Struck With Satanic Lightning: A Ritual From Satan Himself to break the Chains of Religious And Spiritual Tyranny and To Initiate Dark Ascent

Here is a ritual whose purpose is to destroy all chains of religion on you, your mind, and to destroy hidden enemies of your Ascent. These Enemies are included but not limited to:

Pastors you are raised up Under

Initiatory Spirits of Christianity

Jehovah’s Angels

Teachings and Indoctrination of Others


And Psychic Attack due to the prayers of Christians.

If Family is in your way, they will be removed.

Ascent will be ignited, and progress will b made.
If your workplace is hindering your Ascent, prepare to either be promoted or fired. :grin:

If relationships hinder it, they will Fall Away.

Your body will go through a weakening as it is purged of all weakness and Toxic energies of Society.

Let it begin.

A Word on Satan

Satan is the Adversary. The 7 Headed Dragon. Let me say that again: A Seven headed DRAGON.
His energies are INTENSE and not weak in the least.

You will sense a HUGE Dragon behind you as he comes from the South. It doesn’t matter if your senses aren’t open you will feel him there.

His presence is signified by:

Very Intense Anxiety

Tons of pressure on the Crown Chakra

A agressive presence, borderline Angry.

A sense of not fucking around

Chaos on a unprecedented scale

Sweating (both physical and energetic)

And more signs I will not reveal.

The Pact with The Devil

The words of this rite when received with full Intent and Will will enter you into a Possession and Implied pact with Satan. The Pact is the possession.

While you do this rite, vizualize a thunderstorm of Red Lighting ad Black Clouds above you, and a Earthquake beneath you.

The Rite

Ooing nah vi, ne tos na vi bah sahg nu niin chtroma van basii’lil excra tonn hag’ii met San tu vaa’cro’desta Mei a su toh meng dahv’na’sta’ten guu moy le mel zuio nag sta pho ve, etu chai vahnnobahs li doh no vey eht sa suu…!
Exna’vbahn no iisey’la’vaxo xaoi iocholey naas taa fuu…Naas taa fuu…Naas taa fuu!

Xchozokiao, Zobrezoia, Netaseferazu’naang’uutiieyah!!!

Finito ex Negredo Infernum Sunt!

End of Rite

Sit and revel in the energy and feel the Liberation, the Wickedness, the Sin within you. Then feel the Ascent. Feel the Chaos becoming Order, and reclaim yourself and your throne.


You for real need to stop posting rituals right after I learn a new one… lol.
Time to learn this one too xD


Unholy sh.t. That’s just powerful anxiety was what happened to me also my vision blurred a little

Hail the advisory


Ritual Report: Performed Sunday 9pm Apr 5 2020

First of all, I wasn’t attracted to this ritual because I don’t have these types of chains. I never did. Despite living with an ostensibly Church of England mother, saying the xtian “lords prayer” and “grace” daily, and being sent to an orthodox Jewish school with morning prayers and Passover school assemblies, as a sensitive I could feel the lack of any kind of energy attached to them - only what the humans generated willingly, it’s was blatantly obvious to see - so, like water off a ducks back, they never affected me. No more than getting wet in the ocean - when you get out, you dry off and forget you were wet. Always strong-willed, I became increasingly frustrated with of the charade and meaningless rhetoric.

By the time I was 8, I was tired of wasting my time saying them and requested of my ridiculous parent that this charade cease. She was grateful to lose another chore and so was I. I remained an atheist until I was 22.

I’ve never quite lost my child-self’s contempt of sheeple that absorb this empty indoctrination without critically examining it, then complain that they’re ‘chained’. Insubstantial ‘chains’ made of what - fluff and nonsense. They chained themselves because they wanted to; they could stop whining and unchain themselves at any time. This ritual helps them work with the subconscious to bring it into the light of common sense.

So, I had low expectations for this ritual, and let it be what it would. I was pleasantly surprised.

The 7 headed dragon appeared behind me, as predicted… and It became an assumption of godforms rite. I was already in the energy of the 144 Wings of the Dragon ritual from earlier work, and seamlessly continued into this ritual carrying that with me.

The chant is where the power lies. Voiced as a hiss and with feeling, the images of storm and quake that I’d intended to hold were swept away, and the Dragon filled my mind. And then I became the Dragon. The room was too hot and to small, I didn’t fit it any more. I curiously observed without judgement my 7 heads, and 144 wings, with 2 tails able to sweep souls before them.

