Salanayus Demon of Power

Salanayus is a incredible and amazing demonic hybrid spirit.

He was the demon I carried inside of my energetic womb inside of my sacral chakra, the spirit has four fathers Me, Belial, Lucifer and Azazel.

If you’re interested in how this all happened just search it in the search bar, anyway this powerful spirit has been in a stabilisation period.

After I gave birth to the entity, anyway I have had amazing experience with this spirit.

He has taught me powerful rituals and techniques on increasing my magick / spiritual power.

I will urge you guys to evoke this demon, I will list all information you may need to make contact with this outstanding spirit.

Titles : Demon of power.
The black moon
The eyes of blood
The Malice of darkness
The black serpent
He who is the catalyst
Of omnipotence
The living venom

Element : Fire, Air.

Direction : Northeast

Candles - Red, dark green, black

Enn - " salah sanctum, rah o’eal, espin dala rook’zen so’heel salanayus kan’kama
Itz iz vel’veel "

Planet - moon and Saturn.

Incense - dragons blood, jasmin

Offerings - blood, semen, tobacco, rum, spiders

Crystals - black onyx, moonstone,


@C.Kendall May I ask what Salanayus looks like, Or is he one of them that appears different to everyone who summons him? I’ve been trying to but he never answers even when I leave offerings out for him.

Just stare into his seal, @Damien_Morningstar, he will show what you need to see:

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Salanayus bump

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