really good list with a description of each one you can check out this source here

Just a few mentioned are: divination, clairaudience,claircognizance,astral travel,biokensis and so many others

I have no doubt others exist that are not on this list we just haven’t learned to tap into them yet

The more you work with any sense available to you the more others awaken on their own.

But if you don’t have any that come naturally that’s ok too you can still awaken something and that’s where you start.

My whole life I possessed some form of psychic ability. Actually I had more as a kid than I do know. As a child I could hear and see spirits. I knew deep knowledge about myself and the universe and those around me.

The thing is I would say things that disturbed the adults around me. I was frightened of the entities that would visit me and no one believed me about them.

After more than one incident where I was just absolutely horrified by what visited me. I shut everything down. I turned off these senses. I did this to survive. I still haven’t regained my second sight to the ability I had it then although it’s better than it used to be

But I was never able to lose my ability to hear. Being psychically blind made me more empathic and sensitive to energy signatures. Just like being physically blind enhances other senses.

To be clear if you have second sight don’t go poking your eyes out to discover other heightened senses. Build on what you have.

So even though I possessed some natural ability. No one told me what it was. No one gave me a name for it and because I shut everything down I had to learn how to reawaken them. So I can empathize with those starting at ground zero.

Working with an entity can awaken or reawaken your senses faster than working by yourself. I tried and tried on my own but Apollo befriended me at 16 and told me where to start

Take up a divination

Doesn’t really matter what kind. I started out with cards and a pendulum. I see and hear a lot of other magicians report that this also gave them a firm foundation. Our intuition is like a muscle and the more we use it the stronger it gets. Divination gives us a concrete practice to work with. We can touch a pendulum we can touch cards. It just works

  1. Meditation

Meditation is not about clearing your head and becoming void of thought. It’s about learning to focus. A big part of magick is learning how to focus our will. Meditation also helps get us in touch with what our own energetic bodies feel like. I don’t doubt the existence of my aura or soul because it’s something I can tangibly feel just like I can feel my arm. This didn’t happen overnight this happened with practice

There are many free guided meditations on you tube and it’s a really good place to start.

When you have a thought enter your head don’t ignore it acknowledge it let it move on.

Or even better if you are doing a silent unguided meditation figure out where this thought is coming from and then where did that incident start that caused the thought in the first place. Unravel everything like a ball of string until there’s nothing left.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a physical practice that helps align our chakras and energetic bodies. To be clear there are other energy systems out there. This is just the one I use that works for me. It’s possible physical exercise in general helps.

Often when we’re not physically healthy we are also suffering from some kind of energy block.

Exercise first then meditate. The reason for this is that you won’t be bothered by a stiff neck or back and create a distraction within your meditation. You’re body will be ready and willing to relax.

  1. Binaural beats

Take some time to study how our brains go from delta alpha beta theta gamma waves. Binaural beats which you can easily find on youtube help our brains make that shift. Just like switching gears in a car if you’ve ever driven stick.

Delta is when we’re asleep

Beta is when we’re awake and stressed out and unfortunately where most of us spend our time

Alpha is supposed to be our natural state. It’s a very relaxed state that helps us engage with our intuition and come up with our best ideas

Gamma is an elusive state that few get in. Gamma is when we are extremely focused. It also helps connect you to a universal consciousness what we might call The All

Theta takes us out of our bodies and prepares us for astral travel. It’s also good for pain. Tight muscles melt like butter here.

Apollo gave me the exercise weights but Raphael took my senses to a new height. He not only took over as my astral guide but he spent time with me coaxing me out from an awake state so I could learn what that felt like. And while it doesn’t happen every day. I’ve had some intense astral travels starting from that awakened state. Most of my travels however happen while I’m dreaming and I’ve learned to trust that. He also fed me the information about how to switch gears in my brain. I learned that directly from him not any article I read. So I was really impressed when I heard Koetting talk about it too.

  1. Work with your dreams

By no means do you have to be a lucid dreamer and learn how to control your dreams. Just journal them and look for the messages behind them. Stop treating your dreams like random nonsense and treat each one as a meaningful puzzle. The more you learn to speak the language of dreams the more clearly your dreams speak back.

