Greetings! Slava!

Greetings from UK, London! Originally from the land with a lot of history both paganic/christian - Poland.

I found this forum after watching Hereditary, being a little spooked by that last scene I looked if the deity - King Paimon, was somewhere in the books and it turned out people had contacted him and there’s been articles written about him. I was like wtf and kept reading, then watched some of the E.A. koettings videos and here I am, again brought up into the occult.

I’m new to all of this. Brought up in a Christian family, not very spiritual, I’ve been always drawn to the unknown but since I wasn’t the bravest I never did anything about it.
Since I remember I had this fear of darkness. It would come up stronger, lighter depending on the situation, it’s something I deal with to this day and trying to overcome it. Recently reading this forum and books about demonic entities in a middle of the night surprised me greatly, i think I was too focused to realise haha. I reckon it has to do a lot with a huge imagination and good visualisation I had all through my childhood and teenage years ( watching Chucky and Freddy at 5 didn’t help :smile: ) , that is I hope will help me with my energy work and future magick.

Excited about the path of self discovery but unfortunately I have to go through a lot of programming that’s been brought onto myself by myself and my environment.

I work quite a lot so I fear my practice can be affected by it by let’s do it one day at the time.

I was wondering, can demons, angels, gods help you with discovering your path and finding your purpose in this life? I’ve had couple of projects and ideas, some of them failed - maybe for a reason, some of them has been started but not continued and right now I’m kinda stucked in one place regarding my career life. That’s one of the main things I’d like to solve, pretty much everything else consists of learning the practice of magick and I read spirits can help with that.

Currently I’m reading this forum extensively and some of the work by Michael W Ford, John Kreiter, Damon Brand and Robert Bruce regarding basic knowledge.

I forgot to add that I have no idea what magic resonates with me. I feel drawn to try and see if getting to know Lucifer would help me, also try to see Raphael healing and regeneration aspects. I really don’t have a clue, it baffles me that I still think that working with demons will open me up unnecessarily to other beings that might want to fuck with me hence learning how to help myself in case.

Thanks to those who keep this forum going and many thanks to the creators of articles for new practicioners! :joy:



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Witamy! I am learning polish myself so I like to use it when I get the chance :smile:. And yes, they can help you with finding your path/purpose! I myself grew up quite catholic, now looks at where I’m at :joy:. You will gain many experiences and find wonderful people and entities on your path.


Sure, hit me up whenever you want to test your new acquired skills in Polish :smile:

With a bad habit of mine I try to look up all the information to prepare me before actual evocation, mostly about divination, energy work, astral travel and protection measures so at least I come to it a bit prepared. I have to find out more what’s that difference between invo and evocation.

Also, has anyone ever tried banishing from Damon’s Brand book “Magick of protection”? In short it asks to gaze at few Hebrew angelic names, then vibrating their names in English, visualisation of two standing next to you and also vibrating their names and visualisation of few other things. I did it once and i kinda felt at ease for couple of days, wonder what’s your guys opinion.


Welcome! Slava!

My Father’s side is from Russia, and while I started working with angels (having already worked with demons in my teen years), the first time I evoked Azazel, he told me that my Slavic ancestors cried out from within my blood. And to, “leave us Jewish myths to the Jews.” And the next day I decided to research about Slavic Paganism, or Rodnovery. That very day I was suddenly shamanic travelling and while there Bog Veles guided me to him. Since then, we’ve had a very strong connection. Of all the Bogi, he is my patron. I pay special attention to him, and he does the same to me. One of the most recent events of his care and attention happened yesterday when I got my schedule for work the following week. Bog Veles’ holiday is on the 11th and I had forgotten to book it off in time, so he booked it off for me. For the first time since I started working on November 2, I was scheduled for a four day week, with the 11th off.

I think that you should check out the faith of our Slavic ancestors. I’ve made a journal about my discoveries and findings about Slavic Paganism, including rituals and magic.


Thanks for the warm welcome!

I come from the Subcarpathia, not that far from the Ukraine border but much more civilised :smiley: I actually don’t know much about my ancestors but few years back I went to Wolin, north west Poland, close to Germany, to see one of the Slavic-Viking’s historical reconstructions and it strongly resonated with me. I felt like home. What not to like - history, folk music, good party and clash of the swords. If you ever get the chance I suggest you go and check, it’s usually a three day event, maybe I’ll go there this or the next year again. Its been a while.

It’s gonna take me some time to contact any spirits but you spark my curiosity with this post, I’ll have a look.

I took a pic few years back during that event


Oooh that’s really cool! I definitely have a connection to my polish ancestry, and would love to go to Poland! I would also love to use my polish with you (even though I don’t know much) also, knowing your stuff before hand isn’t a bad habit, I
Its a great one! Also, invocation is bringing the spirit in you (slight possession), and evocation is outside you (likr summoning in a circle).


It’s really good that Slavic paganism is alive still. I didn’t expect I’d run into it here haha. May I ask how do you go about your practice since there’s almost no ancient source left which you can use as a foundation? Do you go to the spirits directly and learn mostly from them?


Ooh very cool! I am planning on working with Kupała, and have contacted her but I haven’t done much yet (I have to finish other studies first)


:hugs: welcome to the forum

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A very warm welcome, yes Demons do help very well especially the 9 Demonic gatekeepers.:+1:

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Cześć, dobrze widzieć kogoś z Polski. Nie siedzę co prawda zbyt mocno w pogańskim nurcie, skłaniam się głównie w stronę aniołów, co można poznać po moim nicku, ale mimo to pogaństwo w tym słowiańskie ma specjalne miejsce w moim sercu, i cieszy mnie zawsze widok ludzi którzy się zwracają w stronę rodzimej wiary. Znajdziesz całe mnóstwo wspaniałych ludzi na tym forum którzy chętnie pomogą w twoich poszukiwaniach. :slight_smile:

-Hi, good to see someone from Poland. I am not much in pagan path, I go mostly with angels, what can be recognized by my nickname, but despite this, paganism including slavic has a specjal place in my heart, and i’m happy to see peoples that return on native faith. You will meet many great peoples here on forum and they are always willingly to help in your search. :slight_smile: