Rodnovery or Ancient Slavic Paganism

Koledari: A Forgotten Slavic Snow Sjenovik (Non-human spirits) Revealed to me by Bog Veles

Koledari are a Slavic tradition of the Festival Koliada, it celebrates the new year, but with the advent of Christianity got syncreted with Christmas. The tradition of the Koledari has long lost its ancient meaning, a group of men dress up as various animals and other creatures they wear a mask and go from house to house singing songs and receiving gifts from the inhabitants, they are said to bring blessing as well as chase away evil sjenoviki.

But, Bog Veles taught me the true history of this timeless practice. Koledari are a group of male sjenoviki who in exchange for offerings of foodstuff will give you a blessing and protection. Bog Veles also said that they’re good for curses and other baneful koldovstvo, as they are the grandsons of Boginya Marzanna, Goddess of Winter and Death.

One can summon their attention by holding a piece of snow.


Two months later, my idols of Bog Rod and Bog Veles finally arrive!

This is Bog Rod

And this is Bog Veles!



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