Ritual and honor to Satan

"ec’cou kal man zou enturatos
manise kalu kaltumu
inciris satan entdo kalu
mantu zan ishetata satan
ahtu ka tzantos
kartleta satan kal ach ma
til satan,intu vel ta zanti
cee kal’eshtu satan ach ma satan kal
itz ma almal kal esh satan

i call thee all and void personifed the angel,the demon,the god,the alien
whose both infernal and celestial,whose personifes all things
the all and nonth into being
the great serpent within the worlds the hidden river
the essence of all and nonth
whose is everywhere,in planets,stars,void all,all animals,in me,open my vision to see and manifest before me so i may see you
i call the great lord of amararuk,alakash and alamnash along with the primordial ones araquaba,razastanda,eleshti’rk
enter my being,so i may rise within and so i will
great satan whose is the sun of suns
the star of stars
he who is the soul of souls
whose essence is all things
in fire
in earth
in water
in air
in me
in everywhere
the packer of the great infernal knowladge
satan the demon,the gatekeeper
satan the angel
satan the alien between the worlds
all knows your name,void so
awaken the dragon between me
awaken the ancient fire,the black
awaken the stars
awaken your essence
itz ma almal kal esh satan
the who balances the universe

satan.satan rise,rise"

the incantacion above is to call him,it can be used to evoke,and honor him.
for candles:black,purple,white
incense lavander and cinnamon