Birth of my daemon child

Daemon birth

The carrying of my daemon child was only a week but it felt like eternity.
The side effects I suffered were abdominal pains, vacuum in my navel and in my sacral chakra.

Including feeling dizzy, nauseous and sick all the time, obviously having a living spirit in you draining you constantly of energy it will fuck you up.

My whole energy body and chakras are completely fucked, but working through the BMOA will help with this.

The Delivery

So I called upon lucifer, Belial and Azazel to stay by, just like they requested I placed my wooden handmade black and red triangle of manifestation on the ground.

I then placed three incense cones of dragons blood each point and three candles at each point.

I laid down on the ground, breathing in and out and repeating the mantra " VAM ", in order to prepare the chakra to release the child.

As I did this I felt a sudden twisting sensation inside my stomach, like a microscopic parasite just grew instantly into a full sized creature.

I also felt a huge pain inside me, all my veins began tightening up, my lungs stopped working as I was gasping for air the vacuum sensation was gaining intensity.

I saw the entity clairvoyantly, it was morphing and twisting its form out of me, i placed the vessel on my stomach.

As I finally gained air, I breathed out deeply, and the entity left me completely insisted of hanging half its body out of me all day.

I grabbed the lid of the vessel and closed it, to contain the spirit, as instructed I placed the vessel into the triangle of manifestation.

I then asked then saw the entity rise from the vessel, Clairvoyantly and heard if speak clairaudiently.

It spoke so dark and demonic it said to me " Hello father ", i said " hello child how are you “, he looked at me and said
” I’m stabilising my form in this realm ", I stated " how can I help ", it replied …

" i require moonlight upon my vessel and blood inside my vessel ", I agreed he entered back inside the vessel.

I was wondering when the moon was out, to my surprise I looked outside, the clouds separated immediately which was quite strange.

I placed the vessel outside to charge in the moonlight, then I was requested to keep it in a dark place so I wrapped it up with silk and placed it in the north corner of the room.

I’ll update you all on this soon.


Facinating someone actually posts about this


Almost as the deities you called upon are helping you raise the child.

I’m curious as to the outcome of this over all.

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So? Question is it a female posting this or a male? Because in the post it says “hello father” confuses me

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I’m a male but the sacral chakra is a reproductive energetic womb able to birth a spirit.


Mate, please do keep us updated, especially of any conversations you have or any wisdom your child imparts. And congratulations on becoming a father!


Congratulations! This is truly amazing and fascinating

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This is fascinating. What did the child look like?

Is it a creature or soul that has never existed before? I can’t grasp/abide that concept… This is very interesting , as everyone says.

Can you elaborate on how it was conceived?

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This is all very exciting! Congratulations.
Try to get some rest and regain your strength.

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Check out the search function. There are several posts on this.

This very amazing. I applaud your determination and will power to create this demonic child.
I for one have created two demonic children with the goddess Lilith.
I hope your new child turns out to be a very successful demon.
Have a great day.

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I find this fascinating. How would one go about doing this. I read this post 2 weeks ago but the thought of it is in my mind constantly. I take it as a sign I should look into this further.