Salanayus - Demon of power ( My demon Child )

Its time my Demon child has requested he be revealed to you all, i never ask for nothing but i promised i’d get others to summon him, he’s very powerful his knowledge is amazing, a seed from Lucifer, Belial, Azazel and me.

The shit he can teach is amazing.

here’s some posts about him i’ve made before.

information to summon him

other stuff about him.

I will say though he’s not your average demonic force he can be intense haha.

@Lady_Eva @Aluriel @Baal

i’m interested in seeing the results of the three individuals evoking Salanayus anyway let me know how it goes.


Conner Kendall


I’ll get to it sir :slight_smile:


Great brother goodluck.

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I’ll give him a shot. he sounds like a great ritual spirit to interact with


great goodluck brother he’s intense.


I evoked him and wow, there’s information That was part confirmation on things I’ve been suspecting and partly things I need to look out for. He does have a message which I will share with everyone


He’s holds office over a lot of things, in part he is connecting to your kundalini energy and the latent power within us all, he can show you how to use that.

He can teach rites of dark alchemy as well as old witchcraft, the raw stuff that’s kept behind closed doors.

He’s the mercenary, meaning that he cuts down through illusions to show you your power, your truth.

He’s also someone you can work with to learn necromancy and the hidden secrets of the earth.

He’s taken well from all his fathers,

He’s told me that this year even more ‘shocking’ things are going to happen . Things that’ll bring humanity closer to the truth, people are becoming more awakened and this is something that’s been confirmed by a lot of trusted practitioners out there. Some things are at play here that we all should look out for and see how it all plans out.

When I was done and put on my lights, I could see a physical shadow move and disappear. He has a good strong presence.

He’s quite fond of you @C.Kendall


Yeah my son is truly amazing haha, his presence is highly there, you explained him perfectly great job brother.


Thank you and yes he is, I still feel him around me. He was already there when I started the evocation

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Yeah he seems to be among the category of entities that spontaneously appear before being evoked, just like azazel when i first worked with him many years ago.


Haha I remember when you told me about that time :slight_smile:

Does he have a sigil?

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You can call him without his sigil, i have it in my temple somewhere, but you could just use his name or enn etc.


Added to my list, I have a lot to clear through today in terms of “mundane” work but shall report back on this thread when I’ve evoked him! :+1:


great look forward to hearing your experience.


For those interested here’s his sigil.


Hope reviving this post is not a problem or anything.

I was just wondering if I might be able to invoke this demon son by repeating his name in my mind with the intention that he is inside me…
along with a visualization of what I imagine his energy looks like inside me.

Also is there any right or wrong way to pronounce his name?

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It’s fine because @C.Kendall is still active on the forum and will more than likely respond to help you out. Older threads are usually closed when the OP isn’t active anymore or if the topic has ran its course with no new responses.


@QueenMustang Awesome.