The Satanic Current

I have communed and worked with Satan on a daily basis for 2 years.

These years have been filled with intense study, practice and devotion, much like a continual 2 year god-invocation ritual as described in evoking eternity.

My journey in Satanism has developed so deeply into my soul that I cannot easily distinguish where it and I divide, it has proved more than I ever thought it could, my relationship to Satan, is much like a Houngan’s relationship to his Loa, and just as strong.

To me the word “Satanist” only means my relationship with Satan, as we all know Satanism is a broad umbrella term, and to me personally focusing to much on any faction of Satanism , or definition of it is pretty poisonous to one’s Ascent and understanding. In my understanding the meaning of the word “satanist” is between Satan and the magician.

Satan has shown himself to be more than a demon, though I make no authoritative claims as to his modus operandi, or True Nature, it has been revealed to me through my own connection to the Satanic current, that he is a god form.

My methods of interaction with Satan range from devotional prayer and writing, intellectual study, rituals, and invocation.

Satan arrived in my life right before it turned upside down. And through this time of struggle and change, through the worst time I’ve ever experienced in many aspects. Satan was the only constant. At times he was my only comfort and power. This type of devotion and development, along with conquering any external threat that has risen to devour me has resulted in a deep and meaningful connection to Satan, and the magical benefits of that link have become evident to me.

It is for this reason that I make this post to introduce myself to this section, and dedicate this thread to Satan and the magicians I have come to hold as my peers at Become a Living God.

This thread will function much like my other other post :

and I will attempt to document my views on Satanism and answer any questions for curious magicians as best as I am able. I will also note that it may be of interest to you to start invoking a deity, as magic preformed with Satan has been the most potent I have ever wielded in its ability to render profound personal evolution, and manipulate reality.


1.) “What is Satan?”

If Satan can be described in two words he is versatile and effective. He has proven to be a teacher, a consular, a counselor, a guide to Ascent, and other things.

One thing that amazes me about this spirit, is his adaptability, he can fill almost any roll He is beyond good and evil, and thus he becomes all things. He is a Death God a rotting dragon with every skull ever shed resting beneath his vulturous talons.

He is a Virile God: He surpasses Pan in his lust and livelihood, he is mundane and spiritual, he is holy and profane, he relates to every human need and desire and has actualized them, he is a model of Ascent and a tool of Ascent, he is a power broker, a destroyer and a redeemer.

He is beauty and life and power, mercy in perfect judgement, and vicious retribution all at once.

He appears as things enchanting and horrible.

He is everything every enemy and ally has called him and more.

  1. “Do you worship Satan.”

At times I have worshiped Satan, in fact for the majority of my practice I did worship Satan, and it seems that is when I learned the most as magical worship leads to a very close connection with the diety and its current and Satan led me to the understanding that the only God worth worshiping is myself.

Satan is not possessive. He will encourage you to study other paths on your own, maybe you will return maybe you wont, he is not afraid to lose you, he will cast you out, and be overjoyed if you survive. Those who prove themselves, he initiates further.

Even through some of the harsher lessons however, I never felt as if I where disowned, or alone, Satan is not one to set obstacles for you, he only has you overcome those obstacles you have manifested for your self and his greatest power is helping you through them.

He has taught me the unity of masculine and feminine principles.
He has taught me on issues concerning good and evil and his relationship to that.

He has granted me his power and revealed to me my own.


Hey there

I’ve been connected for some time (mostly not practicing) and I’d really like to take my practice, experience and mostly communication with and His Demons to the next level. I also acknowledge Him as my supreme Deity and while my current surroundings and predicament don’t allow me to practice and worship freely I would certainly like to manifest such in my life.

Do you have any guidelines on establishing a strong connection with Satan as God. Could you recommend any meditations, practices or rituals to assist in establishing tangible contact with Him?

Lastly I have to ask regarding EA’s book Evoking Eternity, what do you think about the guidline given for evoking a Godform in relation to Satan?


That member hasn’t been on for a while, just in case he’s left, maybe @jbkbmz will have some thoughts, also, you may be interested in this: VARNAXIS : Demon Of Dark Ascent.


The first time I worshiped Satan it changed my life. I knew I wanted Him before that, but after I knew He was my one true God. For me, Satanic worship is an expression of personal liberty and thanks to Satan. I pray to Him and He reveals truths, protects, and guides me.

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