And then Satolas connected to me through this avatar. Satolas is the ninth Gatekeeper that I’ve cursorily worked with as part of my involvement with the Gatekeeper workings of EA Koetting.
His message was personal, strengthening and encouraging. He gave me ‘Megin’, a specific type of power that I’ve only found property described with this Old Norse word.

After the ritual, I felt ‘ganz allein’ - alone and cold - and grounded with hot tea and a blanket on the sofa. I was tired and processing. I slept like a baby, unusual as my family woke me many times as they do, and I’m an insomniac. This morning, my energy was such that I got up early, motivated and clear.
I usually have to force myself to face another day of humanity.

There maybe some changes to make as I use this energy to view things with a different lens. I will continue this contact with Satolas, who has revealed himself as more than interesting.


Performed the ritual as well. The bonds I focused on was the random blessings I tend to get when I run into priests, as i seem to be the one they always want to save. I suspect that my father has also been praying for me due to the pandemic. To be honest, my expectation was for Satan not to show up in an external fashion, as it has been 50/50 when I have called him in the past. He usually manifests as the black flame I visualize within me, not an external being.

The visualization of the thunderstorm was a nice touch and adds power to the ritual. The sense of raw chaos is needed to break the bonds. As expected, the focus was on the black flame burning stronger as the chant continued, setting the bonds and prayers ablaze. The lightning actually struck me, channeling to the black flames, and causing the bonds to snap. The Latin at the end gave a nice sense of ending as the storm began to be absorbed into my body and things began to settle. Overall, the ritual is effective and is a good one to have in one’s tool box. I do feel lighter than I have the last couple of days.


Wooohooo that’s awesome :fire:

In the Bible, “Jesus” , says 'He that Blasphemed ( speaks against ) the Holy Ghost has no forgiveness, for he has committed an Eternal Sin". “Because they said He has an Unclean Spirit” ( demon).
Christians that attack Psychics, Yoga, Kundalini,Shamans, Voodoo, etc., by calling these things, “the devil”. to these christians, just say to them this quote from Jesus Christ, “You have Blasphemed the Holy Ghost”. This will shut many of them down.

I did the encantation and visualization. Hope it works. Thanks. to the Dragon:::: Come into me please Take possession of me as a Living Phylactery Mount me Ride me forevermore As you wish

Can’t see that working unless the mage agrees to be xtian to work within that system, which defeats the whole purpose of this ritual and conflicts with it’s energies.
It’s getting the erroneous belief in it out of the subconscious that’s useful… why would you then try to use something that you just exorcised from your universe?

If this is supposed to argue them on thier own ground, just sounds like a great way to start drama with a religious type. I’ve zero interest or expertise in thier dogm - it’s dogma - i.e. unreasoned, you can’t argue with logic against that, and they’ll wiggle out of this easily by quoting more bs at me, which is just going to be an annoying waste of my time.

Further, In my cosmology, there’s no such thing as the xtian concept of ‘the holy ghost’, and I’m not a bald faced liar, so I wouldn’t pretend there was.

it just serves to shut some of them down, and Damn them, as they damn themselves. But you are right. The hardcore fundamental christians will cite some scriptural excuse, but the weak, cowardly relatively ignorant christian, it will put fear in them of committing he “unforgiveable sin”. ( i know ). I was that cowardly, and too scared to delve into the occult for fear of damnation… I eventually got over that.
But, again, you are right. Best to hex those hard core religious fanatics, with a real set of curses., then, just stay away from them.
And, by the way, Your ritual fits me Perfectly. My Fire energy meditations, over the years and asking the Dragon to “Ride Me”, seems to fit this ritual in every way. Thank you

It wouldn’t shut them down unless they were a complete pussy or couldn’t be bothered arguing with you. I never met a xtian - any person - with such a weak will.

I don’t believe damnation is even a thing - nobody has ever been or ever will ever be damned, xtians included.
It’s just a tool one cult’s chosen superiors use to control it’s brainwashed members via fear. :joy:

See what I mean about my not having ‘chains’ in this matter - but it appears you still do.
Using the fictional language of a cult as it it’s real is a bit of a givaway.

Oh I’ll be doing this. But I’ll do it my way, knowing you :wink:

I have quite the update for the forum. “DragonCrow” is no more.


Don’t you change your username like every other month, though? :thinking:

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That’s valid, if you were on the discord chat you’d understand why I did it though.


When will you update us?

Once my site is wrapped up. I’ve been procrastinating that for sooo long. But I’m almost finished! I actually started it a couple days ago.

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I just did this. Definitely energetically empowering, but no tangible sense of possession or loss of consciousness or anything. But very energizing.

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