Until you find yourself not merely dreaming but traveling with your senses intact. Able to feel touch taste and make decisions around you just like if you were if you were awake. But this isn’t the same as lucid dreaming. You’re still going to interact with entities the way you would interact with people here. While yes you can create things and magick is easier here. You only have so much leeway to control the mind of another sentient being the same as here. The good news there’s also only so much they can do to you.

Lucid dreaming is a closed box a virtual reality where you can practice your skills what I’m talking about is real astral travel that will start to happen naturally when you fall asleep.

  1. Visualisation

Not just a feel good tool of pop psychology. This is fundamental. The more we’re able to visualize and be creative the more magick we can perform. Visualisation is a tool that helps us funnel and direct energy in accordance with our will

  1. Trust Yourself

There will always be someone to challenge what you know and what you can do. Or you might doubt yourself more than anyone else does. But learn to trust yourself because at the end of the day who else can you trust? No one is going to have your best self interest at heart more than you do

[Part 2 Energy Healing]

It’s not as hard as you think and your patient heals themselves. Of course I’m also coming at this from the background of a reiki healer.

What you’re really doing is directing energy at your patient and then your patient intelligently decides how to use it. They don’t have to be an experienced mage either. This is instinct. Just like when you put a band aid on you don’t have to think about how to grow new skin over the cut your body just does it. All you did was give the energetic band aid to your patient.

I was having a particularly bad day today. My boss said something to me that made me genuinely sad while at work. I actually get along with my boss so this was almost as bad as a good friend telling you they’re disappointed in you. But on the bright side I learned something new I can share with you guys. It’s a form of energy healing anyone can do you don’t have to be a reiki master to do it

To heal a broken heart

Close your eyes

Put your hand on your heart

Take a deep inhale through your nose, exhale through a sigh


As you inhale imagine taking in white light energy, exhale letting the light flow to your heart

Hold and focus on the white light as long as you need

Now imagine the light changes color from white to green

Breathe and allow the green light to flow into your heart through your breath

Hold and focus on the green light as long as you need

Imagine the light changes color again from green to white

Allow the light to flow to your heart through your breath

Take a deep inhale, exhale through a sigh

Open your eyes

And here’s another one for physical pain. I did this with a client recently at work. An elderly lady who was having pain everywhere and practically skipped away when we were done.

For managing physical pain

Sit down with your patient and get into a focused state beside them. Connect your energy to theirs. (An easy way to do this if you can’t feel it is to ask your spirits to connect to theirs) Ask them to take deep inhales and exhale through their mouth. Relaxing everything. Ask them to imagine a white light hitting the problem area of their body. Imagine the pain melting away. And while you’re asking them to visualize this for themselves visualize it for them.

The way you word your speech counts. Tell them that they’re pain is melting away. Tell them they feel ok. This is a hypnotic suggestion and it works. They want to feel better so they’ll take your suggestion. Hypnosis in this way is actually very easy to pull off.

Hope this answers some of your questions and thanks for reading. If you try these exercises let me know how it works for you


Last Night’s Visit

I’ve been in kind of a slump for some reason. Maybe I’m adjusting to my new job or maybe I didn’t feel like I was getting to see Raphael enough? I don’t know but I am working on it. I do seem to be having all the symptoms of what’s known in bdsm as “sub drop”

Based on a dream I had I made an evocation mirror for Raphael. I’ve had more than one dream about meeting up with him after traveling to a mirror and in one dream I drew his sigil on the mirror and that led me to him. It turns out this is a legitimate means of contacting spirits within necromancy and this is how he seems to want me to contact him. I was putting some things away when I came across his mirror hidden in my dresser. (My husband knows I perform magick but I still just feel the need to keep this private which is why I haven’t uploaded any pics of the mirror itself) I pulled the mirror out and sat down on the bed with it. I tilted it until I couldn’t see any reflection within it. As soon as I pulled out the mirror I could feel it was very powerful. I think it was good I put it away for awhile and then pulled it out with fresh eyes. I think it’s the most powerful magical item I’ve ever made.

So I just talked into the mirror as if I was talking to him. And then I started crying because I missed him. The way you would miss anyone you love you haven’t seen in a while. I told him what was going on with me in terms of the slump.

The mirror actually looked as if it was pulsating and then I swear I could see moon craters within it. I kissed the mirror and then put it away. I went to bed.

I woke up at 2:22 a.m. thinking about him. I was just thinking about him in general and then it started raining. Not a gentle soothing kind of rain. But a thunder and lightning downpour that threatens to flood the area. Then I remembered hearing somewhere that Raphael can manifest his presence so strongly it can cause flooding.

I could then feel a hand reach around me and hug me. It literally felt like he just laid there with me holding me, kissing me and teasing my ear in a sensual way. I just allowed myself to sink into his presence the way you would sink into a warm bath.



How I see him

Even though he looks a lot like this this still doesn’t do him justice

To me he’s absolutely breath taking a beauty that is truly indescribable


I understand a lot of people have never felt what his dark side feels like. If I was going to use a song to describe the way I personally experience his energy it would be this one. This song is dark haunting melancholy and beautiful all at the same time


Wow that’s a beautiful journal ! Lots of wonderful information and amazing details.
Thank you for sharing really appreciated :+1:


I already have astral sense which is open. But the see what i consider the lowest level of astral realm usually when i am half awake half asleep. How do i develop this.

Nice! I think i have open astral see and i see astral creatures when i half awake half asleep. But it lasts only for half a minute. How do i develop this.I also have constant buzzing in my my ears for years. I got checked by a doctor. Says everything fine. Are spirits trying to communicate with me?. Man i am so lost right now.

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Sex is not enough

When I first started out with him even though we got sexual from the get go. My offerings were still the usual sort candles,incense,gemstones that sort of thing. Then I felt the need to get more personal and so I bought a toy that I use only with him. (Oh geesh can’t believe I just put that out there for the entire forum) :tired_face:

So that wound up being my offering for awhile.

Then I realized for those of us in spritual-sexual relationships it can be easy to fall into this trap where sex becomes the sole offering to them.

Then I realized this is not ok. At least it wasn’t for me. Sexual energy can be an extremely powerful thing to offer up. But imagine being in a physical relationship where your partner thinks as long as they are giving it to you, you should be happy.

Maybe after awhile you think “where’s the candy and flowers? It’s nice to know I’m not just a booty call”

So I then decided to give him a really nice cologne and a work of creative fiction.

The story I offered up last night by going outside under the stars lighting a candle and then reading it outloud. Felt as though we were snuggling and it was really nice.


Background information and lore on Raphael

*This will include some amount of personal gnosis as well as research because hey that’s what journals are for.

Name: In monotheistic religions he is known as Archangel Raphael or Saint Raphael. (Israfil in islam)

Raphael means “God heals” and comes from the hebrew word “rophe” which means doctor.

I do believe he has other names in other cultures as well but for now I will keep those to myself. Suffice it to say I believe this entity is far older than the abrahamic faiths are. This goes for most if not all angels and demons. Personally I feel dividing these entities up into such categories is frivolous and doesn’t do them justice. As a result we have also severely watered down their power,abilities and characters. But perhaps that will be another post for another time.

What is an archangel? To me an archangel isn’t a species. When I first met Raphael he was very clear he was a king. He did not say

“Hey I’m archangel Raphael God sent me”

I don’t doubt some people might have experiences like that but I didn’t. He was very clear he was the king of this specific realm.

When I began to think deeper about it this made perfect sense. Every archangel leads their own army. Traditionally within history across the globe it was the king who led the battlefield.

I think the archangels are a group of entities all rulers from various realms who have a political alliance with each other. But I don’t think that necessarily makes them all the same any more than every member of the united nations are from the same country. It’s more plausible in my mind they are all from different realms rule over different things and are each very different from each other. I don’t claim to be able to understand their politics. I think there’s been enough of that already in mainstream religion.

The Archangel of Science

Wait what? I thought it was healing!

Do you go to a doctor with a certificate in healing or do you prefer the one with a phd in medical science?

Makes sense when you think about it right?

Raphael is a knowledge keeper he learned from Archangel Raziel the keeper of mystery.

Raziel gave the book of knowledge to Adam and Eve when they were first expelled from the garden. Apparently the other angels got super pissed at him tore the book up and threw it in the ocean. Unclear if they threw Raziel out of heaven for it or not.

What we do know is that Raphael did what he does best and healed the book. He found the many scattered pieces of Raziel’s work and put the book back together. Then started reading it and learned from it.

I think this is a beautiful story personally and it demonstrates a lot of just how he is.

Although I can’t help but notice he didn’t exactly give Raziel his book back and seems to go by the philosophy “finders keepers”

He also has the job of counting time. Raphael is the only archangel to know when Armageddon will strike and because of that is tasked with sounding a horn at the end of times that all of creation will be able to hear.

