Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Again, if you request help in this thread, it must take place in public here.

@DarkestKnight is the owner of this thread. He set specific rules that must be met or else the whole thread will be taken down.

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@Eliade & @caringang I could split your request into its own topic, so you can reach out to each other in PMs. It would mean that @Eliade s request would not show up in this thread anymore, to keep up the rules. If thats okay for you I would do so.


I went ahead and did this for @Eliade. This thread is for requests for magickal rituals performed for you, we have the whole forum to ask for info on how to do your own, so feel free to post away! :smiley:

Don’t forget it probably already has many posts talking about it, so do try the search feature while you’re waiting. :smiley:


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Hi. Can someone do a free love tarot reading for me on a specific person?

Love spell or lust spell anything thing to encounter sex, urgent !!!

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Duke dantalion ex petition

How would I know if my petition has been answered, can someone contact a demon and ask if it’s underway, some help or advice would be good thank you

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Welcome to the forum!

Please do make your next post your Introduction here, which we need per the forum rules.

Here is a bunch of getting started with magick stuff in case that helps :slight_smile:

Results. You get them, or you don’t. When? Nobody knows.

I pulled the Union card from eh Quareia deck: I read that as a simple yes. Don’t lust for results, your doubt will screw up the magick, just keep picturing it done.

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Thank you very much, that means a lot


Hello I was wandering if I can get a palm reading. Thank you in advance :heart:

So i am told i am protected, and i really do have the support of some very powerful magicians and whatnot, but after reading a couple posts here it kinda made me wonder if someone or something may have slipped through the cracks…or maybe i have cursed myself in a deep way that my guides and protectors havent been able to pinpoint and maybe i have to be the one to dig deep??? Idk…so theres my dilemma. I dont have the ability to financially compensate at this time but any help would be appreciated

Hey all! Is anyone here working on a regular basis with Amon or Dantalion willing to help me with a consultation?

Hello people.

I have a problem that I’m concerned that I don’t have magical protection against curses and bindings. Are there some here who will do divination on me to check if I’m magical protected?

Hello ! I’m practicing Tarot reading. So I’m taking 5 reading requests.


-First and foremost, understand that I’m a newbie at this. The last time that I read tarot was many years ago so I forgot everything thing.

-Post three (3) questions. I will pick the 5 people that my intuition tells me according to your questions.

-I will let you know if I’ve chosen you, this same day. If you don’t hear from me I might have left your reading for another round

-The chosen ones will get your readings during the course of the week, so please do not rush me.

-keep in mind that Im not using the major arcana.

Now that I’ve said this, shoot! :relaxed:


@Gibiana Please read the rules. No PM’s. Everything must be done in the thread.

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My apologies. I’ll edit it.

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I did delete but I restored it.


I have been trying to sell my house and I have potential buyers but I keep bumping into obstacles and my anxiety is taking the best of me to the point I squeeze ( i don’t know the proper term in English) my teeth too hard all day every day( without realising it) to the point I end up breaking. I need help with the blockages please :pleading_face:

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I am interested. I have been waiting to receive 4500€ since February. Will I get them in the next 10 days? Thank you so much

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I used Fehu above your request and asked for healing :heart: sending you a big squeezie hug

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