Rodnovery or Ancient Slavic Paganism


This is going to be a journal about any and all things Rodnovery, including myths and my encounters with the gods (or bogs) or magic.

This was something in the back of my mind but yesterday Azazel told me to work in the Slavic paradigm because my slavic ancestors blood call out within me. So I began to read so much. I purchased an idol and one in a series of books that teach about the Slavic Way. I am expecting that package in February, it’s being shipped from Ukraine.

Last night, when I was trying to sleep I do what I normally do and settle my breathing and visualize myself going down a ladder. But, tonight something happened and I involuntarily travelled. I saw the world tree separting Prav above and Nav below from Yav. I went to it to climb up the tree and go to Praz. But, instead, a large tongue wrapped itself around me and pulled me into the caves entering Nav. With me wholly in Nav I saw a monstrous creature, but I wasn’t afraid, many things can shapeshift in Rodnovery.

And the creature let me go and transformed into a person with a pitch black beard wearing a Bull skin on his head.

“Veles” I said as I dropped to my knees. And I begin to cry.

“Yes, it is I. Are- are you crying?”

“I’m sorry, I’m just so overwhelmed with emotion right now.”

“Yes, well I am glad you have finally heard our call, we wish to gather all of our Volkhvs before they’re snatched away from us by other systems.”

“I’m a Volkhv?” (Authors Note: A Volkhv is a priest in Rodnovery, they were the ones who were able to enter the domain of the bogs. They were able to foretell the future as well as many other magical powers. Since Veles is the Bog of Magic, among other things, he is kind of a patron for Volkhvs.)

“Yes, and we have much work to do. Continue learning, continue practicing, we’ll meet together soon.”

And then the scene disappeared, I was once again greeted by the darkness of the night, with renewed purpose and relentless desire for more.


Good to know that slavic God’s make they way and try to reconnect with their people.


I spent some time in eastern Europe and saw some colorful Rodnovers and there ceremonies. Although, this religion hasn’t been popular for many years, due to Communist influence and control traditions of rodnovery have not been forgotten.

Many people in eastern Europe and some in Russia are ready to convert to the religion of their ancestors. As many are nationalists with a strong interest in their history. Slavs are extremely strong willed and the result of their spiritual power is ancient rituals of the religion that was an extremely important part of their ancestors’ lives.

Although Rasputin was not part of the movement it reminds me of his beginings in Russia with many sects that he was involved with some pagan practices although with the Khlysty, he built up a reputation as a holy man who could heal the sick and see the future.


If he is calling you that, it’s probably that you were a priest in a past life (or many) and probably tended to stay within a genetic lineage(s) that kept you associated with that path.

I’m curious to see how you will do.


The Mythology of Sleep in Rodnovery.

Sleep is one of the coolest things about Slavic mythology. Purportedly, when an individual falls asleep, their spirit leaves their body.

For most this is where things end. Dreams are just your spirit floating around somewhere. Vedogons are spirits who protect your sleeping body and if your spirit gets lost it helps to guide you back to your body. Nightmares are believed to be caused by Kikimora (bad house spirits), the counterpart to Domovoy (good house spirits), sitting on the chest of someone who is sleeping and of course, like all other spirits, Kikimora can shapeshift.

But, there are some people who have an inborn talent to become Zduhaći. A Zduhać is someone who, while they’re asleep, has the ability to transform their spirit into a giant cloud so as to do battle with demons that cause crop destroying hailstorms. Just let the awesomeness of that previous statement sink in. A Zduhać, after their asleep and their spirit leaves their body does battle with demons that bring hailstorms. It’s incredible, imagine two storms duking it on the outskirts of a village in the middle of the night. This is the best.

So, how would you know if you were a Zduhać? Simple, were you born with a white or red caul? Congratulations! If not, sorry.

Slava Bogum!


Also, these are my offering bowl and cup for when my idol of Bog Rod arrives. Red is sacred in Rodnovery.


The Cycle of the Seasons in Rodnovery.

We’re going to start with the Spring Equinox, Xhors Dazhbog, the Sun, finally gains enough power to defeat Boginya Marzanna and she dies. As Bog Yarilo, Xhors Dazhbog brings fertility to the world and unlocks Spring. Flowers begin to bloom as Xhors Dazhbog grows in power.

On the Summer Solstice, Xhors Dazhbog is the strongest that he will ever be for the rest of the year and Boginya Kupala joins her strength to Xhors Dazhbog. Boginya Marzanna is reborn as well and will continue to grow in power as Xhors Dazhbog decreases in power, the decreasing power of Xhors Dazhbog causes the harvest.

On the Autumn Equinox, Boginya Marzanna kills Xhors Dazhbog, the power of Boginya Marzanna increases in power. Things die the trees fall, snow comes. Only Bog Veles travels at this time, protecting the people from Boginya Marzanna.

On the Winter Solstice, Boginya Marzanna is as strong as she will ever will be. But, Xhors Dazhbog is reborn and grows in power as Boginya Marzanna decreases in power. Bog Veles is still our only protecter from Boginya Marzanna.

On the Spring Equinox, Xhors Dazhbog kills Boginya Marzanna and he grows in power. As Bog Jarilo, he unlocks Spring and causes flowers to bloom and life to return. The cycle continues, uninterrupted, unceasing and unyielding.

Slava Bogum!


Bogini (female Bogi) in Rodnovery.

There is only one Boginya in Rodnovery and her name is Boginya Mokosh, she is Bog Perun’s wife. In the conflict between Bog Veles and Bog Perun, Bog Veles steals his wife, Boginya Mokosh, for himself. Boginya Mokosh is the supreme mother boginya and is seen as “Moist Mother Earth”.

But, if there’s only one boginya, then what about the other Bogini that I’ve referred to: Boginya Marzanna and Boginya Kupala?

There’s a simple answer but the reasoning is complex. Boginya Marzanna and Boginya Kupala are both different aspects of Boginya Mokosh. They are connected without being the same. There are a lot of connections between Slavic mythology (and languages) with Hinduism.

In the same way that Shakti, Kali, and Parvati are all the same yet different. It’s unknown who influenced who, but the connection is definitely present.

Some who have some knowledge of Slavic mythology might be asking about Boginya Lada. And it’s simple, Boginya Lada is not actually one of the original Slavic Bogi, and I am a Slavic reconstructionist, which means I want to be as close to the original sources as possible. Lada and Lado are just words referring to a bride and a groom, respectively. So, I don’t add her into my practice.

Slava Bogum!