Get healing from spirits?

Hello ^
Well I am suffering from short sightedness, use glasses of power 4.75 (dont freak out), and the doctor says it cant be healed through medicines, and must use glasses :’(
I would like a spirit/s to help me with healing my eye if they could…
And the thing is I cant even feel any energy oof… I have a friend who is high, and I asked him once to help me with Astral Projection, and he told me that my own Crown Chakra is blocked so he couldnt help with AP… Also he sent me those energy balls which I was meant to feel, but I felt nothing and he told me that I am not much energy sensitive :stuck_out_tongue: My friend could talk to the spirit on my behalf, but Im afraid I might not be able to receive the healing or feel anything because the spirits might not even be able to properly contact me because of my above problems (me thinking plus worried) (Also my eyes kind of hurt nowadays… Im afraid I might get bigger problems…)
(Also I will be doing those things like you all do, those evocations and working with spirits etc and all, but wll take me some months before I even start working on myself, got some things to work on so I get free =] )


Archangel Raphael even in mythology always heals the Blind.

Prince Marbas and Duke Buer can help too.


I vouch for AA Raphael who has healed me a few times.

You don’t need to perceive him. You can clear your mind, draw his sigil, sit with a white candle and let yourself relax whilst gazing at the sigil. Repeat his name over and over for about a minute or until you get the feeling someone is in the room with you (Raphael turns up quickly). Even if you don’t get a feeling or any other signs, you’ll need to trust he is there listening. Greet him and thank him for coming. The key is to act as if he is in the room with you. Say your request out loud in a respectfully commanding tone. Then trust it is done. Say Amen, or something similar then blow out the candle.

Here’s where you’ve gotta do your part.

You have to see yourself as having perfect vision. Feel what you’d feel if you had perfect vision. Don’t think or complain about the vision you have now. Get off that topic - it’s the old story. Instead, tell yourself the story of having great vision. Every day, every time you start to think of your vision, make sure you tell the new, improved story. Fantasise about how good it will feel when your eyesight is perfect. Treat that fantasy as if it’s real, from an emotional standpoint. Look for improvements in your vision and in how you feel about your vision. Even the tiniest ones. They are to be noticed and appreciated.

The key is to start feeling better about your eyesight the way it is now. The alchemy is mental and emotional. And you’ll need to keep this up until you reach a point where you truly appreciate the eyesight you have now. :wink:

It may take some time, but it’s doable.


You don’t need to sense it, you don’t even need to believe it, because he does - you just need to give permission.

By the way I have double astigmatism, +5.25 and myopia in both eyes, so, no ‘freaking out’ here, it’s not so bad.


Bog Veles is a Slavic Bog of healing. You don’t need any psychic senses or abilities to work with him. I outlined a simple ritual for the Slavic Bogi and seeking their help.

Personalized for your situation it would sound something like this.

  1. Prepare an offering for Bog Veles, Slavic entities tend to like bread, cheese, salt, oatmeal, vodka, honey, and milk. Just put it all together in a bowl.

  2. Light a candle, it’s best if it’s a tea light, because you won’t be putting it out, you are to let it burn out on its own. Say the invocation of Xhors Dazhbog, Bog of the Sun. “Xhors Dazhbog, may this small flame be another dwelling for you and an addition for your larger flame. May you make this space as sacred as you make Prav.”

  3. Invoke Bog Veles. “Bog Veles, it is known that you are a healer of all ailments, I have had poor eyesight throughout my life. I offer you a gift (present your offering) and may you offer me the gift of complete and whole eyesight.”

Done, put your offering and candle together in a place where they will not be disturbed. After the candle burns out you may dispose of the offering however you wish.

When you receive the answer to your request, there will be a second part of the ritual.

  1. Put together an offering, you can do the exact same that you did previously, or mix it up, it doesn’t really matter.

  2. Light a candle, again it’s best for it to be a tea light or similar. Invoke Xhors Dazhbog, Bog of the Sun, “Xhors Dazhbog, may this small flame be another dwelling for you and an addition for your larger flame. May you make this space as sacred as you make Prav.”

  3. “Bog Veles, it is known that you are a healer of all ailments. I possessed poor eyesight, but by your work you have provided all I need and restored my eyesight, this is your reward, a thanks for your gift.”

You don’t need to follow these word for word, as long as the same intent is shown through, again go to the link I posted above to find the bare-bones structure.

P.S. I am not sure if the Slavic Bogi will help you if you are not yourself Slavic, but until there’s evidence to the contrary it could be possible. I think that you should do this ritual for my scientific curiosity.


You might wanna check this!

When I want some healing I usually draw Raphael sigil on my left hand and vibrate RA-FA-EL :thinking: also some calming music helps and I just stay still or even sleep! He has this soothing effect about him. I know he is there when it feels like am in a spa relaxing :relieved: