SATAN: Help and info?

I was wondering if any of you have had experiences with Satan and what your beliefs are in regards to who Satan is (whether they are a similar being to Set, Lucifer, etc.) I personally believe that Satan is a different being altogether.

  • Did you contact Satan via evocation/invocation? What was the experience like?
  • What vibes did they give off?
  • I have never actually done a proper invocation. I have experience with pendulum divination and I’m wondering if that would be alright if I want to invoke Satan in the future.
    I’m planning to use this sigil:

    Any tips or thoughts are appreciated.

Have you tried using the forum’s search function in the upper right (the little magnifying glass)?

There are many threads on Satan and people’s different views on him.


Yep, I have. I’ve tried finding more on actual invocations and evocations of Satan, but there aren’t many.


There are over a dozen threads answering this question and I somehow I don’t think you actually took any time to read any of them if you really did bother to do a search.

These are but four threads of all that is available describing individual experiences with evoking Satan. @Xag_darklight just posted another. If you look at the third link above, there is even a post regarding the same seal you are interested in.


Sorry if it seemed I didn’t read any posts. I just like having info in one spot so I don’t have to keep going back to different threads. But thanks.

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No problem, but we don’t like endlessly repeating ourselves so we will always refer people to the search function because few questions are original and the chances are really high it has been asked and answered before.

Also, it is not very polite to expect us to put the information you seek all in one spot just for your convenience. If people take the time to link other threads, it’s because they know they will be helpful but it is also expected for you to make your own effort to find answers. When you begin working with spirits, you will see that they will never just hand you what you want. They expect you to put in your own work as well.


I’ll write a post on Satan and a guide to Evoking him later


You are less likely to get responses at all if it’s a question asked already, that’s just how it is here so you really will need to read up. :wink:


@chromatixa, you’ll find plenty of info following the links below:



Image from the Infernal Tarot: Black Magick | Cards of the Infernal Tarot


Hi, actually he is one of my patrons!
I personally believe Satan is simply Satan, he is his own entity and while Satan as a title also exist but Samael, Lucifer, Asmodeus etc… isn’t the same deity as Satan.

I have never felt any presence as powerful as his, maybe only the Spider Queen.

Tbh normally he is either manifest on his own when he feels or i lit his candle and say a prayer/ask him politely to come to my space for XY reasons.

The sigil above is the sigil from the Book of Sitra Achra, never used it before basicly because i feel like by Satan this books more like reffers to Samael, and just i said before i don’t think of them as the same, also heard that using this sigil is more optimal to Anti-Cosmic Satanist.

I have summoned Satan a couple of times. The first time was probably the most powerful experience I have ever had in my life. All I did was gaze at his sigil, draw his sigil in the air and had his mantra playing in the background. I was all of a sudden filled with so much joy and happiness that I bursted out laughing in a way I never laughed before. And that was pretty much it

The second time I summoned him I managed to channel him and I heard “I am within you just as I am outside of you, connect with me in order to get to know me and he gifts I have to share with you”.

I have yet to interact with him again

In my experience, Satan is a dark force beyond all control. One can work with him or against him, but never command him. The power of presencing Satan is immanent and chaotic, and there is always danger involved in such invokations. Though I’ve also used more Luciferian invokations I feel his Satanic Majesty most when viewed through a dark lens.

Satan was involved in my journey to release myself from a number of traps and holy spooks which cobwebbed my brain before.

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