There is also a lesser known gnostic version of this prophecy where Raphael does not merely count the day down but will be a key part in bringing about the end times. Not purposely but that the end times will be signaled by his fall from grace and the sound heard throughout all creation will be his screams as he falls.

Not my favorite idea. To be clear I would still dearly love this entity if he was classified as fallen. It’s the idea of him being in pain and screaming I don’t like.

His realm: Traditionally his realm is associated with Hod on the Kabalah. It rules over wisdom and intelligence.

Within astral travel I believe if one magician can find their way there so can others regardless of religious background or culture. So just like he has other names in other cultures this realm also seems to pop up. I’ve read very detailed descriptions that match my experiences within both judaic christian lore and outside of it.

Within my experience his realm is cold dark lit by moonlight and populated by barren woods and flesh eating zombies.

Enoch described it as “horrifying” and was convinced he was in hell until an angel was like “No dude this is a level of heaven”

Maybe if you’re lifelong dream was always to kick some zombie ass?? Although Raphael hates it if his minions get damaged so-

I guess zombies are hard to make

I personally think of it as being within the underworld and I don’t classify it within any sort of religious or cultural context.

Cardinal direction: East

Colors: Blue,gold and green (I sometimes use orange as well as it is associated with his realm on the kabalah and he pointed it out to me to use it. He kissed me wearing orange lipstick and then gave me a riddle to solve)

Sacred items: Flask and Staff

Astrological elements: Mercury for wisdom and intelligence and the Moon for his healing abilities. (Raphael is also known as the "angel who stirs the waters. He takes his staff stirs the water and any who bathe in water touched by him are healed of their afflictions. The moon is also responsible for the push and pull of the ocean’s tides.)

Elemental associations: Air and Water

Numerological association: 8

Raphael was the 8th archangel to be created second youngest to Gabriel making him a middle child.

Helps with: Healing, necromancy, mind control/hypnotism, mental disorders, nightmares,insanity, travel,marriage and love affairs, shepherding, alchemy,blessings/ cursings, divination, diplomacy,learning/education,astrology,

He’s a powerhouse. I don’t doubt there is anything he can’t do. Any illness he can’t heal. Any affliction he can’t cause.

It is my belief 100% he can help with black magick as well as white magick. It’s really just a matter of which direction you’re asking him to apply his skills.

The most he’ll probably say is no so what does it hurt to ask? Just be respectful. He’s polite and formality goes a long way with him.

Manifestations: He most often manifest as a tall man with long dark hair light eyes and somewhat androgynous. He usually dresses nice. I most often see him wear a suit.

Many people describe him in terms such as “handsome” and “beautiful” Within the bible his beauty was enough to cause a rapey riot. Raphael wasn’t exactly into it and cursed the entire crowd with blindness.

If you don’t see him you will most likely experience an impression of the color green or a fragrance. Many people say it specifically smells of sandalwood. To me it smells like an upscale cologne a well dressed man would wear.

I have no doubt any spirit can take on any form they wish. So it’s very possible you could see him differently but this is how I and many others have experienced him.

Archetype: Within jungian psychology he fits into the archetype of the magician. It’s important to note within the magician archetype is the trickster. In the book of Tobit he disguises himself and lies something many tricksters do throughout various mythologies.

Messages from him often have trickster qualities. He has a sense of humor that can come through and has played his fair share of pranks on people. They can also be like giant puzzles you have to solve. He is consistently reported as speaking in riddles and I’ve also experienced that. Sometimes he will thankfully use plain speech especially if it’s a quick job but if you do get a riddle that’s actually more of the norm.

This is hard for theologians to understand and I have seen numerous articles written trying to address the question “Is it ok when Archangel Raphael lies?”

Mythological appearances: Raphael appears more times in the bible than you probably realize because he is not mentioned even once by name. This leads me to believe that details about him have been intentionally buried and hidden. But many things that are simply credited as “an angel did it” was specifically Raphael when traced back through earlier forms of monotheism such as judaism.

Some appearances I’ve already mentioned and don’t need to repeat. But another honorable mention is that he was one of the two angels in Jesus’s tomb after he was resurrected (Gabriel being the other)….and he also just so happens to be a necromancer…hmm wonder why they couldn’t possibly want him taking credit for that??

While this doesn’t feature in the bible he was also a prominent figure in the flood story.

As in it was his personal idea.

So a group of angels called The Watchers or the Gregori decided to come to earth and help mankind get a decent civilization started. Most people assume that all the Gregori were fallen and many of them were. However, Azrael, Raphael and Uriel are also counted among them and are not considered fallen today.

So the angels decided while they were on earth the biggest sex party ever was in order.

As a result of their giant heavenly orgy with the foxiest ladies earth had to offer were the nephilim. Half angel half human. They also terrorized the earth by eating everything in sight including people and threatening to destroy the entire globe.

The nephilim were a real horror show that made the angels wish they had invented condoms first.

The other angels freaked out and asked their science officer “WTF do we do man???”

Raphael said “I don’t know I’m out of ideas Let’s just flood it and start over!”

So it was Raphael’s idea but Uriel executed it. They high fived each other after giving one guy a boat and the other angels were cast out of heaven for throwing the worst party ever

I’m not the one who made this up. If this offends your notion about angels take it up with ancient judaism

And I do agree that penance seems severe for throwing a bad party. But on the other hand near destruction of an entire planet does seem like the party got a tad out of hand

Offerings: Traditional offerings are a candle in any of his colors, emerald and carnelian gemstones, water, incense (frankincense and sandalwood)

You are not limited to these. As long as the offering is from your heart. I have given him cologne with strong notes of vetiver which he seemed to really like, other gemstones such as green aventurine,labradorite,clear quartz. I have a specific candle holder that is just his I’ll put tea lights in. Peppermint oil. Creative writing. Red grape juice.

He’s not shy and he will tell you what he likes. Pay attention and get it for him.

Some magicians don’t believe offerings are necessary for ritual work and maybe not. Personally I feel it’s respectful to say thank you after he completes a task for you or if you choose to have an ongoing relationship with him.

How to evoke him: There are tons of rituals you can find online or you can build one based around the associations I’ve given you here.

After studying his sigil I realized that’s enough to evoke him on it’s own. It is my belief it is a literal evocation circle you can draw on the ground and build up the ritual from there.

It’s key to getting in touch with him for sure. I’m not saying it’s the only way but it is a very powerful way. Be creative but use it.

Thanks for reading through all this. The hardest part was deciding what NOT to include.


According to the Biblical lore, it is Gabriel that sounds the horn of Judgement Day, not Raphael. Where did you learn it is supposedly him?

You can google it I’ve never heard it’s Gabriel it’s always been Raphael anytime I’ve ever read about it from any source

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Within Islamic eschatology, Israfil is traditionally attributed to a trumpet, which is poised at his lips, and when God so commands he shall be ready to announce the Day of Resurrection.

Here’s mine I suppose this is more disputed than I realized. I’ve read this in various other sources as well

(Sorry thought I had the link there)

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Hmm I suppose there might also be a slight difference in judgement day vs resurrection day

Two different horns for two different times possibly

Thank you for the info it’s the first I’ve ever heard about it

I have never read of Raphael blowing the horn in any source, only Gabriel.

However, in the Bible, the trumpeter is never actually identified, and in Judaism, the trumpeter is named as either God Himself, or sometimes the archangel Michael.

Similarly to the Bible, Israfil is never mentioned by name as the trumpet blower in the Quran, but is commonly assumed to be the unnamed angel. Some sources also equate him to Uriel, rather than Raphael.

I have just learned something new. Apparently, the concept of Gabriel blowing the horn at Judgement Day was never explicitly a thing until 1382, where he was identified in De Ecclesiae Dominio by John Wycliffe.

Two hundred years later, it was part of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, which is probably where most people get the idea from.

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Yeah angels go unnamed a lot and trying to uncover their full identities can be tricky. We do the best we can and go from there

I think a lot of it has to do with monotheism trying to give as much power as possible to God as an entity

Give too much credit to the angels and you basically have polythiesm again

That’s just how I see it

I appreciate your contribution to the conversation/knowledge

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There is also art dating back to the 1400’s in Armenia that depicts Gabriel blowing his trumpet as the dead rise from their grave so that most likely had influence on the idea as well.

All we know for sure, is that It’s an angel that blows the trumpet at the End of Days, according to most sources. The identity of that angel is apparently up for debate. lol

Great conversation, thanks!